How to insert a photo or video into an email on iPhone and iPad

How to insert a photo or video into an email on iPhone and iPad

While older versions of iOS required you to email pictures and videos using the Photos app, or more recently, tediously copy and paste them into a Mail app email, iOS 6 adds the ability to insert them directly into an email.

Now, the bad news is that instead of a simple, multipurpose attachment icon in plain sight, Apple is only letting you attach pictures and emails (not documents or anything else), and they've hidden it away in the already jam-packed editing popover. Still, better to have than have not, so here's how it works...

  1. Launch the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the Compose button in the bottom right hand corner just as you normally would to send an email.
  3. Fill out the sender info, subject, and body just as you would for a normal email.
  4. Now double tap where you'd like to insert the image.
  5. You'll see a menu come up. Tap the arrow to the right of the menu to view more options.
  6. Here you'll see the option to Insert Photo or Video. Tap on it.
  7. You'll be taken to your Photos so you can select the image you'd like to insert. Find it and select it.
  8. You'll see a Preview of the image. Just tap on Choose to confirm it's the right one.
  9. The image will automatically be inserted into your email.
  10. Once you're done filling out your email, just tap the Send button in the upper right hand corner and your email, along with your image, will be on its way!

You can insert as many images into an email as you'd like but just keep in mind some email clients have a limit on the email size someone can receive so we'd recommend keeping it to under 5 images or so unless they're small.

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Reader comments

How to insert a photo or video into an email on iPhone and iPad


IOs is getting there. Hopefully they will add the ability to attach other files such as audio, PDF , etc.

I wonder why they just don't use the a small camera icon as first choice instead of the words?

Then it could all fit...why tap the arrow when u could just tap the camera icon.

Or one could simply buy a playbook which has the most extensive yet easy to use email app going on any current mobile device... I can't believe how many pat-on-the-backs apple gave themselves for finally introducing something everyone else has been doing for YEARS!.. But good job apple, truly "innovative"

Ah, Apple - so much for being 'intuitive' and 'user-friendly' - as the writer suggests, you couldn't just use the usual paperclip icon in plain sight?

Meanwhile, if Mail can access another Apple iOS app to add an attachment directly (without cut/paste or starting an email from another program), why can't users access other file types from Mail?

Yes, yes, I know the whole neurotic file management thing with Apple, but surely if, say, the installation of an Apple product like Pages (or the use of an iCloud account) would enable Mail's access to those files stored therein, think of how attractive that could be to (especially business) users - and how attractive it would be to then acquire these apps on the device (read: additional profit / tie-ins).

Instead, I guess the real email 'pro' will have to rely on Android or BlackBerry to access a truly functional program.

When i go to add a pic i tap the arrow and the menu box disappears, but if i go to landscape mode all the menu options are there.
What am i doing wrong?