iPhone gaining ground in enterprise... at BlackBerry's expense

iPhone gaining ground in enterprise... at BlackBerry's expense

By the end of the year it's expected that iPhone shipment to enterprise will outstrip those of traditional leader, BlackBerry. While BlackBerry still has the largest install base in the enterprise, more often than not, companies are now ordering iPhones for their employees. As this happens, iPhone marketshare in enterprise will continue to grow. A primary driver of this change is that businesses are increasingly embracing the practice of BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device”. Because of this, employees are bringing the devices that they buy on their own, and that’s an iPhone (or Android). John Paczkowski reports for All Things D:

“While corporate customers will continue to offer Blackberry as a corporate-liable device, they are also now much more open to offering iOS as well, and giving end users a choice of devices,” IDC Mobile Enterprise Program Manager Stacy Crook told AllThingsD. “From a BYOD standpoint, the BlackBerrys will also continue to easily make the approved device list, but again, most companies with a BYOD strategy will allow for iOS and, increasingly, Android is starting to make more of those lists, as well. In either of these scenarios, it boils down to end-user choice, so the end users have to want to choose the BlackBerry device over the others.”

That's good new for Apple, who keeps touting not only growing Fortune and Global 500 adoption for the iPhone, but unprecedented adoption rates for the iPad as well. BYOD is definitely a part of this. Employees are regular users for the most part, and iPhones and Android devices are going to appeal to them just as much as they do to the rest of the phone-buying public.

However, we've also seen entire companies swing towards iOS (and Android), most recently Yahoo!, so iOS could well see gains from the top down as well as bottom up.

BlackBerry 10 looks like it will finally be more modern OS, and could help slow the bleeding, or even lead to a resurgence for BlackBerry, but with iOS and Android already well-established with users, they'll have a hard road in front of them if they want to regain the ground they’ve lost.

In the meantime, it continues to be onwards and upwards for iOS in the enterprise.

Source: All Things D

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iPhone gaining ground in enterprise... at BlackBerry's expense


I was a 5 year Blackberry user before switching to iPhone. I don't see them taking back over the market with iPhones and Droids being so popular. Blackberry to advantage of being on top years ago by releasing minor updates to their devices and falling further behind the curve. If the make a comeback and release a quality OS or phone then no hard feelings, it will be good for them.

You say with gaining popularity with iphone and android no offense to anyone but since the Steve Jobs passing I've seen iphone losing serious popularity, like really? Your os is the same on the ipod as it is the phone, the phones the same os as the ipad, the ipads the same os as the ipad mini.... Boring if you ask me it's time to update Apple or your fans will update for you. Good idea following in BlackBerry old foot steps. IOS is poop compared QnX and Microsoft, android is Linux its okay but very much monolithic and unstable. BlackBerry 10 is the take over Rimpire Strikes Back! Accept it.

Losing in popularity? You can't be that much of a tool.

The 4S was a close second to the SG3 as the best selling phone in America, and the iPhone 5 will be the best selling phone this quarter. What kind of crack are you smoking?

Take your douche pill and troll elsewhere. Blackberry 10 will do what the Playbook did.......sell by the tens of tens.

Blackberry 10 looks very impressive (especially their updated web browser) -- I hope it does not come too late to staunch the bleeding. The more competitive makers in the market, the better.

As a longtime BlackBerry user and now an owner of the iPad mini, I don't understand using an iOS device in the corporate invironment. Yes they work well and the apps are there, but just try attaching a document to an email on iOS. Simple and intuitive, I think not. BB10 if it takes off it will likely bridge the gap between what the old BBOS was lacking and what iOS currently lacks for the enterprise environment.

This is one great example of those Enterprise companies who switch to iProducts ... They haven't actually vetted out what the goal of switching to iProducts actually accomplish. Must be some great checks and balances in place for this Enterprise companies IT department and audit department regarding purchasing products they don't really have a actual use for. Very wasteful and iSheep mentality I say.

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As a guy who was switched from a BB to an iphone at work (not BYOD but forced to switch) - I can see some of the advantages of the iphone in terms of app utility. Being able to facetime with my workers is priceless in terms of streamlining operations. Evernote works nicely. Camera is very good too IMO.

With that being said I find typing on the iphone to just about make me want to sharpen a number 2 pencil and jam it into my temple. The autocorrect makes me want to go find another pencil. Email attachment are joke.

If BB is able to grow their app eco system they will no doubt begin to re-claim people. Especially with BB10 since iOS 6 has proven to be another iOS 5 which is exactly like iOS 4 repeat ad nauseum. QNX > iOS

Just spreading the word, theres a nice chance that you will be able to use BBM Video instead of facetime once th :D so you can always switch back to BlackBerry

Long time iPhone user, have purchased every model except a 4 and 5, have a 4S right now. I've had a BlackBerry in many jobs - I remember how cool the BlackBerry 7510 on Nextel was when my organization first got them in 2005 (the "Blueberry"), but that was forever ago. Now we have the 9900s, and while ok, they just don't cut it these days. Can't wait to get a organization-supported iOS device, or at least let me connect to work Exchange with my iPhone. I'd be much more productive.

Just the inability for a user to attach a file directly from Mail - as my old Palm TX and BB were able to - makes the iOS a 'fail' as a business device for many.

Cut and paste to a 3rd Party program is amateurish at best.

Apple has shown that it is possible to access one of its own apps to attach Photos directly from Mail (albeit in an incredibly unintuitive way), so one wonders why they couldn't link Mail to Pages or their iCloud account - and do it with an obvious attachment icon while they were at it.

They seem so preoccupied with embedding useless / Beta apps into the iOS (few of which make it a better Enterprise device), that they forget to improve the core apps already there.