Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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bulldogmoe7 says:

well i will give it a try, have been toying back and forth, back and forth between the note 2 and the iphone5 for verizon. each phone has great features. but in the end i want the ihpone5. have had many droids and its time to move up and experience a class phone. thank you for my vote to be entered for the iphone5 for verizon

Darkchild1 says:

iPad 4 ******************************

aquaboy1976 says:

I would like the iPad 3 (the newest, not the mini) because it would be great to play games on as well as read on

suitjackets says:

Hi there!

I'd love to actually own an iPad or an iPad mini. (I’d probably want an iPhone 5 (unlocked) even more, but at $600+, even a gift card of $350 wouldn't help a ton.) I am a student who really, really enjoys design, both onscreen and hardware, and I especially love Apple’s clean, refined aesthetic. I’m starting down the road to photography (Instagram @suitjackets) and either iPad would be a spectacular editor. Also, I'm getting into professional music, and GarageBand on iPad is fantastic — I've tried it out. Finally, I'm just an Apple lover. So, to fully experience the true power of iOS, an A6X processor (or an A5 ;-) would really be cool!

One last thing: I gotta say, this is awfully nice of you Mobile Nations staff! You're giving a grand total of $1400 away just ’cause. (One could even say it’s a RESOLUTIONARY thing to do! :-) And I hate to grovel and beg, but, I guess those were the instructions. What you’re doing defines the holiday spirit.

Great idea, and good luck to all participants! Good tidings :-)

JoshuaExline says:

Either an iPhone 5 or a new iPod (probably a classic)...

briancook451 says:

Would love an Iphone 5 please!!!

stelios7 says:

An iPad mini would be great for Christmas!!!!

J3POY says:

It's all I wish for Christmas

yzzilyzzid says:

Oh, how I would love an iPad Mini!

jjh2397 says:

iPad mini. Because I "need" one!!!

pedzad says:

Hi there, iMore will make my Christmas a heaven on earth if they can give me an iPad.
I can really use it for my daily business and school.

melloman888 says:

I would love an iPad mini. Thanks!

melloman888 says:

I would love a new iPad mini. Thanks!

shack1108 says:

One of those new iPod touches would be great! Thanks iMore!

lqz says:

iPad mini, I plan to use it to read stories to my son.

zackary25 says:

i would like the iphone 5 plz

nfrerman says:

I would like to get an iPad mini with cellular so that I could use it at work for some of my school work. As it stands, our network blocks Penn State's website.

mlbm1970 says:

I would like a iPad mini to have a lots of ebooks in my hand :)

rdv92 says:

I'd love to be able to upgrade my wife's original iPad to an iPad4, and she'd love it too!


I would like a iPad mini because my gf is bugging me for one for Christmas and I can't afford to buy her one for Christmas.

sopipari says:

ipad mini. Would be great for reading...

wurldfamuz says:

since I didn't win the last contest for birthday, maybe this time I can win an iPhone 5 for Christmas.

Android Junkie says:

iPad with retina, please.


Ben Stafford says:

iPad with Retina display please

vianar says:

iPad Mini for work, so portable.


seandre300O says:

I work with technology at a school district, it seems everyone (even students) have an iPad but me! Need one to test out all our new apps and such.

Rowanova says:

I'd like a new iPad please, the full sized unit.

Happy Holidays!

lmbrrt says:

I would like an iPhone 5. My iPhone 4 is getting alittle long in the tooth.

Andrew Helfet says:

iPad mini for a Happy Hanukkah please!

nmangiafesto86 says:

iPhone 5 please, my 4S' batter is horrible now and I don't have a warranty. I'd love a nice new phone that won't cost me an arm and a leg! Thank you!!

scottfrobb says:

I would love an iPad mini. It would be the perfect comic book, kid friendly computer for my family.

Mitchell Cooper says:

i Phone 5 so I can see why someone would pay 531 dollars more than what it costs to make one

cdnrs2002 says:

An ipad mini would be unbelievable. Merry Christmas

Julian35961 says:

I would like to have the iPad Mini.

k_kjong says:

an iPad mini would be a great gift for Christmas. Thank you iMore! :)

ca.rubio says:

I want an iPad mini with LTE =D!!

Daryl178 says:

I would love a iPad for my mom as a surprise gift because she has been hinting to me every so often for this entire year. Telling me everyone of her friends kids bought their mom an IPad.

ReyesFrancis says:

I would like to win the iPad because my daughters and I are fighting over our iPad right now. Merry Christmas!

rclyde says:

I would love them all but the iPad 4 would be great. LTE Pleas

rlwva#AC says:

I want the iPad 4 because they are the greatest tablets on earth!!! Period!!!

brcook says:

I would love to have a new Ipad 4. I want that retina display!! :) Thank You!

afolgueira says:

I want to get a iPad LTE 32G AT&T to replace my WIFI 3rd Gen iPad. I just don't want to keep turning the Hotspot feature on my phone everything I want to use the iPad, or keep deleting apps and game so I can rent a movie!!!!! Also my iPad is acting funny since iOS 6 update. I hope I win. :)

psiclne says:

I'd love an iPhone 5 please

crazydeo says:

I would love to win an iPad 4. It would make my Christmas an even merrier one! Thank you!!

terrellc4 says:

I want the new iPad. Defiantly need one for school.

MrMars says:

Gotta have the latest iPhone. What more would anyone want to read iMore on...

joelsofly says:

i want to get the iphone 5 for my mother. she always wanted that phone. She just can't get it because the phone is to much. please help me get this gift for christmas!

NinjamusPrime says:

I would soooooo like a black iPad mini, please please please!!!!

chrishull says:

I'd love the new iPad... It's sad using one with a cracked screen.

haxrnick says:

I'd love to win the iPad. I'm a convert from Android and love the iPhone so I would love to have an iPad to go with it! Thanks for the opportunity

Galabad says:

I would love a new iPad.

Why ... well for the same reason most other people do; I like new shiny things! I would love to become more mobile with my workflows. I want to fill in my spare time, reading a book, flinging some irate birds and/or watching the latest episode of my favorite show.

Thanks for this opportunity and wish everyone the best of luck and a Merry Christmas :)

Al Widjaja says:

I'd like an iPhone 5 for my wife. She's been eyeing iphone to replace her aging Blackberry cause she wants to take better pics and video of our daughter. This would make a great Christmas gift :)

JayStreet says:

iPhone 5: Didn't have the funds to get both the wife and me iPhones 5s so my wife let me get one. I want the iPhone 5 for her. Thanks!

barnabychery says:

I would like an iPhone 5...because I'm still stuck with a 3gs :/

Mscatinboston says:

I would like to win an iPhone 5 and an iPad 4 to give to my mom for christmas. Thank you Santa iMore.

brandonstuff85 says:

iPhone 5 please. I am slowly moving to the apple ecosystem, what better way than to start with an iPhone!?

Tito71 says:

I would more than welcome an iPhone 5 :-)

iPhoneandJesusLover says:

I would love a white 32 GB iPhone 5.
The gift card would definitely be beneficial to my purchase.
Thanks so much!

schismet says:

I am smitten with the iPad Mini. White on ATT.

Sir_Rey says:

Apple products are the simplest device to use. Had to buy an iphone for the wife and son. I do not have anything. IT would be great if Santa can give me an Ipad Mini as I cannot buy an iphone for myself because i have a company cell phone only. Merry Christmas!!! Thank you!

mthomps07 says:

I don't need an iPad Mini.... but I WANT one!!!

munhbayar says:

GREAT!!! I want one too...Please come to me iPhone 5...

RyTry says:

iPod Touch so I can give my little brother a present for Christmas. ;-)

jakeless.123 says:

I would really like to win an iPad Mini. I know it doesn't have "Retina", but I played with one in the stores and the form factor is right up my alley as an avid reader.

scabbard says:

Would like to win an ipad mini for my toddler daughter. We have no tablets and would like to access the educational apps for her.

cforrey says:

An iPad mini would be awesome for christmas!

The_Dnalloh says:

Umad...THEYsad...I'd like an IPad, mini that is!
Happy Holidays

abutterfly says:

Definitely an iPhone 5.

jsox78 says:

Black iPad Mini please!

tsky74 says:

Santa iMore, I'd love a mini iPad. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

raysivley says:

Id LOVE a new Ipad...my twin boys have claimed my tablet for their own...so I am now tablet-less.

bullysmoke says:

iphone 5... can't get rid of my p.o.s. motorola soon enough

BeyondtheTech says:

I really want an iPad mini. Just sold my iPad 3.

tvillemw says:

an iPad mini because my iPod touch is getting old

citron1 says:

iPad mini please. Happy Holidays!

michaeljmsz11 says:

I would love to have an Apple IPad so that I can finally get rid of my old and discontinued HP Touchpad but to be honest any Apple product would make my life easier and less boring.

Justin51 says:

A brand new shiny black iPhone 5 under my christmas tree would be amazing!!!!!!!

bodmasny says:

iPad or iPad mini for my kid please

Joey_G_1975 says:

An iphone 5 would be sweet! Just took the leap to an imac and an iphone would be a perfect fit!

Joshua Lewis says:

I love like an ipad mini por favor

Joshua Lewis says:

I would love and ipad mini por favor

Alexis Fernandez says:

I´d love an iPhone 5, why? That's easy, It´s the most amazing iPhone Apple has ever built!!

Vsundonna says:

An iPad mini would be awesome under my tree.

mortys11 says:

iPhone for me

Count me in

Brandon M. says:

iPhone 5 would be great because my iPhone 4 is i n c r e d i b l y S l o w.

bavarian320i says:

Mmm I'll take the iPhone 5 !!

dooley3 says:

iPad please. I NEED one :)

2k3sgm says:

4th Generation iPad with Cellular please!

Datwood2009 says:

I would love an iPad! I would love to use it instead of my laptop

johnd2672 says:

I would please love an ipad! I don't really mind which one. I saved up for months, had enough to buy a new ipad, and my water tank died. No ipad, but we do have hot water now. But this would make it a very merry Christmas indeed! :)

josh lamoureux says:

i would LOVE an ipad mini please. thank you and happy holidays

Tito71 says:

I would love to get the iPhone 5, why? well simple it's hot!

JDJohansen says:

iPad mini for me. My daughters borrowed my 1st gen iPad, and won't give it back. lol

ceb1 says:

Ipad my wife has had an ipad for year's (2). I'm DROOLING here HELP ME out here guy's.I've been wanting one.

you guy's rock.......

spilakf says:

iPhone 5 would be an anazing X-mas gift for me...please.

taratatan says:

I want the iPad Mini because I've never had an iPad!

alg_TMR says:

I've been lusting after an iPad for forever, so that's my choice!

Melissa Boocz says:

iPad mini would be so awesome :-) I homeschool my children and this would bring their learning to a whole new level :-)

Hassan Salem says:

Would like to get a refurbished iPad 3 for my mom for Christmas.

cannondaleman says:

I'd love to use an iPad mini in my classroom! There are some really cool tuner apps available, and the kids are enamored with iPads!

swade86 says:

I'd love a iphone 5....I need a smartphone upgrade...it's been 3 yrs :(

Bench123 says:

It'd be nice to have an iPhone 5. I have yet to join the Apple community as I still have my old BlackBerry Tour 9630.


jzgut9110024 says:

I need an Ipad Mini for work. Thanks.

Apple_girl says:

I would love to win a new iPad!

Rqomar says:

I would love to upgrade from my iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 please... Thanks & happy holidays...

Teiba_7 says:

I would love to win an iPad. Never had one and would like to try it out.

Djn4ever says:

I would love an white iPad mini LTE for my wife's graduation on December 19th

pootietang0429 says:

I would like a Verizon iPhone 5 please!

rustymini says:

Yo quiero un iphone 5. I want an iphone 5. 32 gigs. Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad. :)

mark jones1 says:

I would like a ipad mini to give to my daughter for Christmas

Bigeric23 says:

I would LOVE an iPad mini, please! My wife won't let me buy one, so . . . if I don't win one, I'll have to go without. :-(

Aaron says:

I'd put it toward an iPad mini with LTE. I'm ready to give up my 3rd gen iPad, but need a cellular connection. I only got a wifi mini as I wasn't sure I would like it.

WPNapier says:

I'd love to get and iPad Mini! :)

iceache925 says:

Would be awesome to win the iPad mini for my mom. she's about 2,500 miles away 70 years old and has yet to own a real Apple device. Would be nice to get her on board and start face timing with her.

JustinSmith81 says:

I would LOVE the iPad Mini!

bu1ld0g920 says:

I would love to see a brand new white iPad Mini wrapped up under the tree! Would make my Christmas!

nicklutsch says:

I would love an iPad for my family! I'm away at school and it would be great to FaceTime and iMessage with them whenever I please. There's so much you can do on them, the possibilities for digital artwork and photography are endless!

RedsSarge says:

An iPad mini would make this the best Christmas yet!!

Jrres says:

Ipad mini would be great for a Xmas present for me.

colsheppard says:

The ipad fourth generation please.

itomitch says:

I'd love to get my mom an iPad or iPad mini for Christmas. She doesn't have her own comp and I blew my budget buying my little brother an iPad mini.

Jan M says:

iPhone - upgrade to iPhone 5 sounds appealing.

gordol says:

I would get the iPhone 5 because my iPad 2 still works and it's time to upgrade from my 2year old Droid phone.

dlarocca says:

I want an iPad because I already have an iPhone and I like the bigger screen of the iPad compared to the iPad mini

kas98 says:

I would love to get a iPad with Retina Display, for the amazing camera! Thanks iMore... amazing articles and scoops.

mjh937 says:

I have an iPad 2, my son has and iPad 3. My wife needs an iPad 4 :)

NotHomer says:

I am thinking that the iPad mini would be just perfect.

Doceric says:

I am a child psychologist who works with children with severe emotional and behavioral disorders and I would like to find ways to use an IPad to support their efforts to become healthier.

kmhfive says:

I would really love a 4th Gen. iPad for work.

jCameron052508 says:

An Iphone5 on Verizon's network, cause I currently cannot afford one, merry Christmas and happy holidays to those of u who don't celebrate christmas

morrisbuttermaker says:

I would like to win an iPhone 5 so my son will have a phone I can trust while he's at college. Thanks for your consideration !

CaptainRyan777 says:

I can't wait to get an iPad mini!

Mariam936 says:

Hello I would love to have the iPhone 5 because (WARNING : dont be too shocked) I still have a feature phone. TT.TT.

aallison05 says:

Just got my iPhone 5 last month at work (first iPhone ever, yeah!), would love to be able to get my wife one too and move her off her BlackBerry.

keenerZ says:

I'd love a retina iPad to help read.

PTDennis says:

I would love to experiment the feeling of having an iPad!

eklenken says:

I would love to have a new iPhone…to make my wife jealous!

Ultra50#WP says:

I'd love to have an iPad Mini for Xmas.

Cezar54 says:

I would LOVE an iPad Mini and I know Santa has me on his Naughty list.

MooPenguin32 says:

I want an iPad mini so my wife and I can each have our own iPad.

Sun Hyung Hong says:

White iPad Mini! I've always wanted a tablet in the 7" category and I think the iPad Mini is the best choice for me. :)

KAndrus13 says:

iPad please. For Christmas!

eNavaC says:

I would like the ipad mini please!! Storm tropper white!!

imtravis says:

A new iPhone would be awesome..

Ukilnme says:

iPad mini, smaller, lighter, all the bang in a smaller package and would give it to my darling Samantha! I am so proud of her, and it would make her life much easier.

j2eng says:

iPhone 5 please... i cant wait it arrive at Malaysia 2 more weeks....

emanwis#CB says:

Ipad mini please. I never get to use my iPad 2 because the wife and kids are always using it. Happy Holidays.

bobpensik says:

iPhone 5. My girlfriends dad keeps telling me how amazing his iPhone 5 is and my 4 is feeling slower and slower these days :-(

Bob Dentz says:

iPad Mini please....BECAUSE I DESERVE IT!! ;)

Corfy says:

iPad mini please! It looks so light and thin and great in Vader black! I don't think I can hold out for retina.

schaller57 says:

A new iPad would be great!

Giridhar says:

I would love an iPhone 5!

solomon1021 says:

White 32gb iPhone 5 please! For my wonderful pregnant wife.

TBarclay3 says:

I LOVE my Apple products and would really like to have an iPhone5, an iPad Mini or the new iPad to join my iPad 2, iPhone 4S and iMac!!!

Scott21 says:

an iPad Mini would be amazing!!! thank you for this contest!

Ben Hall says:

iPad mini sure would look nice wrapped up under the tree this year!

Kmwhite says:

I would like the new iPad for my 12 year old son. He has Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD and this would help him tremendously with communicating, comprehending and organization. He is very smart with electronics and has wanted an iPad for quite a while now and I know he would love to have one.

GolpherZX says:

iPad mini to get to read up on more imore stuff.

applealgeria says:

Anything! Thanks for all :)

Jjustin0011 says:

ipad mini white 32gb because i am an apple nerd and it will be easier for me to have an ipad mini. please!

stevedee says:

I would like an iPad mini because I find the iPad too big.

nickmar123 says:

I think I would go for the iPad Mini. Many thanks!

Jody Evans says:

I want the iPad mini to give to my Mothers 60th bday this holiday.

Farmdreads says:

iPad Mini in black please!!

Andyjhay55 says:

iPad Mini please. I have a 1st gen iPad and would love the mini.

Jtshurtleff says:

Would love to get the wife a new IPhone 5 to put under the tree

Guaco says:

An iPad, please. I've had the same computer for the past 8 years. It's time I turn to newer technology.

shawnaguilar says:

I would like a 16 GB iPad mini please. It will be perfect for the nightly watching TV/ surfing web routine for myself and companion (also a good compliment to my new iPhone 5). :)

iAgis says:

I want the iPhone 5! I couldn't afford to upgrade this year and I am sad! Make me happy imore!!

END says:

iPad (4th generation) peas.


klcald says:

I would like a mini iPad thanks

Steb says:

A new iPod Touch would be radical! Still using my 1st gen!!!

Fit24 says:

I'd love to win an iPad! :)

Cantico says:

An iPhone 5 would be the best Christmas gift ever!

remipmc says:

Actually I want a Christmas present for my wife, she would love an iPhone 5 (white of course) ;)

Anmol Rattan says:

I would like to win an iPhone 5, because I have had an HTC Inspire 4g since June 2011, and want a new phone for the holidays. However I'm upgrade eligible on January 18, 2013 >:0

iririr says:

iPad mini. Don't have a tablet yet. Please let me win. Oh Christ!!! Plz

C4D_m0nk3y says:

I would love to upgrade my iPad. it's been a total workhorse, and a refresh would be awesome!

Domino72 says:

Would like to win an ipad mini.

Miyagido says:

iPhone 5. Why? iPhone 5.

GeniusUnleashed says:

iPad to use for my up and coming photography business.

Shearie says:

I would like to win an iPad Mini to give to my Mom.

IZELone says:

I would love a iPhone 5!!! Please iMore I am the only person in my family out of the facetime loop. Happy Holidays and thanks for this awesome giveaway.

G.4 says:

I would love to win a new iPad! iMore, you really are the best "iBlog" on the web. Thanks for these opportunities and the daily posts. You are how I start everyday!

WayneDarnell says:

I'd get the iPad. Would be great for work

unixvrules says:

Santa, please bring me an ipad mini for Christmas :-)

poxitee says:

ipad 4, for its beautiful display

pchengye says:

iPhone 5!! With my birthday coming up and Christmas. This would be the perfect gift for me :)

coolpanino says:

I would love to win an iPhone 5! The AT&T version would be perfect, as it works with Canadian carriers. iMore, you would make my year if I won!

kfrye707 says:

I want an iPhone 5! I got back from living in Armenia the past 2 years and an iPhone 5 would be perfect for the holidays. I haven't had a phone for 3 years now :( Help me out iMore!

Perryn27 says:

The iPad Mini will be my 1st iPad.... Give it to me please!

FjT says:

Mini would be fun for the family!

RileyFreeman says:

I would love an ipad or ipad mini. I have been wanting one but it's been out of budget for now sadly and it would be greatly appreciated. preference would be black if optional but any ipad would be great

cMac_Knoxville says:

I'm wishing for an iPhone 5 please (so I can move on from my 5-year old Samsung flip-phone).

vinividideful says:

Would be pretty fun to have a new iphone 5 to play with on Christmas.

Johnny Weisser says:

iPhone as it would be, a great Christmas gift, I am nearly broke, and I truly need a new phone

ArcticAlpha says:

Would love an iPad Mini to I can get my iPad from my sone every once in a while :)

CrAcKzZZ says:

iPhone 5 Black & Slate, hope this is the last time i need to comment to win this phone

rengle02 says:

I would love to win the ipad as I have 4 kids and will be traveling for work often. This will allow me to stay in touch with my kids and keep our family close.

phul9112 says:

A would love to get my hands on the brand new Ipad.

apascual97 says:

An iPad would be great to use in my classroom! It's a great teaching tool, plus nice for me too.


MattSpringer says:

I desperately want an iPad mini, because I'm a chump. Ho ho ho!

ubuntudroid says:

64 gb Verizon iPhone 5 please, need to upgrade my 4. Guess I'll have to change my screen name then if I win.

Cobalt217 says:

The new black and slate iPod touch would be amazing! If not the new ipad would be crazy awesome that I could let the family enjoy!:)

alex04jr says:

iPad mini!! My son loves listening to music, coloring with the Crayola app and watching Disney Jr.

briankfree says:

I would love an iPad mini to give to my son so he quits downloading apps on my iPad. Thanks!

Exnilo777 says:

I would love the iPad 4 for the retina display and greater processing power!

alexfisher says:

I would like an iPhone 5. My current phone runs a competing OS and and has a cracked screen. An iOS device would make my household an Apple one

spalten says:

I would love the Ipad Mini!

soyjuan says:

I'm going to start Medicine School soon and an iPad mini would be a lovely and useful companion.

Mario Jones says:

My wife and both were first in line for the iPhone when everyone doubted that the iPhone would change the world forever. I posted article everywhere I could on how many times I watched the announcement . It almost became a favorite movie of mine that I watch still now. Both my wife and spent 600+on them a piece. They were the best I have ever seen and the most beloved gadget I have had at that time. Fast forward now one kid later and a couple more bills added a month and what do you have. I guy that has to settle for trades of phones that are older and less that the latest. To be able to land a white iPhone 5 by AT&T would mean the world to me. It would a completion back to where it all begun for me. So yes please , allow me a white snowing Christmas with a white beautiful iPhone 5. Thank you, I believe I will win, I am going to win(at least this is what they tell me I should confess about my life)))). If it works, boy it's going to blow my mind.

CooperS84 says:

I would love an ipad mini!!! please!!!

alokeprasad says:

iPad, of course!! So that I can stop sharing mine with my family!!

mjcostajr says:

iPad mini for my wife! Thanks!

Dave Navarro says:

I'd like an iPhone. I'm new to apple, got I pad, iMac, I'd sure like an iPhone to go with. I had a 3 but broken last year. I now have an android galaxy my kid got me but even after 3 months I still hate it. Merry Christmas!

marlinj46 says:

I have been waiting for the iPad mini since the rumors first began. That would really make for a Merry Christmas.

techguru74 says:

I would love to gift an iPad mini with WiFi + Cellular to my wife's grandmother so she can stay in touch with her grandkids and great-grandkids!

kyleramsey says:

I would like an iPad Mini. I need it because my original iPad is too heavy and slow for my first-world lifestyle.

idkmybffjill says:

I want to get a brand-spanking-new white iPhone 5! Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!