NAVIGON North America for iPhone and iPad giveaway!

NAVIGON North America is a fully-featured navigation app for iPhone and iPad and the good folks at Garmin have supplied with with 10 promo codes to giveaway to you, our awesome readers! For a chance to win, all you need to do is leave a comment below!

Some of the feature highlights of NAVIGON North America include premium road guidance that goes beyond just turn-by-turn directions like visual lane guidance, speed limit warning, parking information, and realtime traffic, onboard maps with map manager that allows users to download maps of individual states to save on storage, sophisticated app views including panorama view in 3D, public transit routing with Urban Guidance, Goggle Street View and more.

If you want a chance at getting your hands on this excellent navigational tool for your iPhone and iPad, just leave a comment below for a chance to win!

$59.99 - Download Now

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Reader comments

NAVIGON North America for iPhone and iPad giveaway!



That looks like one sweet app,,, I would like that,, I travel alot of work and I am always looking for better navigation apps.

Would love to have a navigation app that I could count on. I used iOS maps the other day to go to Radio Shack and it took to me out to nowhere near a train tracks.

I don't use maps enough to buy this but would love to win a copy. I have looked at it a number of times.

iMore, you guys are always giving away free stuff and post lots of interesting articles that the readers/followers enjoy reading. Thanks for doing what u do and keep it going. I listen to your podcasts and you guys make my day fly by. Thanks!!

I have the Garmin USA app that has the maps on board. It's almost two gigs. This one is 35 MB so I'm presuming no on board maps. Does anyone know if NAVIGON needs an internet connection while being used? I'm on Verizon and would hate to get a call in the middle of navigating. Thanks!

hope they dont count this as an entry but figured i'd respond to ya,

the initial download is about 35MB that includes the core app,. then you go in and select the maps you want (by state), and it pulls them down to local storage. so if you only need it for instate travel then you only would pull down maps for your state. if you travel to a neighboring state alot pull down your state and that state.. this means you arnt wasting storage space on maps you never need. but maps you do need are stored.

I was using a competing navigation app, but it crashes frequently and was never updated for the iPhone 5 screen, so it would be great to win this one. I've actually always loved the UI, and would love an opportunity to try out the Navigon app. Fingers crossed.

Would I like to know where I'm going? I'd love to! This would also save me from spending fifty bajillion dollars in roaming data fees!

Oh please, oh please, oh please! My GPS just gave up the ghost and died...and it was a Garmin! Now I am GPSless,..please oh please!

It will be very helpful to have this application to someone who is new to a place like here in Canada... like me. Hoping I can get Navigon to help me find my way wherever I want to go. iMore ROCKS!!!!

It's a good app, if its free. Ever since Garmin bought Navigon the app has gone down hill. Luckily I used a iTunes gift card to get it. The directions/routes are horribly wrong & the settings don't help to avoid certain types of roads.

Don't waste your money on it though.

This would be awesome. It would definitely be an upgrade over Apple Maps. Especially for someone who can't spend $50 on an app.

I really need this as the one I am using today is really old and does not have updated maps. Trip to Vegas and LA would be great with this portable map app on my iPhone.

I've been using the Tom Tom app but have heard for a while now how much better the Navigon app is and id like to compare them. Thanks for the contest

I get lost a lot and my family travels all over the Midwest for soccer. This would come in very handy. Thanks for the opportunity.

Perfect timing if I'm lucky. I'm just about to switch away from another app since my year of live voice guidance with it expired.

I recently purchased my first iPhone (5). I absolutely love it. This would be a very nice addition to my phone. Thanks for all you do guys/gals. Love your site.

Why not? I've had Garmin devices before, and always trusted them to get me places I need to go. Having this app would be fantastic!

Wicked. I travel to the US (from Canada) quite often to see my spouses family and this would help us greatly as we can't use data in the US.