Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 4330 comments. Add yours.

prophoto1 says:

iphone 5 please and thank you!

Duc-Tri says:

iPhone5 pleassseeeee! :D

tx1994 says:

iPad 4 LTE pretty please!

moosed26 says:

I can't decide whether I want a iPhone 5 or and iPad mini. I will figure it out if I win.

LiLAzNNewB says:

Hmmm still undecided with what Im going to get between iPad iTouch or iPhone...! Most likely iPhone.. :]

caps10784 says:

Iphone 5...because I am tired of dealing with Android!!

JumpingLlama says:

Black iPad mini please?
Thanks :)

OddlyNormalOne says:

I would totally love a black iPad Mini. Tried one out at an Apple store, and now I finally WANT a tablet. Please and thank you.

sunhou says:

I'd love an iPad mini.

g_gore says:

iPad Mini - thank You and Happy Holidays!!!

llewsarb says:

I'd like an iPhone 5 64gb for Verizon because I'd love to upgrade to LTE

Ed_McFadden says:

An iPad for the mrs.

Of course I'd like an iPhone 5 for me.

lee_zick says:

with cherry on top, Apple iPhone 5, pleaseeee........

mwz123 says:

Im sick of Android, iPhone 5 Please!!!!!!!!!! i beg of you

erbe232 says:

I would like the new iPhone 5 to give to my wife for Christmas. Thanks for another great giveaway!

David Barragan says:

I'm a language teacher and I'd like to use an iPad in my classroom for a more enjoyable interactive experience with my students,
Happy Holidays to all!

boxer says:

I would be SOooooo grateful to win a black, iPad mini please. My dream mini would be on Sprint if that's an option. :)

Kabak08 says:

My girlfriend is in her last year of college and is working on becoming a teacher for math and science. When not in school as a full time student, she works at a fast food restaurant, and when not doing that, she is a volunteer 5th grade girls basketball coach at the local high school. Unfortunately, my (lame) Christmas present for her is going to be a new (good) set of tires because I don't want her to wreck in the Ohio snow so an ipad doesn't fit in the budget. If you guys could help me get her an iPad for school and teaching, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Tallon says:

I'm in for a "Mini"...

mrtazdevil says:

iphone 5 or ipad mini...so hard to decide ;-)

msteiner0539 says:

Would love an iPad mini for my ten year old!! Actually, he'd love it more!!

vayda says:

Newest iPad sounds good to me.

mike_13 says:

I want an iPhone 5. Couldn't upgrade my 4 because we just got an iPad mini for a family Christmas gift.

ahbe says:

Wow, this is actually a hard decision. I'd give the iPhone 5 to my wife, as I just got one for myself. But, we don't have a iPad mini, and that would be fun to play with. But honestly the kids would probably just end up with it. No, it's the new iPad that would probably benefit me the most, as I have the old model and I'd love the new A6 chip in an iPad. So, I'l have to say the new iPad please!

SexiLexi08 says:

i want the ipad mini! Because it's awesome and my birthday is 4 days before Christmas!

chrisonimore says:

I would love an iPhone 5 to replace my current iPhone 4 :)

thematson says:

current generation iPad ....so pretty!

zeagus says:

I would get an iPad Mini for my son :)))

scottae316 says:

I would love a new iPhone 5, thanks and Merry Christmas

abhinayverma says:

iPad. Because I want to spend the holidays reading magazines and novels while listening to Christmas songs. And because there is nothing better than the iPad when it comes to tablets.
Happy Holidays!

jrhall says:

Ready to move on to Verizon and a new iPhone 5! And i'll be getting a new one for my wife too.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

gskgee says:

iPad mini, black, 32GB. Thanks for the giveaways!

caropinzon says:

iPad Mini to replace my notebooks and books in College!

Coffeegrower says:

I'd like an iPhone 5 to replace my 4S. I want that larger screen, but have almost a year left on my carrier contract.

MLeuze says:

iPad 4th gen., because I'd like to experience retina.

tnahumck says:

I would love an iPhone 5 32 or 64 GB. Just had a newborn and need the extra space!

ccmspt says:

Would love to win something

word2u says:

Ipad mini would be on my list, for I would give it to my wife so she can enjoy the world of iPads!

suitjackets says:

Haven't you already won an iPad?

warreng says:

This festive season I would like the iPhone 5 !

dugrless says:

I would like an iPad mini because we have two iPads in the family and my girls really want them to have a "baby".

Raskinny says:

I would like the iPad mini please and thank you.

gabeolejnik says:

Black Ipad mini please!! I've wanted one since the first day it came out, and my parents said they might not be able to get it for me for Christmas. I would just love one this year. Thanks!

ArtDiz23 says:

I really want to get my hands on a new iPad for one reason I enjoy all the content apple has to offer.

bobeslaw says:

iphone 5 would be perfect as my first iphone, i'm tired of droid's "choice"

JeremieJones12 says:

iPad mini for sure after testing one out today at the Apple store. Tough choice for which color. Thanks guys and Merry Christmas everyone!

Larry Murray says:

I would love to have the iPad mini.

KJowers says:

iPod Touch 5G 64 GB!!!!!

pyroguysf says:

Just switched to an android phone, but an iPad would be great to stay up to date with iOS and just have in general as a tablet.

musichighc_2 says:

All I want for Christmas.........!!!!!!

romeytang says:

I would like an iPad mini. Need something to read in bed and I prefer to stay with iOS

ryan_the_kumquat says:

Definitely an iPad mini...probably the best gift I can think of giving!

hudster says:

I would love to win! I would use the gift cards for an Ipad mini because it would be easier to travel with when I am doing my military drills. Thanks guys for these awesome contests!

pbatton54 says:

Would love to have the mini! Please imore Santa! I HAVE BEEN VERY GOOD!!!

MidMoMonkey says:

iPhone 5. My 4 is falling apart!

HoldenCaulfield says:

iPad mini for my wife for X-mas. We've had a tough year, and the iPad mini would shock her.

Drew Oswalt says:

Decisions, decisions. Won't make one unless i win. Lol

DNRuffin says:

I love my iPad but if only I can have a shiny new white iPhone 5 to match it!

iamtone says:

ipad mini for my wife for our anniversary beginning of january!

Gfmiller13 says:

I'd love to win it so I could get a newer iPad. I have an original one right now but would love to get one of the new iPads so I could do some video and photo editing on it. Currently I use my iPhone 4S for this and while I love it, I want something a little more powerful and with a larger screen.

juicebox_jackson says:

I'll keep entering these contests until February because, as much as I'd like to have an iPad mini right now, I'd definitely wait a few months if I can happen upon a free one! Plus, that frees up funds to get one for my girlfriend too!

Thanks again, iMore for these awesome chances...these are just added bonuses to what is already my "go-to" site for all things Apple!

swchrisc says:

A 64gb ipad mini please (: it would make a great gift for my parents!

nerof1 says:

I would love to win the iPhone 5 & what an amazing Christmas gift it would be this year -
Merry Christmas from Australia!

natiredsfan says:

An ipad would be great. I'm about to deploy and taking mine with me. My wife will be lost without one.

JamesTheLess says:

An iPad mini would look great under the Christmas tree!

jodiz1 says:

Saving up for an ipad mini! I would love one!

BerNur says:

ipad would be my first apple...

Navy_Kors says:

All I desire for Christmas is an iPhone 5 in slate and silver! Still have an iPhone 4. I want Siri, 4G LTE, bigger screen and better camera. Please and thanks iMore! :-)

thetechranter says:

iPad Mini! perfect for my wife for Christmas!

Mistah Random says:

iPhone 5 to put under my nonexistent Christmas tree.

AlejandroCamUrb says:

I would really like an iPhone 5 because that is a true smartphone :D Thanks!!

Gizmocivic says:

I want either the iPad mini or the iPad 4th gen. So, please choose me!

rwl420 says:

Please enter my choice for an iPad4. My wife has taken over my iPad2 and I really could use it for my work.

okstateboi07 says:

I want an iPad for my wife…she's a musician and wants to use Garageband!

mobile23 says:

iPad w/RD LTE!!! Happy Holidays ^_^

Purple4 says:

I would have a very merry Christmas with the iPhone 5.

gmontielh says:

I would like an iPhone 5 black for my wife so she can enjoy not only the overall experience of the iPhone but also taking pictures and movies which she loves to do quite a lot.

matt_mc says:

I would love to receive the new IPad for Christmas. I have a two and a half year old son and 10 month old daughter who love to look at pictures and videos on my iPhone. It would be great for them to have a larger screen and and a tablet to play games on. Thanks

aditya675 says:

i would love to have the iphone 5.

4ndzt says:

iPhone 5! Her unibody beautiful design is so amazing and elegant! With more improvements from the last iPhone such as processor, ram, camera and adding more features make me feel in love with Her! Yes, HER. You know why.

ght says:

I'd like a new-new iPad for me, or an iPhone 5 for my wife!

cr105 says:

I would love an Ipad!

BlackBerry Guy says:

An iPhone 5 in Darth Vader black please :)

surrealx says:

I would like an iPad for X-mas!

Jamess9046 says:

I'd love an iPad mini because they're incredible. I primarily use my iPad in 2 bed and around the house it's too large to be comfortable for long periods of time so I end up using my iPhone, but even on a 4 inch display its a little too small. iPad mini seems the perfect device for me not too big, not too small just right.

3ebfanman85 says:

I'd like either the iPhone 5, or iPad mini!, 5 because it's amazing and so light and thin. iPad because it would be great for transporting to and from school

antwho888 says:

i would love to get the iphone 5. I'm still stuck on a 2 year contract with a outdated iphone 4.

RubiconFrost says:

I think I would like the iPad 4. In a orange bow, inside a black box. Pretty please. :-)

pyramid38 says:

A new iPad would make the holidays bright.

HoosierInFL says:

I would love to have the iPad 4. The Retina display would make things easy on my eyes!

jerelchacko says:

oh iMore, you know just how to get in the holiday spirit!! I was going to ask for a pony, but I think an iPad Mini would be just grand.

TriceVitch says:

I am enjoying my IPad. I recently sold my iPhone 4S. I would love a new iPhone 5. I love apple products, they are the best-fast, neat, affordable, & the latest technology. In my generation it is all about technology & keeping up with what's going on around you.

KenAsibal18 says:

I would love to have an iPhone 5 for this christmas! I love the iphone 5 for its being so ultrafast in everything that you do. And with an iSight camera and taller display, with 16:9 ratio, its good for watching HD videos/movies.. And I also love the design , which is so thin but yet powerful phone , thats not an easy task to make a phone like that.. Cheers! :))

MAVS2 says:

iPhone 5 will make my Christmas a Merry one!

310mike says:

iPad mini! :) happy holidays!

RWWackostu says:

I would put mine toward a MacBook. Consider me entered.

Adirolfx says:

An iPad mini, my kids would love. Yes, they would.

Chktdvs says:

Great. I'd like to receive an iPad Mini because I need something bigger than the iPod Touch and smaller than an iPad, so it's great for me. The LTE version would be great. Thanks

delanscott says:

New Ipad please...with LTE

Mroper says:

iPad mini would be mega awesome

Baassel says:

A New iphone 5 would be great !
Because I have an iPhone 4 :)

adrian_computer says:

Well the iPhone 5. I have been going through a rough time lately. My house caught on fire I have been living there since I was 2, then we moved again to another house in the neighborhood then I moved to Florida leaving all my friends behind and my memories. Then I got the iPhone 4s I was so happy then so kid took it and smashed it on the ground and his parents refused to fix it. So all I would really want is a iPhone 5. That's all noting else.

subearu says:

iPad mini here please!

LefD says:

I'm a musician, I'd like to have an iPad to hold all my sheet music. Thanks

Seegar says:

iPad mini because I love the new small form factor

cdneeley says:

I would love to get my wife an iPad mini for Christmas!

Neda11 says:

I'd love an iPad 4 , their really cool and the best tablet out there!

Manny Ekong says:

Apple still rules & will continue to be on top if their game. I'll really love to have an iPhone 5

Tinostre says:

I'd love an iPhone 5 64 gig so I can use it as an iPod touch.

devoted101 says:

i would like an iPad please as "I'm just a caveman, your world frightens and confuses me" .... Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer? Phil Hartman?? anyone? chestnut reference but the classics never die...

He fei says:

A iphone5 For my girlfriend! thanks

Toymaker says:

I would love an iPad mini for my wife who is going to school full time and teaching full time and raising our two kids. She deserves and could really use one but I can't afford to buy her one at this time.

desk1913hi says:

iPad Mini, because I really like the form factor!

adriancabrera says:

I would want an iPhone 5. This is my dream device. I have wanted to get the iPhone 4S before but I wasn't down with its 3.5-inch screen and glass back. Now that it's aluminum and has a 4-inch screen, I would be a happy camper if I win!

Appleluver23 says:

I would like to win a black iPad Mini so my dad can have a tablet

Pallasana Ramanathan Sankaranarayanan says:

I would love to have iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. I have already got iPad.

P R Sankaranarayanan

Please reply.

marjofraz says:

You guys are the best! Would love the newest iPad! Yeah iMore!

cheyne1 says:

Brand spankin new iPad would be awesome. You would pop my iPad cherry lol.

mv rob says:

I could use a new white iPhone 5 32gb for my girlfriend since she doesn't qualify for an upgrade.

jaysonzoo says:

iphone! my current phone is too old!

texaskd5 says:

iPhone 5!!!!!!! Need a new iphone to replace my 3GS!!

amynunc says:

Black ipad mini would be perfect!

huntersworld says:

I don't have Iphone 5 so I would like to get one.....

repoocha says:

I'd give my left leg for an iphone 5...and my right arm to be ambidextrous

loco90 says:

My wife would love a white iPad.

ABQMD says:

I'd love an white iPad 4 64 gig please, Santa!

iKNS says:

I would love iPhone 5 OR iPad mini; Need to gift phone to my wife OR mini to my mom. :-)

gerrgh says:

I would buy an iPad Mini because I could use it for school and fun!

tia1802 says:

I want to win the iPad mini for my mom! She's been asking for a iPad and I want her to have one for Xmas because she truly deserves it!! Love you mom!

bagarwa says:

I'd get an iPone5 'coz I've recently got myself an iPad4 ('coz none of the giveaways picked me :( ) , but that's not really a mobile device; as in I can't take it outside house really. iPhone5 will fill that void.

Carobob says:

I would really love to have an Ipad mini with 3g because I like to go on bicycle trips and it would be the perfect size to bring.

zaaach says:

Defiantly wouldn't say NO to any, especially an iPhone :)

mtavenger55 says:

An iPad mini please! It would make a perfect Christmas present for my fiancé!

DCMMID says:

iphone 5 so my wife can stop using the Rumer 2 she has had for over 3 years

Bluecanary says:

I really want an iPad Mini!

Omar1369 says:

iPhone 5! Everyone at my school has it and i got my 4s in july but my parents wont buy me one

Maria Daisy Montalvo says:

i would like to win an iphone 5 so that i can communicate better with ny husband abroad...

William Sue says:

I'd love to get my mom an iPad 4!

magnusum says:

i want the iphone 5, the best smartphone on the planet

srb125 says:

I would like a iPad 4th generation please. It would be perfect for school.

aaronbrown22 says:

I want an iPad mini so my wife will stop using mine !!!!!!!!

hermanh says:

I'd get a mini for my daughter.

crdbl says:

my girlfriend thinks its cute

MrCornfed says:

A $350 gift certificate!

John Garcia says:

iPhone 5, cant wait to take pictures with it.

onlineboypr says:

Ipad mini! Cause i would love to give it to my wife

VinWin5 says:

I hope I can win a new iPhone 5! I'm am so overdue for an upgrade!

Mastaslayer says:

Would love an ipad mini because it's a tablet that you can put in your pocket! Merry Christmas

Vanti says:

I would love to win a factory unlocked Iphone 5 or 4s. I am planning on switching from Sprint which has the worst service of the top four carriers to T-mobile. Not only will i be getting better service all around but i will also save $50 each month.

hyothesian says:

Think I'll go with the iPad, since I have enjoyed using the ones belonging to my mom and sister. Thanks.

halfdracula says:

iPad mini under the tree!

David Fernandez says:

I would like an iPhone 5. I am an avid iOS and OS X advocate. I have carried the apple flag against android and windows naysayers and have converted many to Mac. An iPhone 5 would really help me with my productivity at work, I am enlisted in the USAF, and give me another tool against the android minions...

Kaybeenz says:

The iPad Mini, please. I got one on launch day just to play with for 2 because I couldn't really afford to spend the money. I fell in love with it, and returning it was so damn hard. Would really love to give it to my long-distance girlfriend for Christmas so that we can do Facetime.

tinysalmon says:

I would like an iPad Mini because I find my current iPad too big and heavy for my little boy.

Panos9 says:

I would like the iPhone 5 because I don't have a phone and I would like the iPhone 5 backside I can use it for school and other important uses. Also I have been an imore fan since they came up with the site and I have never gotten a phone before so please imore please!

independentvolume says:

My better half just put my phone through the washing machine so this is perfect timing. Well, besides the beating the whole odds thing. Happy holidays everyone.

hanksmall says:

My iPhone 4S is still pretty solid-- a full-sized iPad is too big and heavy to carry around. But the iPad Mini might be just right for replacing my Kindle touch, allowing a readable screen for ssh'ing into my BSD server using the 'Prompt' app, and allowing me to read web comics. iPad Mini is the obvious choice.

double3 says:

I'd love to win a white iPad mini because my kids have officially stolen/long-term-borrowed my iPad 2.

FurthestPrism says:

I would like to surprise my wife with a brand-new iPad mini for Christmas. That is all.

Yell0w says:

would love an ipad mini for school purposes.

evaldez18 says:

iPhone 5. LTE is what I've been missing. My Android friends can finally shut up if I have LTE like them. Although they won't probably shut up after that anyway, but it'll help at least.

rushmore72 says:

I would put the gift card towards an iPad Mini 32gb. Wow what a win this would be, thanks for doing this contest.

VafeR says:

For our first Christmas together, I'd like to welcome my Brazilian wife to America with a shiny new iPad mini. Partly because I love her dearly, and partly so she stops stealing my iPad. :-P Black/32GB/Verizon would be ideal.

canarycny says:

would love a at&t iphone 5. i saved up for the 4 and its finally on its a last leg, would love to upgrade but cant afford it after losing me job.

mikegoldnj says:

I would love a nice, shiny new iPad to complement my MacBook Air, iMac, and iPhone. The iPad would be the perfect thing for reading on my morning bus rides to work.

jman0829 says:

Iphone 5 (white) please!! :)

ElwinAdam says:

iphone 5 cause its an baller phone that looks mad cool

Erieg says:

I would love to win an iPad mini. Due to my unfortunate incareration I find my self spending 23 hours a day staring at the walls of my cell wishing for contact with the greater world. Only 27 years left on my sentence.. who knew pirating My Little Pony episodes would extract such a price. Anyways, an iPad mini would surely bring a smile to my face something I swore I would never do again until they found a less embarrassing name for the penal system.

Imtheweezel says:

I'd like the new iPad. It will definitely be a great study tool to prepare for my boards!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

Negaduck says:

iPhone 5 my wife won't let me get a new phone until my contract is finished with my present one and it takes too long to sign in to imore on an iPhone 4.

damonbogetti says:

I'd like an iPad mini for my little brother. He loves Apple, and he wants to be just like his big brother; I have the larger iPad. He'd love it in black!

Jayayess1190 says:

I want an iPad Mini because my mom wants one and it would be nice to get her one for free.

blyths says:

A new iPad would be great. I have the iPhone 5 and my tablet just died so I'd like that in between device again.

MadamRock says:

Hmmm... iPad mini or iPhone 5... I don't know. Tough choice. Probably the mini.

drpriyankar says:

An iPhone 5 please. I wish to upgrade my iPhone. Merry Christmas.

ebrandwein says:

An iPhone 5 would be sweet indeed!

JArmour15 says:

iPad mini for me please!

305mp07 says:

Ipad mini. I would like to have something lite that I can carry every where (LTE won't be bad either... Lol) thank you to Rene and the awesome citizens of mobile nation!

ypika says:

Hi, I'd like to buy an iPhone 5 because I've been a loyal apple fan but unable to afford a new iPhone so I've been using an iPhone 2G.

snuggy1 says:

I would so love an iphone 5,my 3gs is great but would love a flash with the camera.
Have a wonderful Holiday!!

Jan Karnis says:

An iPad Mini, please ;)))......a little bigger, way portable, and I've been very very good!!

angie1566 says:

I would love to win an iPad. This would be a great Christmas present for my children & I. We are on a budget & I can't afford to buy one for them.

zdn1042 says:

iPad 4 Wifi + Cellular 64gb. Merry Christmas everyone!

nadim31 says:

I would love to get an iPod touch so that I could carry it with me and use it at all times when I need it.

mendeadolfob says:

First off i want to say that imore is awesome.
You guys are the reason that im on my fone all day.
Now give me a chance to be on an ipad mini all day!
I would love to have an ipad mini!
Thanx imore!

jaBBu says:

For me its gotta be the new iPad 4!

saurabh chhabra says:

i would buy the 4th gen iPad because i need performance and iPad mini is too mini for me so please imore, give me the chance to buy the 4th gen iPad

CPFB says:

iPad mini please! Would really like to try the iPad family of apps in the App Store.

Ozmodiar says:

An iPad (4th Gen) with Verizon LTE that could act as a portable hotspot would be the savior from my awful Sprint contract...

Richard Thompson7897 says:

I would love to have any of those. But the one I want the most is an iPhone 5. I keep downplaying it and saying I'll wait for the 5s or the 6. But ever since I got to try one out at a store I've been hooked. But I can't add another line. And buying off contract is way out of my price range.

maxbell310 says:

iPhone 5 for this Christmas would be great!

RobertsDP says:

I want the iPad mini... I want to install it in my car

icebox93 says:

I'd like an Iphone 5. Bigger screen would be nice.

CMeyer2001 says:

I would love the new iPad!! Happy Holidays!!

albertolempira says:

I would love an iPhone 5, love the big screen!

babyblues197669 says:

Oh man! I would really LOVE an iPad mini!!!! I have always wanted an iPad! And the mini seems SO much easier to carry!

malloc_01 says:

I would love to win an iPad 4 or iPad Mini.

joemm12000 says:

Would pick the ipad mini for its portability.

assassin25 says:

I'd love to have a 4th generation iPad!! I'm still using the first generation for some financial reasons. I use iPad everyday, I'm really looking forward to take advantage of the gorgeous retina display and the much better processor!! :D

upurassets says:

the ipad mini - my son loves to read. Its the perfect size for him!

justblom says:

I would like to be the winner of the iPad because my son keeps on saying my iphone is his so it would be really nice if u give him that iPad as his Christmas present

D.Anderson says:

I would be soooo Merry for the iPad Mini!
I have been good all year, and would feed the reindeer for a year!

mhunt1112 says:

I would love a new IPad so that I can use it for grad school come this fall!

Tae98 says:

My best friend bought me an IPod touch 3rd gen last year for Christmas. It was my first Apple product and I'm in love with it. This is the reason why I would love to win an IPad 4. I didn't realize how awesome Apple is. I can just imagine how the IPad is. I would love to win one for Christmas.

rufflugz says:

An iPad mini please. It feels light and small enough to use on the bus :)

LordStickMax says:

i would love an ipad mini to watch my itunes movies

rushden4362 says:

An ipad mini would be my choice to include my apple devices family.

Merry christmas.

angermeans says:

I want an iPhone 5 please.

ehutchins says:

Time for that iPhone 5 upgrade! Thanks! ;)

goalkeeper007 says:

Well, why i do rock the iPhone 5, I'm jamming much less with the OG iPad :-) So yea, I'd adore a new iPad.


Enzo83 says:

I would love an iPhone 5, Verizon. Enzo Russo name on it. Oh and don't forget that bow! hehe

Jnkamau21 says:

i would love an iphone wrapped up for ichristmas imore!

Hoosier says:

Ipad Mini for me please

shelton3 says:

I would love a iPad because of the versatility of not needing a laptop or computer.

Fabian Job says:

I would love to win the ipad 4 generation. Why?, because i´ve never have one(iPad) before.

juvogel says:

I would like an iPad 4 64GB Verizon LTE, the look on my father's face would be the greatest opening that Christmas morning. This is a really great way I could show hime my appreciation for all he has done for me.

Airky777 says:

iPad! It would be crazy to get the fastest iPad!

Edward Heinrich says:

Totally has to be an iPad mini......no doubt about it! With the awesome LTE speeds..... That's my gift that I would want

justcris07 says:

I would like an iPad mini please and thanks :D

natedog89 says:

Black Verizon IPhone 5 please looking for a gift for my brother thanks

bdfortin says:

A 32 GB iPad mini with LTE. I got to play with an iPad mini recently and I love it.