Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 4330 comments. Add yours.

manneo says:

I would love to win the iPad mini as a christmas gift for my wife.

Redheadknitter says:

I'd love to have the iPad's so light and portable. I love the new design in white and silver. Beautiful!

jaffarqambar says:

I will be very happy if I win IPhone , iphone is my best ios device

Follow_Me_Now says:

I want an iPad as my daughter wrote a letter to Santa asking to bring her iPad as a present. Now a hava a dilemma: I don't want her to get disappointed in Santa, but not sure i'll be able to buy it, as it's rather expensive.

watcherorio says:

a black iPad! It would help me with my quest to be good at photography!

chrl98 says:

Merry Christmas and greetings iMore!!!! :)

I would love to have the iPhone 5, so that I can chat with my friends and parents, use it to help me with my homework, take great photos and videos, surf the web on it and anything you can think of. Thanks for the giveaways lately, Merry Christmas once again and happy holidays!!!! HO HO HO!

iChristos says:

I would love to have the ipad mini. I visit my local apple store frequently and I am amazed with this little device. Even though there is no retina display and runs on A5 chip... this thing is fast and gorgeous. I prefer the white version to match the rest of my line up.
Thank you guys your are great.

sejgiul says:

An iPad mini for my wife who is still using the original Samsung Galaxy Tab (P1000) after 3 years. It is now starting to show its age and constantly locks up and freezes. It would really make her christmas as I have been unable to buy her any nice presents except a couple of books due to lack of money.

arindamsen18 says:

I would love an iPhone 5 for this christmas. Please be the Santa for me this year and make my dream come true :)

Aman Manikatalia says:

iPod Touch 5g, for my brothers birthday gift.

dochris says:

Hm I already have an iPhone 5 which I bought only yesterday so would loooove the latest black iPad 4 please!!

HansD says:

Black & Slate Iphone 5 :D Happy Holidays

iPelle says:

I'd like to see an iPad mini under the christmas tree. It seems to be the perfect size for bedtime reading.

sohaf says:

iPad mini please I love the iPad mini

sangs says:

I'd like my own Mini Me please. It would complete me. And I'll give you one meeeelllion dollars!

Sascha Kam says:

I want the iPhone 5, because I am a WINNER!!! ;P
So please let me win!

Shashwath Kumar says:

I love to have iPad(4th Gen).....

Greybrim says:

Ipod touch, because i dont need a phone or a tablet.

amanmani says:

i want ipod touch 5 because want upgrade to ipod touch 5 from 4!!!!!!!

prewanabe says:

The iPad mini would be perfect. It's small enough to carry with me at work but powerful enough to do whatever I need to do. I work in a hospital and it would be the perfect reference companion on patient floors.

maniaman says:

pls give me ipod touch 5 cuz i am not gettting christmas gift from anyone

lezleeann says:

iPad would be my choice!

Zapflashgone says:

I would have waited until spring, but I wanna "new" iPad now.

gscrapbooks says:

I would love to win an iPad Mini. I'd give it to my husband so he could read articles on his commute to work. It would be the perfect size for him. :-)

DikaiaKnight says:

I would love a new iPad 4!

amanmani456 says:

iPod Touch 5G cuz u guys r AWESOME!!!!!!

storm7108 says:

I can't seem to get lucky in competitions so far, but as I have been a very good boy, I hope iMore can put in a good word to Santa for me and surprise me with an iPad Mini! Merry Christmas

Yunlu says:

iPad Mini Please!!!!

noren says:

iPad mini, Black. I need to lighten the load on my poor neck, the big iPad is a little to heavy.a

Propellorhead says:

I would love an iPhone 5 because I'd love to have Siri and a great camera! Happy Holidays!

n.roldan says:

New iPad with Retina Display... I just lost my iPad 2 at the airplane the other day... bummer...

Gustavoht97 says:

Id love the iphone 5 !! Merry christmas for all, good luck

MrWinner says:

Hey Guys, I would like to win an iphone 5. Cheers! :D

cyndy johnson says:

I would love to win a new iPad! I have original iPad that I saved and saved for and now it is outdated at just barely 2 years old. My apps keep crashing and it is no longer supported by updates. Please?

snehace85 says:

iPhone please,so that i can switch from wp 7.5 to ios.

JuliHeld says:

I would love an iPhone 5.

toddfsu says:

iPad mini would be a wonderful complement to my little mini dog and a little mini car.

jfaneuf says:

iPhone 5 would be fantastic.

gigiboy says:

Oh my gosh, please. Just this once, please let me have the iPhone 5. In the name of all that is good, Please. T^T

dsump says:

I'd like to have the new Ipad for my wife.

maniaman456 says:

pls give me ipod touch 5 because its Christmas!!!!!!!!!

ahsanch76 says:

hey i love website i open your website i think 100 times a day because i love apple and your website so please give One iPhone 5 16gb white please i dont have enough money to buy iPhone 3GS please i love your website your reviews and your news....

anghislandi says:

iPad Mini, for my mother Christmas gift !!!

Jdesutter says:

I'd like an iPad mini. Thank you

nedgould says:

I have an iPhone and an iPad 4G but I would like an iPad mini to complete the collection!

amanrocks says:

Merry Christmas imore and hope u give me ipod touch 5 as a gift and become santa for me!!

jcjanssen says:

I'd like an iPhone 5 for one simple reason - my "completely" usable Nokia N97 mini with the absolutely best touch screen in its class of smartphones is FANTASTIC!!!

(NB my Nokia is really awful and if funds allow I'd upgrade handsets instantly!)

General ripper says:

I would like a new iPad please.

iVader says:

iPod Touch 5th gen., 64gb, blue. The better way to backup all of my music.

alvila says:

would love ipad mini for the holidays

terpdog says:

iPhone would be nice. I'd like to give it a try and haven't yet.

Borbinka says:

I would like an iPhone 5, because i never had an iPhone...

mkottman23 says:

I'd like to get my fiancé a new macbook for grad school, that old Dell isn't cutting it anymore

Hoagie5252 says:

iPad mini would look great under my tree.

Souvikdas0506 says:

I would like to win the black iPhone 5. :)
Merry Christmas

Helicopter says:

New iPad or iPhone 5! Merry Christmas!

mountbkr says:

Ipod please. Hopefully have iPhone 5 and Ipad 4 by Christmas, this would complete the set.

leocapot says:

The ipad 4 would be awesome!! Thank you

lizarragaj says:

I have a BB but I would like to get iPhone 5 for my wife for Christmas? make the wish happen
merry christmas!

dispatcher307 says:

I'm dying to get an iPad mini and this would cover the full cost and even leave me a couple bucks to buy some apps. :)

ardew says:

i would like a new ipad for 3 year old son.
he just loves all the abc apps on my phone.

lambo_man_r2 says:

I would love to win the white iPad mini. It's slim profile, and light weight would be perfect for school, as it is not as heavy and cumbersome like an iPad. Merry Christmas!

firedwarftj says:

A 32gb Ipad 4 under my Charlie Brown Christmas day would certainly make the tree look even better

W10888 says:

Would love a new ipad4

driazen says:

An iPad mini of course!

jeff.perry01 says:

I would love to get a iPad for my wife. Now that the Air Force has given them to us for pub use,she has fallen in love with it. They need to pay me more!!!

andrew.ortwein says:

SantaMore, I'd like an iPad mini to mount in my car's dashboard. Thanks!

jweight4 says:

A new iPad would be great!

rhettwhite82 says:

I would like a Ipad Mini - Merry Christmas

jeffkeyz says:

iPhone 5 because AT&T won't sell me one for a decent price until July 2013 and the world will a) have ended by then and b) be readying for the iPhone 5S by then.

rhecksel says:

Merry Christmas!! Oh wow, It's a tough choice. I would love to upgrade to the iPhone 5, but overall, I would love a new iPad 4. That screen and processor rocks!
Thanks for the opportunity!!

breadmanjp says:

A new iPad ?!?!....that would be a Merry Christmas.

LOLLY015 says:

I would love any of them. I could give my old iPad 2 or Android phone to my future step daughter. Or, if I got the Mini, I could just have a new toy. Everyone wins! :D

h2shin says:

Would love an ipad mini, because my hands are too small for the ipad.

jankatcapar says:

I want to İPhone 5. Because İPhone not only device, İPhoe is my hand and foot. İPhone turning point for me.

vasaribm says:

I need a new iPad. My iPad 1 is really showing its age.

Nathan Grey says:

I want an iPad Mini most of all.

chowhoundb says:

new ipad, because I don't have one yet.

BobTheBarber says:

I'd love to give my girlfriend an iPhone 5, the 3GS she has just won't cut it anymore. :-)

Gooner26 says:

iPad Mini for my mum.

Her laptop has died and I can not afford to get her a new one this side of xmas. :)

vinayak0521 says:

....New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad........New iPad....

Domin4tor says:

A little while ago I had an accident and it resulted in me having to wear an eye pad. I misplaced it recently and rather than simply replace it, I would like to replace it with something a little more advanced and offering greater facial coverage. Therefore, I urge you to take pity on me and supply me with an iPad to replace my eye pad! {-_-}. I have my own elastic bands. Thanks.

balanaveen2013 says:

New iPad please... Which is the only i don't have right now from Apple.

ConAgraPilot says:

iPad Mini so my daughter and I can FaceTime when I'm on work trips.

khl says:

An iPad would be awesome. Thanks for the contest!

SirD28 says:

Iphone 5! I have Apple TV and Ipad 3 I need to get back to iOS with better battery life. Nexus is good but man the battery life totally blows.

Merry Christmas!

davetheswabian says:

really want the black Ipad mini.

pioneer1984 says:

Ipad 4 Retina, because my Nexus 7 is driving me crazy. Stupid hickups, lagging etc. Also, it would go better with my iPhone.

cap says:

Definitely something I would use everyday and iphone.

cbntmaker says:

The new iPad would be helpful with my business.

jaysinha says:

I'd lurve the new Retina iPad, because my iPad 2 screen seems so low-res to me now.

ClintMc says:

I'd take a new Verizon iPhone 5 cause my 4S has become unbearably slow since upgrading to iOS 6 a few weeks ago. Music stutters when changing songs, Safari hangs when opening new windows, and don't even think about changing apps. And it's another year before I have my next upgrade too!

tobias_i_d says:

I would really like to get an iphone 5. I spent more than half of my monthly salary to buy samsung galaxy s3 and i don't really like it. Android is just occupied by too many malware. I think after i got the iphone 5, i will just pass the galaxy s3 to my 18 y.o. nephew. So there will be 2 christmas presents for both of us :)

Merry Christmas!

ballnpaul43 says:

iPad (4th generation) to give to my dad for Christmas.

SeanathonGeek says:

The Brand New iPad with Retina Display would be an amazing gift. Please and thank you!

blak8830 says:

Thinking an iPad mini would work well for facetime with my family across the country

llcoold123 says:

Ipad Mini, because it is perfect size and weight for me!

saraloz1 says:

Would love to give my son an iPad mini for Christmas! We home school and it would be of great benefit to him!
Merry Christmas!!!

kjyc says:

Best... christmas... ever... with the iPad mini please!

photyograph says:

iPad Mini, cuz this is my last year in College i need a portable gadget yet big enough to do task from office

rschlameuss says:

Now that Google Drive has been updated and is very functional on iOS, I'd love to have an iPad (black). I'd be much more productive at work and at home.

AxeMan#IM says:

My wife has a Blackberry Playbook. I would love to get her an iPad Mini for Christmas!!

MRHommel says:

I would love an iPad. This way I can heave my BB Playbook out the window!

mohawk apple says:

I'd like a iPad mini plzzz :-)

cward1216 says:

God Bless iMore.......everyone!!!!!!!!

akdj says:

I'm not picky at all....I'd appreciate any of the four devices. If I had to choose One item though it would be the 'mini' iPad. Happy holidays Rene and crew?

OkieJoles says:

iPhone please(: I need something to replace my cheap phone.... ):

indio24 says:

I would love IPAD mini, low on funds this year this would help with the xmas shopping.

ame says:

I want an iPhone 5, though my husband just told me he wants an one or the other!

lfcard says:

I want to win a iPad because my mom could really use one in her kindergarten classroom. It would be a vital teaching asset.

siddfinch says:

And iPhone 5 would be so cool. My current iPhone 3Gs is looking tired!

dmt316 says:

iPad mini would complete my iOS lineup haha, you guys rock!!!

jlamb30 says:

Would love the iPad mini for the kiddos.

socal5vee says:

The new iPad to walk hand in hand with my iPad mini!!

kaganbuck says:

I would love to get the iPhone 5 for my Dad. He just retired and wants to upgrade his iPhone 4, but doesn't want to spend any money because of said retirement.

cmcduffie69 says:

I'd like the iPad mini for my wife for Christmas, whose been sick for 15 years of a debilitating illness---this would be awesome for her. Thank you for allowing us to have the opportunity to receive one of these gifts.

vishhh says:

I am never lucky with these contests .... sigh ! but will always keep trying

I really want an ipad mini this Christmas ..... simple reason that's the only thing left out :-)

Long Hae says:

I'm from Cambodia.. I love Apple so much!! Everyday I always wish I can get it (ipad mini) but I don't have enough money. I want ipad mini just to read my documents in type pdf for my study. I want to be a winner :)

kayokat says:

iPad mini - it would be the ultimate Christmas present for my daughter. Happy holidays to all.

mistoffelees says:

iPad 4 is my choice, because I need to replace my original iPad. It's getting too long in the tooth.

mclarensr says:

I would like an iPad, even if I have to get a refurbished one. I have a MBP, iPhone and an iPad would complete the iDevices for me, at least.

gibby540 says:

iPad! That would be awesome.

John Pugh says:

Hi Rene, Would love the iPhone 5.
I am trying to persuade my partner to join this century and giving her one of these "might" just do it.
Thanks for doing this and giving us all a slight chance in this run up to the festive season.

j.krazy says:

I want a new white Iphone 5.

robertpetry says:

iPad mini for my 9 year old daughter please! Come on Santa!

torrisb3 says:

I would love a new iPad! Thanks!

fcortese says:

An iPad mini under the tree would be very nice! Happy Holidays to all!

kariberry_10 says:

My stepdaughter loves iso, I would love to make her day with the latest ipad for Christmas!
It would complement her iphone 5 nicely!!

kquickle says:

I want a new iPod cause mine is old!

cstephens18 says:

I would love to win an iPad. I think it would be a great gift to give my grandma for Christmas! Good luck everyone, and happy holidays!


Wlctttrue says:

I would love the iPad 4 please.

12december12 says:

Please iMore i would love it so much if you could make my xmas wish come true! I would love an iPad mini, I`m just a wee woman & it would just fit me perfect. Think of the lovely big kiss you would receive in return for making my xmas complete, :))

woody88 says:

ipad mini for me, cause you've got to love that portability! thanks, and good luck to everyone.

kaybegod says:

I think I should win because...well... I never win anything and I love the new iPad and would make a great gift for myself for christmas and/or birthday in January

sqadan says:

Black iPad mini would look great under my tree this year!

mach1984 says:

iPhone 5. Would like to give it as a Christmas gift to my lovely partner so we can facetime each other when i will be away for work during that time.

tbaptista says:

iPhone 5 with some LTE action would be sooo sweet!!

jusme1 says:

I would love an iPad mini. Its so small and compact and it can be easily carried anywhere!

drieetha says:

I would love an iPad mini because it's new and exciting!

mmnejad2005 says:

I would love all of them ( apple products ) and especially Iphine 5 . Becaue i live in tehran and too much expensive and i cannot bought it . Please give me a chance . Happy new year & merry x - mass day

dkotila says:

I would LOVE to have an iPad mini.

MobiJew says:

iPhone 5 please!!! My wife doesn't have an upgrade and I want to get her for for Hanukkah!!

James Wong says:

Oooohh, iPad Mini please!!!

sbaba says:

iPad Mini 4G for reading on the couch of course

12december12 says:

I got so excited I almost forgot to mention why i want in so, so much, Its just amazingly cool, The display, facetime in HD omg, 10 hour battery life & its so neat & tidy! I love it! :)

annj71 says:

I would love the iPad mini! Perfect for toting with me to work and such...

Zak8022 says:

Would love an iPhone 5. Then I can give my 4S to my wife and bring her into the smartphone age!

dlewis5 says:

I'm looking forward to the ipad mimi. I want something bigger than a tab and smaller that the regular ipad.

fournwoof says:

The train rides to and from work are getting boring. For that reason, I would love an iPad Mini. Thanks.

jeffmilton says:

I need an iPad 4. I now do a lot of reading on my iPad and The retina display will reduce my eye fatigue.

kenniegmac says:

I'd like the iPad, for my kids for the ibooks and games for my kids

ChrisLuce#IM says:

I had to sell my iPad 2 to pay bills while waiting to start my new job, I would like the new iPad.

dalyapp says:

An iPad 4 would be great. I could pass my iPad 2 to the kids for homework and games and have a nice new iPad to myself. Thanks.

TheSammyE says:

If I won this competition I would use the money to purchase an iPad mini or an iPad 4. Then I would give that to my mother so that we could facetime together while I am away for work. I know that sounds cheesy but you have to make time for family and sometimes that’s hard whilst making a living as an adult.

suitjackets says:

You can't do multiple comments, can you? Would that be cheating?

jgtoth59 says:

iPhone 5 in black, so I can give it to my son for both his birthday and Christmas. Thank you.

samirlakhani says:

The new iPhone 5 for Christmas please!!!

spareshoota says:

I'd love a new black iPad 64gb Wifi wrapped under my tree! I need something bigger to edit movies with!

escapedrift says:

want the iphone 5 for the taller screen 16x9 ratio.

martymapson says:

I would love an iPad mini.

smutny1221 says:

I would like to win iPad mini to play games and read books:)

emarting says:

I want an Iphone 5, is the best and a good gift for Christmas

eoford says:

I want to keep it simple. 64 gb of iPad goodness on Sprint.

voodoo_ca says:

I would like a new iPad Mini for the holidays!
I have the phone and the pad - would love to have the mini!
Thanks for the great contests!

willfcc says:

Selected at random! I'd like an iPad mini to try in between my iPad 3 and iPod5. Like the portability.

07GD SFD says:

I'd love a new retina iPad!

purwater says:

I would love a new iPad for my wife. She bought me one for Christmas and let me have it to use early. After using mine she loves it and I'd love to give her one as well.

blacjac2k says:

I would like a Iphone 5 for Verizon please. Thanks

goodevening says:

iPad mini just because it would be fun to have!

Steve Savva says:

iPad 4 please... Yay Merry Christmas!!!

Jeff Yung says:

Me me me a Mini Mini Mini!!!

jnine1271 says:

I would love an ipad because Santa (me) is bringing them to EVERYONE in our family except me! :(

wloring says:

I'd love an iPad Mini! Thanks!

Natemc4302 says:

I would love to get a new iPad or mini for my mother who is unable to afford one. She has been wanting one since the first iPad. She would love it to take to church and use for the grand kids. Money is real tight this year. Thanks.

wloring says:

An iPad Mini, because I already have an iPhone 4/S.

coreymcl says:

I would love to have a iPad Mini under my Christmas tree this year.

gblaiser says:

ipad mini would be great

shamusom says:

iPhone 5 would look good under the tree!!

lawcomp says:

iPad mini for me,
love to see it under the tree,
now that would be a sight to see!

JacobTheLegendary says:

An iPod touch 5th gen or an unlocked iPhone 5 for me. Because the old A4 chip just isn't cutting it for some of the games on my iPod touch 4th gen.

gbkgbk#IM says:

I would love to win an iPad mini for my 83 year old mother who loves reading on full size iPad but I k ow it is a bit heavy for her.

Schump939 says:

I'd love an ipad mini simply because I have a iPhone and iPad already.

Bradley Kerstetter says:

New 4th Generation 64GB Verizon iPad for me!

Jays1fan says:

Would love to get an Ipad mini , thanks for the contest !!

cstewmax says:

iPad 4 wifi version. I have several children's books in development. Even though a lot of people still say the iPad is not for productivity, I think it would make me more productive in my writing. I've researched some of the writing apps. Also, I think a couple of my projects would work well as apps and I would like to see some of the storybook apps that are available for iPad.


Debonair says:

I would like an iPad. I gave mine to my son for homework since his PC died.


Chaos5 says:

Would love to get an awesome iPad Mini with this!

Audizine says:

I would love to have an iPad!!! Pick me pretty please!

birdman325 says:

I just bought a new ipad 4 but the Mini looks great. I would probably take a Mini! Thank iMore.

thenayk says:

I wont iphone 5 because i love apple and Christmas is here ! ;) ho ho ho :)
Merry Christmas!

Keith Yohn says:

I would enjoy an iPad mini

sugarhillromelo says:

I would love the iPhone 5 because my iPhone 4 is on its last leg. Happy Holidays!

RorryAffiat says:

iPad Mini please.. I really fall in love with the design, plus my ipad2 is taken by my wife.. So please please please.. Let me get what i want this time.

SagarK says:

Iphone5 - atleast this time its my chance to win this awesome device

mrrogers84 says:

Actually I am saving up to purchase a new Mac and this would be a great addition to my saved funds! Absolutely digg the site, got the whole sprint call center hooked on checking the latest news here.

mdiffenderfer says:

I would really love a shiny new iPhone 5, because I'm about to throw my HTC EVO 4G against a wall.

Mossdaddy says:

An iPod mini is on my Christmas list!

thenayk says:

I wont iphone 5 because i love apple and Christmas is here ! ;) ho ho ho :)
Merry Christmas!

CLEGGER14 says:

I would love a new iPad 4 because I do not have an iPad and that one would be nice.

Larryorangebird says:

ipad 4th generation please
justin barnes :)

belumira says:

Since it's not coming to my country, an iPhone 5 please!

cdillon23 says:

I would love an iPad mini. It just seems like such a good size to us as a primary e-reader!

dark-hail says:

I would like to get the iPhone 5 for Christmas because it is the best phone out yet.

JuliIroas says:

When I should win I would like a iPod touch!

littlerocky2489 says:

Iphone 5 please. That would make my christmas. Thanks.

JabberJim says:

Howard Stern LOVES the new ipad Mini. So I must have one for Christmas

jcb18 says:

iPad mini or iPad 4 for the family!

damn_que_mala says:

I would love to be able to win an ipad mini to give my daughter for xmas. =)

anygivensunday says:

The iPad will complete my apple product ecosystem.

hassiga says:

The New iPad, I mean, who doesn't want one of these. I could so much more of my photo editing done!!

JimmyNg says:

iPad 4. Retina is awesome on the device. Thanks.

Bebo says:

iPad mini! I've been an iPhone user for years...not a Pad user.

Aztek13 says:

An iPad to replace my aging laptop. :)

pbertling says:

I would love to give my kids an iPad Mini for Christmas. This would really help. Alot!

ndxhound says:

I am leaning towards a black mini.


I would love to win an iPhone 5 (for Sprint). I currently have an iPhone 4S and an iPad 2 both of which I've had for awhile now. I would love to win because the speed of the iPhone 5 is super fast and i love the size. Also because the new cases for the iPhone 5 are super sweet, especially the Otterboxes.

Gorbash says:

An iphone 5 for sure. Would be put to good use. Merry Christmas!!!!

steviebigv says:

iphone 5 pleeeeeaaassee! :)

julcmar89 says:

I would love the iPad. Honestly even an iPod but the iPad would definitely do it for me. Under the tree in a bow? Meow.