iStat Menus 4 brings Retina support, new design, and more to the Mac

iStat Menus 4 brings Retina support, new design, and more to the Mac

Bjango's iStat Menus is the gold standard of system monitoring tools. It's one of the first apps I bought when I switched back to the Mac, and it's one of the first apps I -- and almost every geeky/techy type I know -- installs when they get a new Mac. Originally designed as a Dashboard widget, iStat has since moved to the menu bar, and with iStat Menus 4, it's now completely, comfortably ensconced there with a bold new look and full on Retina support.

If you haven't used iStat Menus before, the gist is this -- it tells you everything you need to know, likely more than you need to know, about what's going on with your Mac. That includes CPU, memory, disk usage, network activity, battery status (if you're using a MacBook), and tons more. If you're already familiar with iStat Menus, new stuff includes per process network bandwidth monitoring, calendar events, history graphs across the board, more detailed GPU monitoring, the ability to change fan speed, SMART status monitoring to disks, and read/write IOPS to disks.

iStat Menus 4 offers a free 14-day trial. If you like it, you can buy it for $16. If you're an existing iStat Menus user, there's also upgrade pricing available.

Note: Bjango's Marc Edwards is a friend and co-host of mine, but I've been using and loving iStat since long before I met Marc. Still, don't take my word for it, grab the free trial and decide for yourself.

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iStat Menus 4 brings Retina support, new design, and more to the Mac


I thought Bartender was a bit gimmicky at first but after using it I realize it's pretty handy. In fact it makes something like iStat bearable because you can let iStat show more data in the Menubar and hid the other stuff behind Bartender.

I personally think Istat menus 4 is a drastic downgrade aesthetically to istat 3... it's garish, bland and far too windows like it the way it shows graphs and bars. In the settings it also looks like someone has went overkill with the emboss tool in PS. I'm surprised nobody else has commented on this!