iTunes and App Store down for many, can't get or update apps

We're getting flooded with reports of iTunes and the App Store being down in numerous regions. Browsing the stores still works, but downloading or trying to update apps does not.

It doesn't seem to be affecting everyone, and some who were affected for a while seem to have recovered, but others are still having the problem.

If you can't access iTunes or the App Store, or get your apps, you're not alone. Let us know, along with where you are. If you're fine, or if the problem has been fixed for you, let us know that as well.

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iTunes and App Store down for many, can't get or update apps


Mines is the same for the past few days. Followed all advice online. Nothing worked. Ended up phoning apple. Did a complete reset . Still doesn't work . In ayrshire in scotland

Hello i am Sam from philippines , my probz is to my ipad 2 is cant update also app download games not working cant open it

The front page of the app store shows me info as I believe it's pre-cached, but when i tap something I just get a blank screen. -Las Vegas NV

5 min later & working fine now.

I have a USA account. I have been on a long-term assignment in South Africa. Suddenly, 1.5 weeks ago, itunes (and iphone and ipad separately) would not update my Apps — free or paid. Had to go to UK this week and voila, all my Apps updated while there. I was going to go to one of the Apple Stores to have it looked at, but didn’t bother as it seems to have been fixed. Then I arrived back in SA last night — once again, App updates won’t occur. No problem downloading even HD movies and Podcasts; but no joy for Apps. I’ve had no problem with Apps in SA for past 2 years till now. I would LOVE a solution.

Аn hour ago here in Moscow AppStore on iPhone sad that he can not connect iTunes Store. And that happen every time I tried to download something.
Now it can start downloading process, but apps doesn't want to be installed.

iTunes Match also doesn't want to download music from icloud.

I had some trouble to listen to music for about 30 minutes today as well. All my music is on iTunes Match on certain devices and they couldn't get any music at all but after that gap it all went back to normal.

My phone phone works fine but my wife phone does not connected to iTunes but I believe the new iTunes 11 coming today or tomorrow.

I'm in Atlanta and all my devices are still down...can see the updates, the search results, etc. but can't download a darn thing.

I was having trouble with these problems about 3 hours ago but I just updated 5 apps on my iPhone 4S and loaded all my same apps and more on my new iPad 4 and iPad Mini that I just received today and still busy setting them up.

I was in an apple store in cherry hill, NJ. Trying to pay for an item using easy pay from App Store app. However after so many attempt still not success, first I thought something wrong with the app so I uninstalled and reinstall, then I try to pay for my item again but still not success, eventually I had to asked an apple employee to check me out. And I asked him what happened to the app. He said maybe the server down.

Been down for two days.... No apps are updating on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This goes for the iTunes Store and the Mac store.....

I'm in Southern California. Have two updates available for my iPad. Sometimes "Can't connect to iTunes" and sometimes tapping "update" does nothing. It's been like this the last 36 hours that I've noticed,

I am in Bulgaria, Europe. Have the same problem - updates are shown as available for download but the process terminates few seconds after it's starting.

I am in Australia and can view the itunes app store but cannot download anything keep getting an error message and to try again later. I have tried my iphone and mac both see the same issue.

Hopefully it gets resolved quickly

Portland, OR Just updated to itunes 11 There appears to be no way to download new apps or update current apps. My iphone 5 shows 16 updates available.

I am in South Africa and have just updated to iTunes 11. I do not have my iPhone connected and I have restarted iTunes and m MacBook Pro a few times, yet still I cannot update any of my apps! Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Ontario, Canada... iPhone 4 with iOS 6 (regretfully!). Can't install or update apps through on-board app store. My first-world problem meter jumps every time I try to load a new app!

From Boston area, MA:

ITunes 11 tells me that I have "updates available".

But when I click on "updates available," nothing happens.

Hello there... I'm from japan and my problem is i cannot update the apps. The iTunes page is also kinda different because it is too big from my screen and also cannot scroll down. Do i have to uninstall it and install a different version?

I am from Euless,Tx. When I click on the App Store it says to update. I get a white screen. This has been going on for a few months. It's gets very OLD!!!!

New Zealand, Land Of The Long White Clouds

I have a problem with my iphone 4s, i can go into my app store & get update reminders but cant seem to update or download anything!!! Help me out please i need sum new apps!

I am from Australia and have just purchased an ipad for my son. I can connect to ITunes and browse all the apps but when I go to purchase them the screen just freezes and I cannot complete my purchase? This is very frustrating as my son is autistic and I am very eager to get all the autism apps he needs onto his ipad asap? Can anyone help me?? I have applied credit from a gift card to my itunes so would this make any difference as to why I cannot make a purchase??

Norfolk, Ne... I can't log into App Store... Says all apps are updated, and the screen just sits there trying to load. This has been going on for few weeks now...

Orange County, New York and I have iPod touch 4th gen and I have to keep entering a card is a visa gift card not an actual bank card. Also it says debit not credit, is this a problem? Thanks!

I'm Malaysia, there are several app updates that I wanted to update them. When I wanted to update them, * by hitting that update bar at the bottom *, nothing comes out.... The page is like blank, just blank..... Anyone can help me? Pls? Urgent...

In upstate South Carolina. Brand new iPhone 4s. Can browse or search, but app update screen is blank with spinning loader. Let me know if anything gets worked out.

I'm located in Jakarta, Indonesia, and I have a same problem, there's a notification indicates that I have to upgrade my applications via AppStore. But when I opened the "updates" section, it just blank and I can't see what applications that should be updated. Please let me know if there's a solution for this problem. Thank you

I have seen some updates in my Apps store of my iPhone 4s. But I can't see and update them to my set. Actually, when I press UPDATES in APP Store, but it does not show any!

Hi I am in Turkey and The front page of the app store shows me info as I believe it's pre-cached, but when i tap something I just get a blank screen, it is like this almost 2 weeks

i am in Los Angeles area. I have not been able to update from app for at least a week. I can access featured, top charts, genius and even search, but I can't access my updates. Its not showing I have 8 apps that I need to update but when I hit the updates button, its BLANK!!!!!

i am in Malaysia and i also have a same problem with you!! But my friend using the same phone and the same version with me but they din't have this problem

I'm from the Phil and I got the same dilemma... I can perfectly dl apps and access everything in the app store except for the updates section! Says I got 8 apps to update but it wont load blank page! It works perfectly fine 3 days ago now idk wat happened! Same story for all my device iphone5, ipod5thgen and ipad 2... No problem with my mac though ughhh! FIX THIS APPLE TECHY GUYS! Let me know if its fix.... btw I'm running ios 6.0.1 Xxx

Philippines. I can search and browse apps just fine. Downloading goes well also. But when i tap the update tab, it loads for a while and shows a blank, white page. It's been like this for the past three days. It's frustrating.

I'm In Baltimore MD and I have 3 updates that my phone won't load up for me to download it's getting irritating. I switches to iPhone from android and thought it was better quality now things are getting testy.

Hi I'm in Bangkok,Thailand. Don't know how long it's not working I think more than a week. Makes me upset a lot, I'm using Iphone 4 and I can download apps but cannot update them. It shows white page or blank screen on update's page. Please help fast anyone..Thank you

I'm from Australia and have an iPhone 5 which I haven't been able to do updates on for a week now but on my sons iPod and an iPhone 4S the updates worked fine.
This is becoming quite frustrating now and wish someone would look at all the people with this problem and do something about it! What's going on Apple????

I live in Brick, NJ and I had two iTune accounts and when I want to update, it gives me the first account. The first account did not work so I changed the password, and a new account.
Now downloading an app gives me the second new account, but when I want to update, it gives me the first account! Wtf, help!

It shows that I have 1 update but when I try to update all i see is a blank white page! :( I have iPhone 5 and it's the ios6 ( this is from Aventura Fl pls help my husband has galaxy 3 and it runs perfect pls don't prove him right I am a apple person but lately I have been very disappointed! By the way It took 3 hrs to update

Ok I did I soft reset and now it's working but how sad that I must reset it all the time so it could work :(

iPhone 5. I updated to iOS6 then it says I have 2 updates in the App Store, everything else seems to work fine but upon tapping on the updates tab it loads for a about 2 or 3 seconds then stays blank. In Melbourne Australia.

I am from India ...It shows 10 updates available but wen logging in to update icon it does not open ny app reqrd

i'm from malaysia.Front page of the app store show that i got few updates and i cant access to update page when i load it and show only blank page.i'm using iphone4. please fix it ,thanks

my ipod touch 5gen appstore badge shows 6 updates available but when i open app store it does not show any updates or even the heading "PURCHASED"
i am from north India

I live in Philadelphia PA. I am not able to do any updates on my iPad is ce the latest update was made. It keeps saying that Ihave to switch to my US account and get out of the Canada one. Please help!

I live in East Fordham Road, Bronx, New York.

My App Store constantly indicates that I have 2 updates (previously 1 update, but it was not working then either) available but when I try to access the updates page, all I get is a blank screen.

I come from malaysia..The next day after my last comment the trouble has been resolved,but today the trouble appear again and i can't access to update page.Please fix it,thanks

Same here, Tirana - Albania. I just update my iphone 4 from 6.0.1 to 6.1. I have 2 new updates but my appstore stay blanc. Everything else works fine, search, apps but not update. I have try every thing but nothing!

I am in Egypt and I have an Iphone 4, jailbreaked with IOS 6.0.1. I have 8 updates avaible and when i open AppStore in Updates section it open a blanc page and I've tried everything but still nothing has changed!!! But everything else in AppStore Works but not UPDATES!

Manila, Philippines. I'm having same problem here. In springboard AppStore says there 11 apps to be updated when when I go to AppStore to update it won't show any apps just blank or white screen instead.. Not yet fixed. -.- ANY HELP?!

Four updates, but the update link takes me to the us store, then tells me to switch to the Canadian store. I go to the Canadian store and the same error message pops up.

I am in San Marcos Texas, near Austin, and I have two updates in my apps that I can't access it has been like this for a while now

Hi I'm in Nairobi kenya I use an ipad 3 iOS 6.1. App Store shows 5 updates, but when I open the update section on the App Store application, that section is blank

Hi i m from india i use iphone 5 my phone is not showing apps to update it only shows how many updates are available but when i open updates in app store it does not show any thing .............

I'm from Illinois. This is very much happening to me. Everything else in the App Store will slowly load, but no matter how long I stay on the updates will not. I've tried having different wifi s and turning off wifi to use cellular data. I've tried loading it up multiple times a day over the stretch of several days. Wondering if anyone reads these? This seems to be an ongoing problem..

I'm in southeast Tennessee, and it's showing I have updates available, but it just shows a blank screen when I try to update. It's just getting annoying.

I am from Massachusetts. I have an Iphone 4S and suddenly, I am not able to get access to the internet on my home WiFi. The WiFi is working just fine as my husband uses the same one with his iPhone 4S without any issues. I am unable to play games that require use of the server nor am I able to go into the App Store. I do not even get to the home page of the App Store. My settings tells me there is an update available, so I figured that is what the problem is, but when I try to install it, a message pops up that says "Software Update Unavailable: Software update is not available at this time. Try again later. Also at the top left of the Iphone's home page, where it tells you how many "bars" you shows all bars are available, but to the left of the bars it says "Searching...". It has been acting like this for the past few hours. I've turned off my phone and turned it back on. I do not know what else to try, without making an appointment at the apple store which takes days to get..suggestions would be great!!

I got my phone fixed! I spent an hour and a half on the phone with tech support! What a pain. I needed to download the newest version 6.1.2. Unable to do just with the phone, it needed it to be plugged I'm and logged onto iTunes most current version. Once I finally updated both of those, my phone worked for about 5 minutes and then it started acting up the last and final option was to wipe out/ reset my phone. So I backed everything up to the computer and then wiped it out. After I reset the phone, it is working great!! (Knock on wood...only have 4 days left on warranty. Hope this helps some of you out there!!

iPhone 5 user using the StraightTalk network through Wal-Mart. Phone shows updates, attempt to connect to the App Store through the iPhone, but Updates page is completely blank. Can connect from a computer to update and then transfer updates to iPhone, but it is cumbersome.

My iPhone App store says that i have 6 apps to update to, but whenever i tap/select the update one on the app store, it just shows me a blank page. Can you help me how to fix it? Thank you so much.

I'm in Singapore. Everything works fine except for the Update tab. When I switch to the update tab, the screen will turn blank but but I still can see the status bar and the navigation bar.

I'm from Philippines I can't see my updates at the AppStore but i can see 12 notifications when I clicked it nothing happens just plain white on the screen I can't see any updates.. I'm not sure if its because I updated my itouch 4th gen to iOS 6.1.2 software it confusing me and I'm pissed off right now!!!!!

I am in california abd have an iphone 4. I see #4 icon on updates bug cannot view the updates. This has been going on about a week.

I'm from Indonesia. I've been bugged about a week by red dot on app store icon on my iPod 5th gen and tried many times to get rid of it but always end up on a blank white screen. I can hide the app store icon at any time, but knowing there's updates for my apps while I can't do a thing, that bothers me a lot.

I've had a problem too with the blank white screen when I try to upload my updates. It says I have two but there's nothing I can do!!! Please help!'

I am in southwest Florida and not sure if its cause I am using straight talk or not for my iPhone 4 but I have no problems downloading apps but now it says there are two updates and when I toto the update screen it's blank as if there are no updates but it still shows a number 2 on the app market icon

Whenever i tap the update thingy, it just shows me a blank page but after a few days (or maybe a week) it worked again normally. I didn't do anything. It just worked after it hanged up a little (which made me nervous) and that's it. It was working again. Im from the PH and im using an iPhone 4..

I'm on the North Carolina coast. I've been unable to update or download anything for a month or two now. Says my acct is not in Canadian store. I don't have any knowledge of how this came about or how to fix it.

My applications that need internet to be used have not been working. I went into an optus store and asked them if they new the problem and they told me i should delete the apps and get them again from the app store. After i deleted them i clicked on app store on my phone, so i could re-download them, but it wont work. It will open but it just wont load, no matter how much reception i have, all it says is 'cannot connect to itunes store'. Im really lost with ideas! And if anyone knows anything about what i can do to get it working again, please let me know!

on my iphone 4s on app store 7 updates are there but when i try to update it is blank rest search ,featured,top charts and genius all are working its just updates not working whats the issue ?? can it be resolved ??

In upstate NY, iPhone 4s and all 3 children's iPod 4 show updates but update screen shows nothing. Been going on for a couple of days.

I am in Cyprus and for the last 15 days i can't update my apps for my ipad!!! I do not have any other problem with the internet connection (safari and all the other apps are working). When I am trying to update an app after 5-6 minutes a window appearing that say's "no connection with iTunes"

I am in cleveland Ohio and it keeps telling me that they could not connect to iTunes it says I have updates an it won't let me update or get apps

Mine has been dwn for quite some time as well. I cant get to the app store or i tunes. It acts like it is goin to and then just quits loading....weird and i do bot like it! Any idea when the problem may b fixed?

I am not able to access the app store and I am in Wichita, KS. Irritating! It would not be bad if you did not want to download something, but it will not let me. Like some of the previous posts, it says I have updates yet it won't let me to update.

Im in North Carolina and my ipod everyte i try to buy music apps at the app store or even download free apps it says after i type in my password "could not sign in"

I am in North Carolina as well and I am having trouble with my apps store on my iPhone 4s. Everytime I click on it, it is just a blank screen and won't do anything else. My ipad is fine though.

In Michigan, I just bought an iPhone 5 yesterday and downloaded some apps, but today I can browse the app store, but get the error (cannot connect) after attempting to download.

Hi, I'm in South Korea and can't access itunes or the apps store. I just get the blank screen. I think it started with the latest update of the itunes but can't be sure. Just wanted to download a new app today for the first time in a while and realized I couldn't. Tried deleting the itunes and reloading it, but it didn't change a thing. Really a shame. I can get small updates for those that don't require much size directly from my phone's store. But I want bigger apps and upgrades.

I am in the U.S. and I am not able to access the apps store on my iphone 4s. I just get a blank screen. Is anyone else having the problem? Can anyone help?

I am in New Zealand and app store keeps telling me to switch to New Zealand from UK, I have reset apps etc, still no good.. started two yesterday

im in sweden and everytime i try to download an app it say that iv'e allready bought the app and then it dosent download and i cant uppdate my apps

Carlisle, Cumbria (north England) UK. iPhone Version 6.4.1, Carrier 02/UK, Model MD297B/A, Capacity 13.5Gig.
"Authentication Error - Cannot find iTunes Connect user. (2002) (2002)."
I cannot open the itunes Connect (iTC) app. It prompts me to enter my apple ID and password, and when I do enter it correctly, I keep getting the same error message over and over again. (I don't have this problem with other apps.) I have tried several so-called 'fixes': (1) I found out I had an old apple id password stored in iCloud--which I fixed--but the iTC app still did not open. (2) I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, as some suggested, but that did not work. I don't know what else to do. I have researched this problem and it seems to have existed since last year. Why isn't Apple on this thing? Not being able to access one's iTunes on their iPhone is big deal!

Hi I am in India and till recently I had no problem downloading apps from the apple store onto my iPad . Lately however, every time I try to download new apps or upgrade existing ones it says not connected to iTunes! Please help.

Can't seem to update any apps whether on my iPhone or on the iPad. I've changed my password and it still doesn't seem to work. The updates are increasing and I am getting no where. Please help me fix this!!!!

i'm from Hamilton, New Zealand . i couldn't updates and download new app ,, just fix it ,please ...
make me frustrated !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm at south Africa and my iphone 5 says I must change from Canada store to south African store and I don't know how to do that and I cant buy anything from the app store or itunes

HELP!!!! Cant seem to sync apps that i have downloaded from my computer to my iphone 4s.
Under the apps store settings in the automatic downloads category, there is no apps option. Am in Kenya. Kindly help!

My phone won't let me download ANY apps unless they were apps I had before I restarted my phone. Everytime I try to get an app It asks for as usual the password than something pops up saying, Verication Required, ergg.. Help!!

Every time I try to download the Facebook app it says cannot connect to iTunes Store? I have never seen this before! What is going on?

Central Ohio. App store disappeared from Iphone4. Can't download apps so I reset phone, can't transfer apps from computer to phone. Looks like it is going to work but doesn't do anything. Have no idea what else to try.

My ipad 2 wifi + 3G won't load the App Store or anything that I search for. It will only load my purchased apps. I don't know what to do or who to call. I have tried every suggestion on the most current forums I could find but still no luck. It has been about a week and a half now. HELP! So annoying and frustrating. I live in central California

In Japan, cannot update or restore an ipad 2 3G SoftBank that was given as a gift, keep getting 1600 or 3014 errors or a dreaded "cannot connect to the update server at this time" even though I try every 12 hours over the last several days ... The ipad is a paper weight for now, very stressful, have spent dozens of hours googling the issue and trying all recommended fixes from forums . Rebooted computer, changed date/ time settings, changed USB ports, changed USB cables, tried reinstalling iTunes, updated itunes, dfu mode, tried reinstalling an older version of iTunes, tried connecting to Mac and windows computers, just a blank screen ipad that cannot restore to an old backup or be renewed with a fresh iOS. The ipad was running 4.3.3 which was very old, I think that may have been a factor... But it was quite useless because most apps like Facebook or YouTube or current apps run on iOS 5 or 6 so it was limited as a music idevices and useful for photos, but now it is useless completely until I can find a fix. Any help would appreciated . I am going to California soon and hope bringing the ipad there may be different to connect to the update server and get it going again.... Don't know what to do

I live in point pleasant wv and I am having trouble connecting to iTunes and my App Store on my iPhone 3 it says cannot connect to iTunes or App Store can someone plz help me!!!

I live in Canada. My iPad no longer let's me download apps. It says that I'm in a U.S. store and can't download. How do I correct that. It was never been an issue before. Strange thing is, I can download apps no problem from my iPod. Weird.

I have two updates waiting, but cannot download them into my iPad, for two days. What's going on and what can I do? I'm in upstate New York.

I have an update, and cannot download it. I found 2 updates under purchased apps and they updated. I tried everything, powered down, logged out, and cleared history. Is something wrong with iPad 4th generation. My daughter has the same iPad and hers works fine. We live in Oklahoma. What do I do now?

I am having the same exact problem on my ipad, its been 2 days now. It says I have 4 app updates but when i go to the update app and tab nothing just a blank page. my software is update at iOS 6.1.3. I tried rebooting it. also cleared out the history and logged out. Nothing! We are in Michigan, and would really like to know how to fix this issue.

My Ipad app store issue has now been fixed. I just touched my app store app and mysteriously it is working again. HOPE this happens for everyone else as well.

I'm in upstate NY and have the same problem on my iPad; it shows 2 updates available but won't connect to download them. My iPhone, however, downloads updates as usual.

Same here, I have an update badge indicating 4 updates but when I tap it, just a blank screen. I see that this thread, and these problems, go back months. I read one comment where a complete wipe and restore solved it, I wish other people would report how they fixed it, anyway, I'll wait a few days and see what happens. If I have to do a total wipe, I will report if it worked or not. It almost sounds to me like it might be a virus that is slowly spreading???

I found a work around that works for me. In the App Store instead of the button that say's Update, click on the button that says "Purchased". This should show a list of all the apps purchased and you can update them from there.

i am from india and i have the same problem cant update the apps when i try to update it shows me a blank white screen

Started having this problem about 2 or 3 days ago. I have an indicator for 2 app updates, but when I go to the update screen it's a blank white screen. If this has been a known issue for 8-9 months, why isn't there a solution by now?

I was able to find 1 of the 2 updates on the purchased apps screen as suggested by others. But now there is still 1 app to update per the notification button, but there appears to be no app that actually needs updating... Hmm?

I am from Hoover, Alabama, and my phone is working fine and updating too, but my iPad is not letting me do any updates. I have about 6 updates and counting......when I go to the AppStore all pages work fine, but when I go to the updates page it is blank. My mom is having the same problem with her mini.

I am in burleson Texas, and having the same issue on my ipad 3. App Store shows 3 updates. When I click to update it shows nothing. App Store been saying this for 2 days going in 3.

Same problem the update page is blank. So far I have 5 updates and I can not update the apps this has been going on for 4 days now. I am in Chicago Ridge Illinois

I cant seem to upgrade to the new iTunes. When i click on upgrade from itunes, the browser opens, but it doesn't actually open anything in the browser. Its like it just searches but doesn't access the page. Im in South Africa..

Ipad shows updates but when I go to updates nothing shows. I have tried hard reboots but doesn't help. I am in Kentucky.

Ipad2 showing 5 updates and when I click on updates tab, I get white screen. I think day 4 or 5 here in NW Suburbs of Chicago.

iPad shows update, page is totally blank when I click ob it. I can get everything else but updates for my apps. I'm in Wisconsin. This is frustrating.

My ipad 4 is also showing updates but can't update page is also blank. This has been going on for 4 days now. Everything else on iTunes works. Waiting to hear back from apple tech. We tried about 4 things but nothing worked. San Francisco Bay Area

In Bowling Green, Ohio. This started for me about 4 days ago. I can get updates on my iphone5 but not iPad even after trying various "fixes". This is very frustrating as I now have 12 updates that I can't update.

For what it's worth: I called Apple Tech Support and was told that this is a known issue, from yesterday (I didn't laugh when she said that) and they are working on it. I had to convince the support technician that it was a wide spread issue, and not just my iPad; it wasn't until she checked with her supervisor that she told me that they were aware of it and working to correct it. There is no anticipated time frame that it will be corrected.

Jerry that's an awesome update. Calms down my nerves now. My ipad recently crashed on its volume button, jamming it and freezing the volume control icon in the center of my ipad. I searched one these threads to find a solution which I did, only to be distraught with blank screen I encounter when the App Store shows 4 updates!. If apple support is working on it, I will sleep a happy man. Thanks mate

Thank you Jerry for the update!!! Yes I have been using the purchased tab on the app store to update these app's. Still annoying though! Thanks again!

I cannot upgrade iphoto via the app store, and that is the only it can be done. Very frustrating. why does everything have to go through the app store now?

Huntsville, TX
My Ipad first showed that I had an update for an app but when I tried to update it all I got was a blank updates page. Two weeks later now and I have 14 updates but cannot update ANYTHING.

In Pensacola, Fl. The update screen is now showing 4 updates and still will not open. The rest of the store works fine.

I am in Maine it tells me I have 18 updates but when I go to the update page it doesn't load.. I can still load other apps from the store

My iPad shows 4 updates but when I go to update nothing shows to update but it still remains that I have apps waiting to be updated. Marion Iowa

Same here. I've searched my list but there is an "update" I cannot find. Let me know if you figure it out. I can't find the update on my iTunes account either.

My apps won't update and I've gone to my purchased list and updated all I could find but there is one update I cannot find on my purchased list. I've looked over and over again but cannot find the app which needs to be updated. Anyone else having this problem?

My iPad mini it says I have 4 updates but it's just all white blank but besides that it does let me download games ... HELP HELP HELP -.- phoenix Arizona

This morning I docked my iPad to my iMac to charge it and when I disconnected it, the App Store Update window seems to be functioning properly. I was able to download several updates that I couldn't before, and now when i go to the update window it says all Apps are up to date. I'm not claiming this is a cause and effect, I just want to make sure I let everyone know what I did prior to things getting back to normal. I live in upstate NY and I'm running an iPad (4th generation) with iOS 6.1.3 (10B329). If others are getting things back to normal let us all know. As far as I know Apple hasn't publicly said anything about this issue.

I am based in Kuwait. I bought my ipad 2 here but the Kuwait app store had almost nothing worth buying. So I registered with a US address and accessed the US app store. Now, I am unable to obtain updates on my purchased apps. When I try to respond to the prompt "change to US app store" my ipad won't allow the change. Any help you can suggest would be invaluable! Thanks, Chris Gent.

I have been manually updating my apps in iTunes purchased. I haven't been able to use the App Store app for 7 days now but today it started working on my ipad again. Go Figure !!!

My app store issue has been mysteriously resolved. I touched the app button this morning to manually update the apps and to my surprise, there they were my apps that needed to be updated right on the update tab... so happy. was getting very tired of this. Hope this issues gets resolved for everyone else as well.

Hi names James Harris from San Antonio Texas and my App Store won't download apps just says waiting then after time unable to download app

My updates are back to normal now. It,happen the day,after I talk to senior apple tech Reginald Wiley

I'm from Malaysia. Last night I attempted to purchase an app from the App Store on my iPhone 4. The previous day I had purchased an app with no issues, and this time was told that my payment method was invalid. When I clicked 'Continue' to fix my information, everything was correct so I re-inputted my debit card security code and tapped done but it still, the same thing. I can't even update anything. PLEASE HELPPP!

Hi I live in uk, higham ferrers nn10 8ns
I have the app icon & iTunes icon but when I go in to download it's blank!! It's showing I have updates but won't let me as all pages are blank. Can anyone help with this problem, it's only my phone that's affected in my house.
Would appreciate any help

I'm in the us and I had to delete some games to make room for the new ISO 7. And now that I have I added back the games but when I tried to play the games I have to start over again fr the beginning. Instead if where I left off. Like in fish with attitude I had 12 tanks and now I have none. How do I bring back my previous games so I don't have to start all over again.

I'm from Ireland on my iPod 5 I don't know what's wrong with it or how I can fix this but every time I want to get an app or update it just says cannot connect even if I have 3 bars PLEASE HELP!!!

Hi I'm from Malaysia. I bought my iphone in UK. However, I have try to update my phone from Malaysia but i cannot do so. whenever i try , it notify me 'Your iPhone could not be activated because the server is temporarily unavailable. try connecting your iPhone to iTunes to activate it.' Even I can't use my phone at all
Can anyone help with this problem.
Would appreciate any help

Haven't been able to download any apps can't update anything or download music movies or any of the above. Reset my phone thinking maybe it was a problem after logging out then back into my iTunes account checking all my into and details with it nothing worked. So like I said I completely reset my phone erasing everything on it and still won't work. Really frustrating. (In warden wa)

Hii i am from india i have iphone 4s 8gb and its from canada koodo carrier and i have done turbo in it and using at telus carrier and i have a problem of not getting any updates of apps in appstore ... Please know me as early as possible please seriously no updates of any app

I have a 4s and cannot update apps or purchase apps. Im up to 13 apps that need to be updated and i CANNOT!! Im so pissed! Someone plz help me before i throq apples piece of shit phone accross my yard

I'm in WV and I can't update or install "free" apps says there is a problem with my purchase, when it is free...Why is this? How do I fix this?

I have the iPhone 5c and I have my account info in and when I try to update or download apps it comes up with my aunts info and idk what to do

I'm in Southern California as well and my iTunes is still blank white. I can't access my songs at all nor I can make any playlists. This happened right after a recent update. I did everything from restarting my Mac to waiting 24 hours but it's still blank white. I need to access my songs!!!

Albuquerque, NM - Started yesterday on my ipad and my kid's ipod. App store, safari, facebook, gmail, messenger, music apps won't work. Mail and my computer work fine, so it isn't my router or internet provider. Hope it gets resolved here soon too.

I'm in Missouri, but the problem also exists in NC. I was able to download 2 games, then was told my password was incorrect. Got a new password and it hasn't worked at all. Very annoying! Would it have anything to do with the fact that I haven't even attempted to log in to icloud?

I got an old apple id then i made a new one then i signed it up then when i want to update my apps it's not updating? What happened? :(

I like in Boston and my iPhone 5 won't download nothing unless I delete some apps to get to 6 GB cause of the iOS 8.3 (new upgrade )

Im in hagerstown maryland, I been haveing a problem when i would try to install a app on the app store i would hit the button and it would load and go back to the install button again and i dont know what to do. Any suggestions?

I live in Melbourne Australia. I have an I phone 6 which let'se browse my App Store but can't find a button to install or update.... Can someone please help??

I'm an apple user. IOS really works great, but in my ipad Air I'm unable to download or update apps. Please help me out! Thanku!

I live in North Carolina , and my App Store was working fine but when I try to download and app the circle starts spinning but then it goes right back to "Get"

I live in Virginia and My App Store won't let me re download the kik app
It has the arrow but it's like faded away and it doesn't work

I live in Somerset UK, got an iPhone 6 , got notifications to update, can't update and can't download anything from App Store. Pls help ..... Ta

I'm from North America (Ohio), and my problem is, Apple Store won't let me download apps. It will start to load, then it will automatically stop. I don't know what to do.