Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!



I would love the iPad. Honestly even an iPod but the iPad would definitely do it for me. Under the tree in a bow? Meow.

I would like to win the contest because the $350 gift card would help me greatly in my quest to purchase an iMac. I'm going to enroll in programming classes and I'm going to focus on developing web apps and ios apps, so anything to go toward my education will be helpful. Please pick me Rene!!

iPhone 5 please, Merry Christmas!!

why? i got an iPad 4 so it would be helpful to have a new phone with the same connector.

As a single mom, it makes it hard for me to afford a new Ipad. It would be nice if I was picked as a winner so I can keep tabs on my side business I have & also allow my son to use it as well for certain school applications from 3rd grade. It would be an advantage for both of us. I never win any of these sweepstakes but if somoone else does. I hope they enjoy their electronis for the holidays. Happy holidays Everyone & wish me luck. My choice is an Ipad.

I would like an iPad w/Retina. I would like to use it for education apps for my son and so that he can Facetime his grandparents.

I want an iPhone 5 because I would wanna give it to my little sister for Christmas, but I don't have enough money to buy it, as a college student :/

iPad mini. My fiancé would love an iPad mini. Unfortunately I cannot buy him one because student loans have begun so Christmas will be a bit more meager this year. But if I could get him one, black/slate, I know he'd love it!!

My wife has a Mini, I've got the 5, so, I'd love to have a full size iPad - my 8 year old would like to play with it, too... Haha! Good Luck and Happy Chrismahaunakwanzakah to all!

I would like a new iPhone 5 black on Verizon because mine is dying and I am a loyal reader. Thanks

16GB iPad Mini in White, please. Then I can send my iPad 2 to my kids and we can be a big ole iPad family, with iMessage and Facetime convos as often as we can!!

Would absolutely love the White iPad Mini cuz of it's sleek and superb design, and it's weight. It's so light ^^ Good to carry around everywhere!

I want an Iphone 5. Why? Because it's gorgeous and I have been a good guy this year, so I truly deserve to be rewarded and by also being an avid follower of IMORE!!!

I would love to have an iPad mini. It looks like a great addition to the living room for surfing while watching TV and small enough to travel with me to client meetings.
Please pick me! :)

The white 4th gen 32gb ipad since apple screw over us 3rd gen owner mad as well get the newest one if it free

Need an iPad Mini with data for my daughter so she can stop carrying 90 lbs of textbooks and notebooks--causing permanent damage to her spine.

I would love to have a new iPad mini under my Christmas Tree this year. I teach Teen Sunday School at our Church. I would love to load the bible and lessons on the iPad mini and teach from it. The size and weight is perfect to teach from. Plus my teens in my class would think I was the coolest! They would get to see new technology as it is being well used! It would be nice to have a classroom full of iPad mini's for each kid!

I'm not going to be greedy, here. I would just love an iPad. Any iPad. iPad 2, iPad 3 closeout model, iPad 4. I don't care. I just love my iPhone 5, but it was a stretch for me to even buy that. It was like a birthday/Christmas/being alive or whatever present to myself all in one. I really want an iPad to watch Netflix on, read news articles, etc. without straining my eyes with the iPhone all the time. I'll settle for a 16 GB iPad 2 WiFi only. That would be more than enough for me. I could use my iPhone 5 as a WiFi hotspot and the iPad would be perfection.

I'd like the latest iPad, please. I want to install iA Writer as my main writing app. Cheers for the 4 weeks of festive gifts. Would be fab to win.

I'd love to win the iPad to share with my family. Been looking at some math and educational apps that would be so much easier to use on the iPad or even the iPad Mini's bigger screen. Good luck to all!

I would love a new black iPad! That would make watching my movies on it a little easier than on my iPhone.

I would love an iPhone 5 so I can devote my iPhone 4 to my son and have a phone all to myself sans his cute but nevertheless grimy finger prints all over it!

I am most interested in an iPad with Retina Display to discover apps that serve the business needs of my federal customer.

iPad Mini - my wife's iPad 2 is just a bit to heavy to hold for long periods of zombie killing (when I can even get my hands on it!)

I would love an iPhone 5, I've been wanting an iPhone for years and this would be a GREAT Christmas present. Thanks

I would LOVE the iPhone 5! I'm poor (just finished University and have University bills...) so I can't afford one...would be a great xmas gift to myself!

Desperately need a new iPad to store and carry all my jazz trio charts...the books are getting way too heavy and, let's face it, just so "old-school"! LOL

I want an IPhone 5 64 gig for my job as an educator. I would love to the storage and portability that it has to offer. My problem is that I have out grown my 8 gig iPhone4 and I am stuck in contract for another year. As an educator I'm not in it for the money and thus I cannot just go out and buy one out of contract, but iMore could just make it a Merry Christmas for 2012!

I would like to have the ipod touch because i love how thin and light it is and how much power and speed he can produce. Its even better than any ipod before and i would be really happy of i get an ipod touch.

I would love the new iPad in black. I've had an iPhone for some time now and it needs a big brother. HBO GOing and Netflixing will never have looked better.

I'd love a cell-enabled iPad mini... so portable, so cool, and my iPad is wifi only, so...
I am impressed and amazed by the quality and design of the mini... and can't believe the naysayers who tout other tablets' price and screen advantages. I have played with those tabs, and sorry... the iPad mini is just WAY cooler as an experience... in the hands, carrying it... and using it. Game over. Apple wins again, despite a less impressive "spec sheet".

iPhone 5 black 16gb because I'm eligible for an early upgrade and the gift card will absorb most of that hit. Thanks!

I would like an iPad Mini. I currently use a iPad 2 as my primary computing device and generally have it docked in some fashion or locked into a stand. So it would be nice to have something to move around with and leave at home to FaceTime with the family.

This would be so fantastic to win. Brought the wife over to iPhone 5 and iPad but yet to upgrade my iPhone 4 or get my own iPad.

I would love to win an iPad Mini. This year I bought an iPhone 5 which pretty much tapped me out for iDevices this year. So when the iPad Mini arrived I thought about every trick in the book to get it but alas no luck. I've played with it an an Apple store and that just seemed like torture because it only made me want it more. So yeah an iPad Mini under my christmas tree from old Saint N...iMore would be awesome! see what I did there, did you see?

The new iPad would go great with my iPhone 5 and could be a replacement to my Android tablet! Hope I can win this one!

Simple enough. An iPhone 5 to complement my iPad and to finally make the complete move away from android.

i would LOVE an iPad. the photography apps on the iPhone are getting harder for me to use on such a tiny screen!!! thanks

iPad Mini, because I'd like to put my old Black-Book to rest, and replace it with something prettier.

I would like to have either an iPad mini or an iPad 2, please. I am a law student and being able to have my outlines on an iPad would be much easier to deal with when I am studying rather than having to use my laptop (Dell because I can't afford a Macbook since I am not working while going to school full time). Thanks!! Happy Holidays!

iPad 4th gen please because I love to read and the iPad gives me an opportunity to read ebooks from multiple different websites, Nook, Kindle, iBooks and others!

I'd love an iPad Mini. I've been waiting for the smaller format, and the money to purchase it! Thanks iMore!

I would get an Ipad Mini if I win. But it wouldn't even be for me. My dad lives halfway across the country from me, and has only been able to see his grandson a few times. I'd love to be able to facetime him with my son so he could see him more.

I'd love an iPad, I take a ton of notes for school and it would make life easier. It would also allow me to draw organic molecules and be able to review notes on my laptop rather than having to lug around extra notebooks (emailing notes is so much lighter).

An iPhone 5 would be awesome, seen some of the co-worker 5's and the screen is just awesome.

I would love to have a new mini. As much as I would love the 4th gen full size, I think that the mini would be more usable. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

i would really like to have an iPhone 5 ..it doensn't matter what color ! please let me win pleaase ! Merry Christmas !

iPhone 5 so I can upgrade my 4S and charge my iPhone and ipad mini with the same lightning cord instead of caring 2 cables.

iPad 4 pretty please Santa iMore!! :D To have the ability to do FaceTime and LTE would be NICE!!! Thanks and Merry Christmas! :D

iPad mini i'd say due to convenient size and a reliable screen, excellent for my travelling. Thank you iMore again and Happy Holidays

I would love an iPad mini. My daughter has special needs and it really wonderful to see how she uses my iPad to do things we didn't think possible. Plus she moves all my apps around and I cant find them anymore lol.

Dear Santa,

I would dearly love to get a new iPad for Christmas. I have been really good this year...sorta. Honestly, I've been awesome this year...kinda. You'll be my favorite holiday character

iPad, because I recently had the opportunity to play with a family member's iPad and fell in love with the possibilities!

Easy, iPad Mini! My 4S is doing just fine (even though I do want an iPhone 5) and I have a 3rd Gen iPad.

But I really want an iPad Mini. Why? I own a first generation iPhone and iPad, gotta add a first generation iPad mini to that list. =D

If chosen I will pick the new iPad. I still have the original iPad and the camera will be an exciting new feature I will like.

I would love an iPad mini, it would be the perfect size for my twin toddlers! (... and it would be great to get it from a fellow Canadian ;-)

I would like a 32GB iPad Mini. I want to give it to my girlfriend for Christmas. She has an 1.5 hour commute into Boston on the train at 5:30 am and it would be something to entertain and organize her.Cheers & Happy holiday's!!

I would love an iPad mini with LTE. We just had to disconnect our iPhones to save money and data only on a mini would be cheaper than a cell plan for an iPhone.

Hey! I'd love to get an iPhone! It's almost Xmas but it's way to expensive in the country where I live, so there's no chance I can get one. Maybe this could be my Xmas gift, since I always wanted one :P Thanks guys

I'd love to get my eldest step-son an iPhone 5 this Christmas just to put a smile on his face. Thank you guys.