NAVIGON North America for iPhone and iPad giveaway!

NAVIGON North America is a fully-featured navigation app for iPhone and iPad and the good folks at Garmin have supplied with with 10 promo codes to giveaway to you, our awesome readers! For a chance to win, all you need to do is leave a comment below!

Some of the feature highlights of NAVIGON North America include premium road guidance that goes beyond just turn-by-turn directions like visual lane guidance, speed limit warning, parking information, and realtime traffic, onboard maps with map manager that allows users to download maps of individual states to save on storage, sophisticated app views including panorama view in 3D, public transit routing with Urban Guidance, Goggle Street View and more.

If you want a chance at getting your hands on this excellent navigational tool for your iPhone and iPad, just leave a comment below for a chance to win!

$59.99 - Download Now

Leanna Lofte

App and Photography Editor at iMore. Mother, wife, and math instructor. Follow her on Twitter @llofte and send her apps to consider for review at

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There are 718 comments. Add yours.

Trentonhawk says:

Nice NAV system. Would love to try it.

swchrisc says:

I would love to win this. I've seen one of my co workers using it and thought I should get it too, but it's way too expensive for me.

pink2 says:

I have heard so many good things about this app. I hope I can win.

Bcloutier says:

Would be great to try this out. :)

presidente_sol says:

seems like a good alternative

Denny Quinones says:

That would be nice to have all North America

NevadaScott#IM says:

Finally an opportunity to know where the heck I'm going. Now if only they had navigation maps for the iOS creators so they would know where they are going.

the1door says:

Would love to try this out.

MiXoLoGiSt says:

Would love to try out Navigon!

Naivian says:

This would be great for all the traveling I do.

SirIra says:

I'd love to I've it a try

Mrdevali says:

Have the east coast version, my favorite gps app by far.

Gautham 1 says:

I have loved Tomtom all this years, if Navigon is ready to give away a free to try, I would jump on it in a heartbeat!

DougFNJ says:

I love Navigon, I have suggested this app to many people and they love it as well. I have the EastCoast version and travel often enough to Chicago where I considered purchasing the full USA version, this win would be very helpful.

TroyRific says:

This would be really helpful in my travels.

rathijit says:

Ooh, I'd love to try this App!

kjparfekt says:

Would love to win to replace my usage of Apple maps!!!

Thegoat8664 says:

I drive for a living and this would come in handy.

Mhousey says:

I am directionally challenged as people call it! A copy of this would so come in handy!

tjlambert says:

This could be just the answer to my almost-fatal navigational impairment syndrome.

Ken Smith1 says:

I've heard so many wonderful things about this application. i really hope that I can win this and try it out in greater detail. unfortunately the price of the application is keeping me from buying it out right. Maybe this will change that?

warrenbeh says:

NAVIGON!! I'm lost without you!!!

MrCornfed says:

Navigate one of those codes this way!

DavidandLisa says:

First time commenter, but love following the blog! I love my wife more than anything. An incredible woman for already having one home birth and attempting her second after just 17 months. But she is awful at directions. She really needs this :)

scottpapak says:

Please! I could use a solid GPS app

bkDJ says:

I've heard good things!

True Choice says:

I need directions to victory lane. Thank You

dtokarski says:

I'd love to win this! Please pick me.

Chris Jameson says:

As someone who drives a thousand miles per week, I respectfully submit my name for the app because I FREAKING WANT IT!!!!!

Thank you for your consideration.

Trodecke says:

I would love to have a copy of this.

Al Howse says:

Give it to me NaviGondem style!

izzyardo says:

Looks like a great app. I'd love to try it!

jaBBu says:

This would be nice to have. Good luck all.

joehero says:

This would be perfect for the now car media/GPS iPhone 3GS!!!

Jay BokChoi says:

Does it come with the "hot" cougar voice like my Motion-X Drive? :-)

bebass says:

I really need a good navigation app - this would be perfect. I'd love to win it.

jim1969 says:

Looks much better than Apple maps.

bee dawg says:

I would be very handy. Hoping it's me.

Kevin Wittig says:

How do I get there? That's a question I find myself asking a lot. This would be helpful.

emjayess says:

Whew! Took me a while to navigate to the end of this section! (Sorry, was all I could come up with this time of night...)

csd says:

I don't know what to say, so I'll just say please & thank you!

rbarrera8915 says:

Navigon looks amazing! I could use it everyday.

markwhat says:

That sure would be an awesome substitute for Apple Maps!

stevenlue says:

Even though I don't think the Apple maps is that bad, I'd like to try this app.

SincereBP says:

Been wanting this forever, but can't afford it. Life of a Dad....

vianar says:

This would be an amazing addition to a great phone

Donald Furlong says:

Recently retired and traveling the US with my wife. This app would be a great asset!

Robbie78 says:

This would come in so handy for helping find a house to buy

Goatzilla says:

Just switched from Android, so I need a good turn-by-turn navigation now!

billybaldin says:

My wife could really use...uh... Need I say more?

jlyriq says:

I'd love to try this out!!!

dbabbel says:

A reason to not ask for directions. Sweet!

drmarolf says:

I would love to try Navigon!

techbud1 says:

I would love to try it out!

Dome says:

This would be great, fingers crossed.

ubermedina says:

Pick me, I am the one. Loved the navigon GPS units. Would love to replace it and Apple Maps with this App

u12137 says:

I would love to navigate with my iPad mini lol

Arnold Meza says:

i would love to be one of the winners, construction worker on the road every day here in LA ,great gps app.

Neville Longbottom says:

I would really like to have this.. I need a good maps app, but I can't pay 60$ for one. :P

juustin56 says:

Would love this:) SO when are you going to announce the winner?

TheBiggmann says:

You guys are going crazy with the giveaways lately! I'm ok with that haha

ccwdude says:

Pick me, pick me! Awww! C'mon

Carsten#IM says:

Thank you for giving me the chance to win it!

PaulCostello says:

I would use this on a daily basis. Hope I win!

slippieslik says:

Working as a delivery carrier this would be useful if its easy and fast!

Vikram662 says:

Will this help me find true love?

TacomaJustin says:

I'd love to win this. Saw the Navigon SUV driving around my city last week taking photos.

djbouche says:

would be great for my next US roooooooad trip

Marathdamane says:

Would love one of the codes as well.

mustang8918 says:

With as much long distance driving as I do this would help out alot.

Rusi125 says:

Help me from apple maps

J2_jou says:

I'd like to try this amazing app.. Thanks guys

Jason Romero says:

I would love to win a new iPad for my family this Christmas! :-)

mady53 says:

this would be a great navigation app!!
and do i need it............

Gsarfin says:

Please, please, please pick me!!!

MaxxManic says:

Help! Lost in Middle Georgia...need mapping software...
sick mother..home..Thanksgiving....hel...p....

akshaymd says:

Have been using garmin since 2007. Love i

Anna Baker says:

I love my Garvin. It would be great to have it on iPad too!

305mp07 says:

Please... I will really would like a promo code. Really need a GPS that works. Thank you!

breadmanjp says:

I travel a to have this !

albertblog says:

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Matt Scheetz says:

IMORE is awesome! I can't believe they are giving away a $60 app, I would love to be one of the lucky ones to win.

rydmn says:

Sounds like a good traveling companion.

Trevor Johnston says:

Would love to give Navigon a shot. I've heard good things about it.

tr6tr7 says:

My iPhone maps app wont even recognize my home address as it is in my Contacts. It takes me to the wrong city because my street runs through two towns. Navigon is necessary so I can get home. LOL

LShanafelt says:

Travel all the time and I would love to try this Navigation app. Plus, I follow you on Twitter Miss Lofte!

ckillam3 says:

I really need iMore than a GPS stuck to my windshield.

Fornate says:

I would love to win! Thanks for running this giveaway!

Hari Vallabhaneni says:

Awesome. Would love to use it as my only navigation app

n2fishin says:

Would be great to have for Thanksgiving road trip

lmbrrt says:

I would love to win this one.

jfroy99 says:

I will surely use this app!! Good luck to me!!!!! ;-)

Santiagodr says:

Need A GPS this would be my early Xmas Gift. Thank You Imore

rpritch says:

Looks great! Would love to win.

arbreek says:

Pick me, pick me, pick me...please.

steven moest says:

This looks like an awesome app, and would be a great to have. I just wish I were in a better financial place to afford it for my driving trip to the west coast to see the outlaws (actually the in-laws) this December!

Goroz21 says:

Two beavers are better than one.

mjmillman says:

I would love to win this as my wife just broke my Garmin GPS...time to move into the new century with Navigon.

johntmeche3 says:

Which one is the North America again?

smuch738 says:

Would be awesome if I could win one of those promo codes.

tbaptista says:

This would be cool to win and use...

Gorbash says:

Nice give away. This would work perfect for me.

smccloud says:

Pick me, pick me. I'm an new iPhone user (had Android before).

Cowboys5 says:

Navigon is the best map app on ios. I tell everyone about it. Now it's a matter of winning this from you!!

D V says:

Help me find my way...iLost. I would love to help make one of your Navigon codes be gone...just give it to me.

bgwebbjr says:

Contest entry....


taudilee says:

i would love to get one. thanks

rschlameuss says:

I travel a lot. This would be great!

Xdmfan says:

That app looks great that would be great to have

amynunc says:

This thing looks amazing!!!

Cornbo says:

Navigon has always looked like one of those apps that could replace my Garmin Nuvi. Would love to be a winner and find out. Beautiful looking product.

dkotila says:

I would love one too!

Thanks iMore

AndreDK says:

Perfect app for my next trip to the USA!

Ken Smith1 says:

This looks great product! A bit pricey for me though

jeff.dallas says:

This would be awesome I would love this.

Beavisx says:

I love to give this app a test drive.

jobosumm says:

would love to win this app :)

dasupaman23 says:

I am on the road for most of my day. This would be very useful. Thanks imore and NAVIGON!!!

mksap says:

While I haven't had any problems with Apple Maps yet, I'd love to try out alternatives

danielsonkin says:

Count me in. I'd love to give this app a try.

stevedee says:

Since the built in map app failed me miserably last week, I'd love to win this!

stuhFAN says:

Apple Maps nav has been working OK so far, but I'd like to try this one out!

mperson007 says:

I would love to have this software!

Chad Forster says:

I am a new follower of iMore and I have to say, its great! I'd really appreciate the opportunity to use this software on a daily basis.....for FREE!

PS - Keep up the good work on the Podcast. I follow you every week now and love it!

BomberBooey says:

Would love to try this out. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

jovy00 says:

please beautiful mommy i want one for me....

KCMike says:

I'm game for some freebies.

Mark Peterson says:

Alternative to iMaps, yeah, that's a good idea.....

Booda711 says:

I need that! Thanx in advance!

Jonezed7 says:

I'm in a sales position. Driving to new clients in the city is tough at times. Would love this app!

epuerto says:

I'd love to have Navigon in my apps!!!

jolaca says:

I do communion calls for my local Church and have to drive to new areas all the time. My sense of direction is so bad, that it's sometimes to the point of panic. This would really help me get to the folks i need to see.

Clovertree says:

This would be a great app for road trips!

jcb18 says:

This would be awesome! As we speak I am driving on a river!

grayhawk says:

I have CoPilot GPS. Would love to compare.

jasezero says:

I have it already but it would make a great present for my GF! Awesome app...absolutely love it.

Matador says:

I travel every other week to different cities in the country.....this would come in very handy!!!

AnAppleADay says:

Can it guide me to a win?? Go for the W? My poor way at being mildly funny :)

thechucklingcod says:

I would love to check this out!

iCat3GS says:

I've always wanted the Navigon GPS app!

Jeff Wiese says:

Pick me - Holiday travel coming up!

temna#CB says:

I have had this app for ages now, it is the only GPS program I use on my iDevices. =)

lankinator625 says:

I've always thought it was a sweet app, and would LOVE to have it w/o paying $60 :)

lappity says:

My buddy has this app and it's a good one. Would love to win a code!

scooter28691 says:

I travel a lot for work. This would really help a bunch. I wouldn't "try" it, I would use it.

bbreckling says:

You people are Great


hudss says:

Was thinking of purchasing if they have another Black Friday sale this year..but free is always better!

paperdesigner says:

Working on the road, it is easy to get lost. Having a reliable GPS navigation system makes life less stressful.

Javier Perez says:

Great App, screenshots look great. I really want it, specially since iOS 6 maps are not so great.

Firewalker96 says:

This would be cool to have

MikeF0209 says:

i would like to win this... thanks

shawnarsen10 says:

Garmin is a reputable nav company... I'd be happy to have one.

jkeitz says:

Pretty cool looking, but I'll stick with Apple Maps. Despite all the hype, Apple Maps has worked perfectly for me since it was released!

lexic says:

This might get me to give up my stand alone GPS unit.

heatwave16 says:

I had a Navigon stand alone unit for quite awhile. I loved the interface, and I'd love to give the app a try.

RemmyZero says:

Please please please! My Garmin standalone is slowly dying!

kevinb8088 says:

I need a GPS app. This looks good!

Michel Zibara says:

I love Garmin products. I really want this on my iPhone!

androidbuff123 says:

I'd LOVE to get this .. Thank you.

wtlaw says:

500 responses. Need a GPS Code please.

eandgolf says:

I would like to have NaviGon and would love to write a review after using it.

BeyondtheTech says:

Looks good, good luck everyone!