iMore show 327: Guessing games

Rene Ritchie and Jim Dalrymple talk about the differences in approach between Microsoft's Surface and Apple's iPad, Android marketshare vs. iOS usage metrics, and the future of Apple's services. This is the iMore show.




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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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iMore show 327: Guessing games


It's called sell-in (the channel) and sell-through (to the end customer)
Apple reports sell-ins and they report you have an exact
number of how many units apple actually sold to end customers....
Apple is the only company providing these exact numbers quarter by quarter...
Someskunk and others...don't, they only tout smoke and mirrors...
and they never tell us how many units they sold.... Why is that?... nun...because so they can after launching a new model pull all the old unsold models back very quietly... but they'll still remain in all the stats as sold...cause they never do report inventory!!!.... that's WHY...there are NO official or real numbers from any Androdevises out there ... and there will NEVER be !!!...
So the research firms by the likes of Gartner, IDC and others...can put any fantasy numbers they want in to the wild....all depends on...who is paying for the research...because those numbers are impossible to prove... Those estimates are BS...
The analytic figures are a laugh however ... as they are infamous for reporting that Samsung shipped 2.5 million galaxy tabs in Q2 2012 but than a court document reveals that Samsung actually only sold 37,000 in the same time frame.
This Analytics firms have been constantly wrong with their numbers...Year after Year !!!
and still ... everyone reports on their numbers as if they were a fact.

I am very disappointed at this podcast. I am new to iMore and was hoping to some interesting talk. Jim Dalrymple just talks BS without even really knowing what the competition offers. This podcast is just a huge "Apple is great". For that I better watch the Apple Keynotes. Android central is much better in my opinion. They are not constantly defending Android against iOS. These guys seem to be on the defensive all the time. I deleted the podcast. BIG Disappointment!!!!

I have to agree, I'm afraid guys ... that your co-host, was a complete jerk. I'm an Apple fan and his apologetics and rudeness even rubbed off on Mr. Nice Rene. Seriously, I'll not comment any further than to say if this douche is on iMore ever again, that's a must-skip episode.

PS. why don't we all use apple products all the time? Not all of us are uber rich or reviewers whose job it is to buy EVERY NEW MODEL EVERY TIME ONE IS RELEASED TO ALWAYS HAVE THE NEWEST AND MOST COMPATIBLE HARDWARE so sometimes we need legacy connectors to plug in our old devices. I guess that makes us "apple disloyal"? This guy is the reason why I love my iPhone and hate Apple apologists.