Best Buy selling iPad 3 for $50 off, with $75 gift card, today only

Best Buy selling iPad 3 for $50 off, with $75 gift card, today only

If you don't care about a Lightning connector, an A6X processor, or a FaceTime HD camera, and you want a full-sized, full-on Retina display iPad, Best Buy has a deal for you. Today only, you can grab the last generation iPad 3 (introduced March, 2012) and not only save $50 off the original retail pricing, but get a $75 gift card thrown in for good measure.

If this deal is just what you've been waiting for, act fast.

Source: Best Buy, thanks Adam

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Reader comments

Best Buy selling iPad 3 for $50 off, with $75 gift card, today only


Great.... bought mine 5 days ago, and now Best Buy says they wont follow their own price match policy and credit me the difference and the GC.

Do you have any other way of purchasing it (Like, another credit card). If you are willing to go thru the hassle, return the iPad you purchase before in one Best Buy location and then repurchase it to get the deal. That is exactly what I'll be doing with the iPad mini if it gets a discount on Friday. I'll also be going going from 32GB to 16GB since I have like 13GB remaining on the one I have now.

Huh? By my math, that's $125 dollars off (provided you need or want something else at best buy for 75 bux). Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.