The Transformer invasion has begun

If you've ever watched the Transformers and wished you had one -- not a manual toy but an actual transforming model -- then stop reading and watch the video above. Done freaking out over the rolling out? Good. Here are the details, courtesy of Christina Bonnington at Wired:

Brave Robotics developed a 1/12 scale Autobot transformer using a custom 3D printer, and it will be on display at Maker Faire Tokyo next week. Once fully morphed out of its initial automobile form, it takes the shape of a bipedal robot that moves about much like two-legged soccer-playing robots we’ve seen at Robocup and Robogames. This robot also has the ability to shoot some sort of dart from each of its arms.

Having an Autobot mini prowling iMore HQ, reporting suspicious activity back to my iPad mini, would pretty much be a geek dream come true. So, I guess it's time to learn autocad, robotic and automotive engineering, 3D printing, and alien AI programming. Back in a bit...

Source: Wired

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The Transformer invasion has begun


There is a Lonely Island song about stuff happening in pants that reflects my opinion on this video.

My 8 year old son and I are in front of the computer together. The video was watched. There was a loud squeal of excitement.

I'm not sure which one of us it came from...