Oprah tweets her love for the Microsoft Surface from an iPad

Oprah tweets her love for the Microsoft Surface from an iPad

Oprah Winfrey is supporting the Microsoft Surface, and one of the ways she chose to promote the tablet was to sing its praises through a tweet claiming to have purchased several for Christmas -- from an iPad. Unfortunately, whoever runs Oprah's Twitter account, be it Oprah herself or an assistant, failed to realize that using an iPad to send a tweet promoting a Surface could send mixed signals. The official Twitter clients no longer show which app someone is tweeting from, but several third-party clients, in this case Tweetbot, do. In this screenshot from ZAGG, Oprah’s account is clearly shown tweeting about the Surface from Twitter for iPad:

Oprah tweets her love for the Microsoft Surface from an iPad

Now, most of Oprah’s Twitter followers won’t notice or care, because they’re probably using Twitter on the web or one of the official apps for their phone, but this is just lazy. If Oprah loves the Surface so much, it can’t be that hard for her to find one to tweet from -- especially since she's apparently bought 12 of them. Oprah has an absolutely huge reach, so it’s not asking too much to put a little more care into how she promotes products. If she loves the product so much, why is she choosing an iPad over a Surface? If this is the work of an assistant, there is a simple solution for that: give them a Surface.

Source: ZAGG

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Oprah tweets her love for the Microsoft Surface from an iPad


pity she didn't tweet about how much does Mr$oft pays to celebrities for product promotions like this ...would be really interesting to know... DUDES... and specially Oprah isn't a cheap one... but it shows that even a Multi-billionaire needs $$$ ... I hate her dishonesty though ....with which she cheat her followers... being mostly older people and housewives with very little gadget knowledge, which will then waste their's lil savings to buy DOA WART ... shame on U...Oprah

Pretty funny. Saw her "Favorite Things" show, and she barely had 30 seconds looking at it, and from what we could tell, did not actually operate it at all. Oh well, proof is in the pudding... Maybe the Surface is great. I haven't even seem one yet. Time (and "real" users) will tell...

Who cares? Damn... leave that woman alone. I really like my Surface too; if I tweeted about it, it would likely be from my iPad or iPhone - since those are the ones I typically carry with me.

This woman does not do anything without a motive. She's probably getting paid my M$ to tweet this.

But give the woman a break. Being in full panic mode because of the extinction of the Twinkie, she mistakenly grabbed her iPad instead of her Surface before tweeting.