Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 4330 comments. Add yours.

ryol84 says:

Ipad 4th will work for me

wish to play streetfighter vs tekken with high quality screen.

So please ~~~~~~

Elizabeth Perry says:

I would love an iPad Mini. Thanks!

javierE186 says:

Still hoping for an iPhone 5 :) would be sweet.

edwshapiro says:

I want them all!.. Can you blame me? I'll settle for an iPad

natedog89 says:

Black Verizon iPhone 5 or iPad mini broke and need to get a gift for my bro

bizymare says:

iPad mini for my daughter, please.

Alvin Alonzo says:

It really does not matter what kind of ios device i get but an iphone 5 will be nice. I appreciate all apple products and will be greatly honored to win if i could. I am in the military and very mobile. Something portable, like ans iphone 5 or ipad, will definitely make it easier for me to carry.

Merry christmas and keep up the good work!

Frogknight says:

Ipad mini please love the size and weight of it!

natedog89 says:

Black iPhone 5 or iPad mini black please I need a gift for my brother

denpra says:

I want an iPad mini because it's lighter than my iPad 2..

Book Writer says:

I would like the iPad mini. I have multiple reasons.
a: as a review on my blog
b: just something to have. And I have to go on a two hour commute every weekday so a mini iPad is a good thing to fill the time.
c: I Really Like it!
Thank you.

natedog89 says:

Black iPhone 5 or black iPad mini kinda broke and want to get my brother a gift without spending too much

El Prez says:

A ipad mini would be Awesome... Thanks!

bankai123 says:

I would love a new darth vader color iphone.

SteveW928 says:

All I want for Christmas is a shiny new iPod touch. :)

ThomasLFT says:

Please sign me up for the iPad4
Would love the opportunity to FaceTime family.

JonaYO says:

Dear imore from north pole, i want an iPhone 5 pretty please, i promise to be nice XD

trentsongs says:

I'd love to give and ipad mini to my dad.

denpra says:

I want an iPad mini because it's lighter than my iPad 2..

ajad1207 says:

I would like to win the gift card! I would use it to buy a new iPad so I can give the one I have to my mom :)

Gooshyz says:

Christmas, the best holiday ever to grab an iPhone :)

PhoenixSons33 says:

I would like to be able to give my girlfriend an iPad mini for Christmas. Merry X-Mas everyone!

lwesterman01 says:

iPad mini so i can do work and vnc into my mac instead of lugging around a big laptop instead!

lwesterman01 says:

iPad mini so i can bring it to work instead of lugging around a 2600 dollar laptop that could be stolen!

Coredom says:

I would love an iPad because I have never had one!

natedog89 says:

Black iPhone 5 or black iPad mini please I really need a gift for my brother please

oc192 says:

I'd put it towards a new iPad

rdibeta says:

I would love to gift my father with an iPad to help his productivity at work. Thank you for the opportunity to win and best of luck to all!

MayaD says:

Ipad so I won't have to share anymore

gddoering says:

RR I would love a new iPad. I've yet to experience a retina display!

jalba3 says:

I'm loving my iPhone but have been wanting to get an iPad for school. Entering medical school the iPad mini would be such an asset. Long battery life, portability, and functionality are all top notch and make it a better match than the retina iPad. Kudos to iMore. Keep up the great work!


When are we gonna see some more "TIPB TV"?

ifobeejives says:

Oh how I wish, I wish, I wish... I wish!

jyoung says:

I'm not picky but if I had to choose I think it would be an iPad....well maybe an iPhone 5.....or ....

Thanks for another great giveaway and Happy Holidays!

jplusn says:

I would love an iPhone 5. Thanks!

zackpancoast says:

I would love the black iPad mini, its the perfect form factor

ryanleeus says:

iPhone 5 OR iPad 4! Because they're the most amazing, most portable Apple devices to me right now as a student :)

NorCal Brian says:

A white iPhone 5 for my wife. She wants my iPhone 5. :)

sandman369 says:

Would love the mini. Have the iphone5 and iPad 3. Would love to complete the set!

Oliverf says:

I would Ho Ho Ho from the rooftop for an iPad Mini. :)

IMF says:

I'd love an ipad mini! I think this one's mine!! Thanks for all these great contests.

bquigly says:

Nothing better than a shiny new iPhone 5 for the holidays.

srrippee says:

I've been saving money for a very long time to purchase myself an iPad. It would be so great to finally have one! With a little extra cash, I'd make haste to order my first iPad EVER! Wahoo! :-)

tritan says:

iPad mini as a book reader would be great.

jkurl15 says:

I would like to have a iPad mini for Christmas. It is small and portable just what I need

ExtraEric says:

Without a doubt, an iPhone 5 (white) because the wifey would love me so much!

mike9jb says:

I want the new iPad 4, but any iOS device is appreciated.
Thanks in advance

tomoneus says:

I would be glad having iPad 4 for my Christmas gift - It would be useful for my school needs

Trodecke says:

I would love to replace my iPhone 4 with an iPhone 5! Thank you so much. Merry Christmas!!!!

Garrison_08 says:

I would LOVE to win an iPhone 5! I've been a blackberry and android consumer, neither leaving me satisfied. It's time to jump ship!

633kD4d says:

iPad Mini because it's just the right size for carrying around.

MuhammadM says:

I would like the ipad (4th gen) please....because I can't wait for it to come to South Africa...it's taking too long...

cstote says:

I would absolutely love a black iPad 4 to replace my first-gen iPad. Thanks :) Happy Holidays everyone!

Andy Diaz says:

An iPhone 5, because after having traded my Galaxy S for an HTC Wildfire, I really miss having a big screen for apps and video. Not to mention this phone only comes with 130 mb memory and I am in need of an upgrade. It also doesn't help that everywhere I turn I see someone with an iPhone and I can't help but cry silently to myself and wallow in my self pity. Help me fit in with all my friends so I can enjoy using my phone as much as everyone around me.

-Merry Christmas

robert.walter says:

4 weeks, 4 products, 4 family members:
- mom: ipad 4 64 GB wifi
- sisters 1-4 ipad mini 32 GB wifi

Happy holidays to the imore team!

Ycoleman91 says:

It would be nice to win the iPhone 5. I could give it to my mother for Christmas to communicate via FaceTime while she travels for work.

jlyriq says:

White iphone 5 32gig, that is all.

ozmacr says:

I would love an iPhone 5.

BryanTheRed says:

Would love an iPad mini to give to my wife, maybe then she'd give mine back!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to iMore and Mobile Nations!!

akarilight says:

Actually, I am sorry. I know that Mr. Ritchie spends so much time trying to write - keep it up! Don't give up!

seasonedtech says:

Need to convert my parents from the PC to the iPad world... it would be a great gift for them! Thanks...

jonny439 says:

iPad 4 or iPhone 5 please and thank you!

devvmiller says:

A new iPhone 5 for chrismas ! :) I really need to change my iPhone 4.


skattank says:

iPad Mini - it is the perfect size to carry almost anywhere!!!!!

crilund says:

I would like the new Ipad please, wrapped up with a bow and my name on it. Thank you!
That would be so awesome!!

Beezzy says:

I would love to put the money towards a 32GB iPad 4th Gen for Netflix viewing at night so I don't wake up my family with the TV sound on so late at night.

sa3d977 says:

i hope i will be a winner of one of the gift,

anthonyrt says:

I am ready to move up to the iPhone 5 (got a "4" now and have loved it). I could also use another iPad in the house... everyone wants to use the one we have

desktec4u says:

I would like the new Ipod touch but the iphone 5 would be good too! Merry christmas and happy hanukkah!

cchs227 says:

Is that jingle bells I hear?! Or a shiny new iPhone 5 from iMore?!
We love you guys!

jfpascua says:

The new iPad because of the lightning-quick, A6x processor.

carterwong says:

A new ipad would be a great Christmas gift.

roland78 says:

I so want an iPad mini so that I can use it with my clients with my mobile massage business to take down client details, educate them on the human anatomy post treatment, take bookings on the go, and also as a media unit for music during the massage treatments. PLEEASE iMore bring on xmas for me :)

Nuttz565 says:

Rene an iPad would make mine and more importantly are kids Christmas the best yet. Thanks!

ndiep says:

I would like the iPhone 5 please - Merry Xmas!

CBTaylor says:

I'd prolly get an iPad as I already have a 4S & a 5.

sojurn says:

I would love a new iPad Mini. I lost my iPad 2 in a recent Divorce. >_<

Tabdus says:

I wanna iPad 4 thanks. Never owned one before.

gfountaine says:

Moms birthday is 12/25/12 and I'd love to surprise her with and iPad 4. She could Facetime with her grand daughter and great grand daughter in Atlanta. I could show her how to use Facebook to keep in touch with her sister and relatives on the east coast. Happy Birthday Merry Christmas Mom!

b_edwin says:

iPad mini :)

Merry Christmas to all!

Knight63 says:

Would love to get the iPad with Retina Display. As a graduate student and GTA, it would be a terrific device for reading my journal articles, completing my assignments, grading papers, and of course playing games and surfing the web between seminars.

Island Fever says:

iPad mini would be great for my son. It's on his Christmas list!

thedepilk says:

I want a new Iphone 5 thk you!

Robbie78 says:

I would love a IPad it would be a great birthday gift to me!

Jeremy Austin says:

iPad mini. Haven't used one yet, but I'm often asked my opinion on it.

TizOnly1 says:

iPad mini would be perfect for me right now.

Paying for it myself, wouldn't be.

JamesG83 says:

I would love a new iPad. It will allow me a way to be able to communicate with my Parents who live all the way in FL. I don't have a computer since i can't even afford one. An Ipad would be my computer and my iDevice to finally have a way to communicate with my family and not have distance nor money issues stop us from communicating through FaceTime, Skype and Social Media. This will change my life! Thank You.

jasonact says:

I'd get a new iPad Mini for my wife. She like to surf the web and Twitter while on the sofa in the evenings, but it looks so sad with her on her tiny iPhone. She needs a larger screen, and I think the iPad Mini would be the perfect form factor.

therandomone says:

Sweet, another contest!

If I won, I would get an iPad. I haven't decided yet if I want an iPad with retina display or an iPad mini, but I have wanted an iPad for a long time now, just couldn't afford one yet.

providco says:

An iPad Mini, for my son. Happy Holidays !

Hack King says:

The iPhone 5 would be great!

jwong987 says:

iPad mini 16GB LTE in white will be dandy for this christmas. Thanks.

Acoats says:

iPad mini! Just what I'm looking for in a tab.

hpcomputergeek says:

Hey guys,

I'm Alex Nguyen and I'm hoping to win an iPhone 5 32GB White, or an iPod touch 5 PRODUCT (RED), or an iPad mini. I will probably will be donating an ipad mini to someone in need at an orphanage. I would want an iPad mini because I would donate it to an orphanage. I would want the iPod touch so I could use it for school. You might remember me winning the iPod nano from the last contest. I did not put the iPod nano towards my own use though. I donated it to a kid who was homeless in an orphanage. If I can win this, I'll be able to donate an iPad mini to someone at an orphanage.
Anyways, winning this contest could make my Christmas complete this year. And maybe even forever.
iMore is awesome for doing this. I hope I can win.
Thanks everyone at iMore,
Alex Nguyen
May the best person win!
Hope I win! Good luck everyone else and to me also!
Happy holidays!

mytime545 says:

i already have ipad retina bit i miss iphone5 as i am still far behind as i am using still 3gs and this contest can put me in front row with iphone5 and ipad retina...

njcoutinho says:

The iPad mini please. You guys are now officially my secret santa.
I'm dreaming of a white iPad mini
With every iMore comment I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white

maxtweet says:

I would love an ipad mini for its portability... I would use it at on the train to work....

David Ingram says:

I need the iphone 5! i have the iPhone 4 and its been nearly 3 years since I got a new phone. I know I am missing out on a lot of new features and abilities with having a slower phone. Help me get back into step with the latest and greatest technology.

djnukleus says:

An iPhone 5 Please, that would be an amazing gift for me... Thank you.

Tommy Nguyen says:

i would love the iphone 5. it would be my first iphone if I win one.

David.Sanchez says:

I would take an ipad Mini. Would be for my mom she has been wanting an ipad device for awhile and likes the ipad mini once it was announced. It would be a perfect Christmas gift for her as it has been tough economic times for her, as well as losing her dad(my grandfather) this year. Best of luck to all :)
Merry Christmas. imore is the best from the news to the podcasts!

Doublebear says:

I would like to get the ipad

JSho101 says:

So difficult to pick between the mini and the new iPad! Guess I'd have to go with the mini and gift it to my aunt. She's been dying to get her hands on an iPad for a long time now!

bosslx1 says:

My choice would be an iPad. I am a first time apple product owner with my iPhone 5 and am discovering all the things you can do for children with special needs. I have an autistic 3 year old and there are so many activities that aren't available on the iPhone, but are available on the iPad, that would be great activities and treatment for him. We won't be able to afford one for awhile.

carreragt2790 says:

I want this to help me put down for an iMac :)

sucil says:

I would love to have a new iPad mini

juustin56 says:

I would love a new iPad. I would buy a keyboard and use it as a laptop for college.

fryman33 says:

I would like any iPad because I worked my but off all year to afford one and then my children both asked for iPad minis from Santa so daddy had to use his iPad money to buy the kids their own iPads. Merry Christmas iMore!!

ShadowReaperX33 says:

I would love to purchase an iPad Mini for my girlfriend in Germany. Only just recently got her into the apple ecosystem.

b99andla says:

An iPhone 5! For taking pictures of Santa!

robman62 says:

I want an ipad mini since my current tablet(bb playbook) sucks and is breaking down on me.

emjayess says:

IPad mini because I don't have an iPad and I checked out a mini at the Apple Store and...... Wow! They really nailed it!

aznhomieboi1689 says:

Hi! I'd like to use the gift card to buy a new iPhone 5! My contract is almost done and I am in need of an upgrade! (My iPhone 4 is incredibly slow nowadays!)

Thanks !!

Dantari says:

Count me in! iPad Mini sounds good.

wateron says:

iPhone 5 because it's so cool!

jw154j says:

I would love to get an iPad 4th Gen. The $350 would allow me to upgrade to LTE and 64GB.

Nameless105 says:

I want an iPad Mini cause I have still never gotten to use an iPad and want one soooo bad.

Dionte says:

I want a MacBook Air because its light and fast.

RevJar says:

Really would like Santa iMore to bring me an iPhone 5.

danielcee3 says:

i would love the Verizon iPhone 5 in black. i have been wanting the phone since the release date. i have had bad luck with each smartphone i have ever had, all androids. each time i have the money to buy it something comes up and i end up having to use my money else where. this would be a great treat.

iKcp says:

The iPad Mini (white/silver) would be an awesome compliment to my Christmas Tree, and my iPhone5, (white/silver)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone.

dr.lemon says:

I definitely have a iPad Mini sized hole in my heart...errrr my iOS lineup at home and it would be nice to get the iPad away from my wife and kids!

berry_ says:

I would like an iPhone 5, my old nokia e5 is rubbish

theonlychoman says:

A white iPhone 5 that I can give to my wife for Christmas. Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

rickyromero says:

An iPad 4 would go really nice with my iPhone 5.

greenys_ira says:

I'd like to gift my husband with an iPad4 to help him at study and work.
Thank you for this sweet contest... Happy holidays :)

willvmar says:

I would have to say iPad, mine original is gone and I need a new one! :)

angelktmh says:

iPhone 5 so I can upgrade my 4S! Any color, any size.

mktz says:

The new iPad would be awesome!

pino-chet says:

I would love a nice iphone 5 to complete my Christmas bundle. (iphone+ipad)

Fafafoooey says:

I would love an iPad mini! Thanks!

Anuj Bansal says:

I would choose Ipad 4 because it is the best gadget anyone can have!!!

iicristianii says:

I would want a brand new iPhone 5 - Cristian

wandersiemers says:

I'd like a black iPhone 5!

PhotoRon says:

One for the road...iPad Mini please.

playbook_007 says:

Ipad 4 please merry christmas:)

Danny Carmen says:

Ipad, to use to keep track of all my schoolwork.

zodhyoz says:

I'm in. iPhone 5, because I love it!

jeffinthomas1 says:

I would love to have an iPad Mini. Its the most beautiful 7' Tab I have ever come across.

Escade says:

I'd like to win the iPad, not for me, but for my sister, to help with her with homeschooling her children.

hpahaut says:

I would love an iPad mini (: probably 32 gb. not too little and not too much (;

sc Lim says:

iPhone 5 because it appeared in my sweet dream very often, I think it is time for me to get hold of it as my Christmas gift from Santa Claus, lol! Hohohohoho.

mabocoglu says:

I want iPad Mini. Becasue it is mini :)

BizarreFoodie says:

iPhone 5 would be awesome to have, though I'd like to get my mom an iPad or iPad mini even more.

ayoobshareef says:

would love to win iPhone 5 for my wife...

dougtheneard says:

An iPad. Definitely an iPad.

jake501 says:

Would get the iPad mini for daddy's little girl.. as she broke her iPad 2.. Fingers crossed!!

Sascha Augustin says:

I'd like to get an iPad 4 Retina because I already own an iPhone 5 and would like to combine these two. My notebook is pretty big and I don't like to carry it with me all the time because it is much too heavy. So I'd like to use an iPad for my study researches and writing my assesments.

tarun_4 says:

I would love to have an iPhone 5 because my current mobile is a dumbphone.

wing_zero says:

I want the new ipad! haven't got it yet until now. would love to try it!!

Jppc says:

iPad Mini. That'll be the best present.

batom111 says:

iPhone 5 please... to supplement my iPad. And for many other reasons :-)

John Pedro says:

IPhone 5 would do me fine - liking the new screen size!

jack.pearce says:

iPad mini. It's just awesome!

Churroz says:

An iPad Mini would be a nice for Christmas!

kaws1 says:

ipad mini would be nice *crosses fingers*

rickdo says:

Early adopter of all Apple products in the past.
With this economy, I'm 2 years behind.
iPad mini would be great for my work.

snpg says:

iPhone 5, because I need the extra inches!!!

Justchrisz says:

the new ipad so i can give it to my mom :)

Dhenz says:

iPad Mini because I don't have any iPads :(

bloemkool says:

Wow...an iPhone 5 would be awesome!

I just don't have the money to buy it myself!

Great competition and good luck everybody!

stovis says:

What prize would I choose?
An iPhone would be my choice.
Five more syllables.

InsanelyGr8 says:

iPad. Would make a perfect companion on the road. : )

andy_hoffman says:

Would love an iPad! Really keen to use the Photoshop tools :)

KungFuGrip says:

I'd love to win a black iPad mini for my daughter; her iPad 2 died on her. We really use the FaceTime and Skype when I head out for months. That would be great for the Holidays.

safaljiwan says:

iPad Mini, because i already have iPhone :)

jimmy5cent says:

I would love an iphone 5 to play with for christmas. Thanks imore.

Silvanoh says:

I would love an iPhone! I am ready for an upgrade and this would be an amazing Christmas if I won! goodluck to everyone! I'm looking forward to my first apple product!! :)

miodkowy says:

I would be delighted to win an iPhone 5 for my wife as a complement to our's iPad 2 and my iPhone 4s.

juanandonly says:

iphone 5 so I can upgrade

PatrikL says:

iPad Mini, perfect combo with my Macbook Air.

riz1211 says:

Ipad mini. I really need a new ipad

SockRolid says:

iPhone 5. For mom. (I already have one.)

Torpedojager says:

iPhone 5, my old iPhone is starting to break down so I could use a new one

yourdrugrep says:

I would like the iPad Mini because it would make a perfect birthday present for my nine year old daughter who will be ten next week. And, it would allow me to retain "ownership" of my iPad...

CasinoK1D says:

My daughter would be totally stoked to wake up xmas morning and have an iPad mini under the tree. Help me make that wish come true.

rckstar86 says:

An iphone 5 would be a perfect gift for my wife. Her home button on her 4 is garbage.
Fingers crossed. xx

siskourso says:

I would like the new iPad 4th gen. Crossing my fingers :)

Vince Tran says:

I would love an ipad mini! It would replace my 7 year old laptop with no battery life and help me in my classes at NYU's college of nursing!

Ritmus says:

iPad Mini please, would be very nice :-)

MRGL says:

If I am the lucky one out of 1432 comments, I would love the iPad mini so that my wife and I won't have to share her iPad. Pick me.....

SuperBad007 says:

Would love an ipod touch....because of the form factor....and the iSight camera,which i gifted to my cousin for his birthday!!

sim5728 says:

This Christmas I'd like Santa to bring me a Iphone 5 neatly wrapped with a nice blue bow, thanks Santa.

tmulhearn says:

MeRrY XmAs Everyone !! Id love an iphone 5 !

Basel Runner says:

I entering for a iPhone 5, I would pass it on to my wife as she's got a HTC ChaCha and she's unhappy with it.

elsonpro says:

White iPad mini please. My girl wants one.

keitharkins says:

IPad Mini please as yesterday I smashed the screen on my girlfriends iPad and she doesn't know yet

marktesch says:

I would like an iPhone 5 because I haven't had a phone for over a year now:)

Traisoon says:

I want iPad mini because Santa never come to my house.

iMost says:

an iPad mini plz , it would be great--------fingers crossed ;)

fre12 says:

An iPad, because i cant really afford one and i really want to give one to my dad for christmas. He would appreciate it alot!

mady53 says:

i would like an iphone 5.. i am so ready for an upgrade..

Tcgiia says:

A white iPad mini would be a great Xmas gift for me!, Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

billyandika says:

iPad 4th generation please!

MacsRule says:

An iPad with Retina Display would be a wonderful holiday gift.

krystals8267 says:

iPhone 5!! :) please and thank you

jadihussain says:

iPhone 5. Because me in love with it.

weas says:

Definitely iPad mini! I love that baby! :)

carolina gamecock says:

I would love an ipad or ipad mini so my son could use it at his school and at home for his textbooks and other things they do at school.

nsbrewer12 says:

My poor wife has an android and can't upgrade for 6 months. The android part should be reason enough, but she is amazing and really deserves the iPhone 5 that I unfortunately can not buy her out right. What a great Christmas it would make!!! Help make our Christmas bright:)

ondrejkovic says:

iPhone 5 (black)
perfekt Christmas gift for my girlfriend because she want to buy Nokia, I can't let that happened

Nilesh Somani says:

Black iPhone 5!!!
Because its Awesome!! and must have smartphone!!

phxshadow1 says:

would love Iphone 5, wow what a gift that would be!!!!!

japerala says:

I would like to have a new iPad because it just rocks!

Salman Faris Abd Rani says:

I want the new iPhone. Please.......
Look, I'm 18 now and I still do not have any phone. It will be a much better year if I get it. Thanks

avelvethammer says:

iPod 5, my high school daughter could use a new device as her old iPod os pretty much done with and the season is about giving. So I would like to give it to my daughter. Thanks for the opportunity. You guys rock!

Klutzhater says:

I want the iPhone 5 of course ! Try new iOS and change my current Galaxy Nexus

Berko88 says:

Would love an iPad mini to do good things with! :)

sirovnikmitja says:

Would love iPhone 5, because it is just gorgeous.

dalvik says:

Iphone 5 in white pleeease! Will be a good Xmas gift for myself :) thanks!!!

msyogota says:

I would love to win ipad mini beause of portability and amount of apps.

minamessiha says:

I want an iphone 5... Its been almost three months nw that i want to buy it but I cant due to bad lcuk :(

Lashay Hicks says:

I want an iPhone 5 because I'm addicted to apple devices and Im not eligible for an upgrade teehee.....

diegosmpa says:

I'd really like an IPad 4 to stay only with lightning cables :)

imactor says:

iPad would be awesome! thanks

pepperonijack says:

I will take an iPad 4, black, 16GB wifi. Thanks!

petey28 says:

I would love to win a white Iphone 5.....why.....cos it's simply the classiest smartphone out there & of course I'm a big fan of the Imore web site....keep up the hard work guys.....merry Xmas.

Emmanuel Nwabueze says:

I love iPhone 5 and would like it as gift, so to use it in combination with my iPad 3 which I never live home without it. It is like my partner. Once you go apple you will always to apple.

Luc Betbeder says:

Would love to see if the iPad mini would works as well as my iPad. I love the retina on the iPad so much.