iMessage and FaceTime down. Are you affected?

iMessage and FaceTime are both experiencing outages according to Apple's iCloud system status page, and numerous reports flooding into iMore's various comm channels. Apple says service will be restored asap.

Online continues to be a huge challenge for Apple, and if you haven't already, I invite you to read why I think it's going to be one of Apple's biggest challenges going forward.

As always, let me know if iMessage and FaceTime are working for you, where you are, and when you get your service back.

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Rene Ritchie

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iMessage and FaceTime down. Are you affected?


Yes. Been having problems for the last couple hours. Grrr. This is one reason I left blackberry. Seems they were more reliable.

Kansas City, Verizon

BlackBerry servers are way more reliable than Apple's. Just read Rene's post regarding their Online element.

No, got my usual AT&T "your bill is ready for viewing" about the same time. They can always get the bill through. They did indicate my email was not working. Funny.

Apple tech support says the server managing both iMessage and FaceTime are having problems and check tomorrow. Down in Maui, Hawaii products affected macbook Pro, ATT iPhone 5

It's true , this happened last month and lasted 4 hours . Nothing you can do but wait it out.
Tim Cooke , he's obviously NOT Steve ( RIP ) FRUSTRATION .

What does "TIM COOK" vs. Steve Jobs have to do with servers going down??? Was not MobileMe under Steve Jobs' watch!? I personally do believe that Apple needs to get this Sh*t together, BIG TIME! But I don't believe that this would've never happened under Steve Jobs, that's asinine.

Imessage and Facetime down here Iphone4 sprint Ohio. Been like this now for a couple hours. aggravated, tried everything to get it to work. it better be working soon. Not happy at all!

IMessage down in Philly, and has been for several hours- I am on Sprint with an Iphone 5.

iMessage has been down for me in West Texas since around 3, haven't had the chance to use FaceTime today- this is the first time I have been affected by ANY iCloud outages so I'm counting myself lucky

I had an iMessage stuck so i long pressed and changed it to a text, i then went to the status page and it said everything was fine, i assume the status page is not automatically changed but manually changed which does not make it very useful. also iMessage has been going down A LOT it seems very frustrating.

It's down for me in Michigan. It seems like it's down quite a bit these days so I'm just going to disable it. I pay for unlimited text so don't really see an advantage to using iMessage anyway.

I never use FaceTime and I have unlimited texting, so big deal. Annoying but not a deal breaker.

Not sure why folks are posting their carriers...this affects everyone regardless of carrier.

Sure would be nice if they sent some sort of notification. I've been messing around with settings, changed my Apple ID info and even was ready to restore from my cloud backup. Fortunately I saw the iMore feed on my Yahoo... THANK YOU iMore

Hate that I have to scroll allllllllll the way down to add a comment....can't you guys have an 'add a new comment' at the top and bottom in case we don't want to read every comment all the time? :-)

Mine is down and has been down for three hours or so. Ugggghhhh. Apple what is going on with you lately?!?!

Nope all good in upstate NY ....AT&T iphone 5. Which btw is still in its birthday suit since Sept 21st and not a scuff' scratch or ding on it. I must be one of the lucky ones.

iPhone 5 on 3 in London, not working, neither is my wifi iPad. Rather annoying, hope it's sorted when I wake up.

Definitely down. What I don't understand is why Apple felt iMessage was necessary in the first place. Especially now that more and more people are on capped data plans. I now have unlimited messages and minutes, but limited data. I just turned iMessage off on my iPhone, and I'm thinking I might just keep it off on all of the family iPhones...

It's been intermittent for me in San Antonio all day. Mostly down, but an occasional message has gone through. 4s on AT&T and wifi os 6.0.1

me too but the people receiving message says it from my icloud address not my cell phone #, like it was before

I have an iPhone 5. I was affected by the outage for the first time. It also asked if I wanted to add a "" address for Facetime. This may have something to do with the downtime.

IMessage is still not back for me. It is sending as a text message with a green background rather than the blue of IMessage.:(

apple website said its normal now. However, I cant send imessages to my friends' phone numbers (registered with imessages). Mine keeps saying waiting for activation. I also try to send imessages from my Mac to my friends' iphones ,and it said the phone numbers are not registered with . Any help?

I'm stuck on Waiting for Activation, I can iMessage using email addresses but not with my phone number. I have an iPhone 5 on iOS 6.0.1 with T-Mobile.

Edit: Now it says "An error occurred during activation. Try again." I tried turning iMessage off and on several times and this error keeps occurring.

Was affected and everyone I know. Ranging from different devices and providers. They better start improving.

Massachusetts, USA
iPhone 4S / Sprint
Been affected all day and the iCloud status says all systems are back up, but me and everyone else I know that uses iMessage still can't use it. I can't even use it from my mac.

Back up and running once again :) I did have problems this morning though ..
It's becoming too much of a regular occurrence these days, and Apple need to fix it ASAP!

verizon iphone 5 / ATT iphone4 out in LA and SD. T_T but only for mobile. we can imessage with email addresses.

UHGG I was affected by this the whole entire day yesterday!!!
Thankfully it was fixed this morning, and everything is fine :) AT&T iphone 5
Beverly Hills

It was down in Nashville too. I will be honest I am getting a little annoyed with iMessage uptime. Apple needs to figure this out fast, there is no reason that something this big and important should ever go down. You know SMS never goes down.

I just bought my iPad mini yesterday.. All I do the whole day is to activate iMessage my iPad it doesn't even have built in FaceTime I cannot find it!! Its keeps on telling me the username/password is incorrect, i already reset my password. I am planning to return it tomorrow. I hope Apple will resolve this issue as soon as possible...
Faye, Dubai UAE