Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 4330 comments. Add yours.

racerdude55 says:

created an account just for this competition! I would be over the moon if I won!!! It would make my Christmas guys. iMore rocks!!

ls108 says:

Ipad Mini.. 32gb would be great under my tree thanks

manutd7 says:

I would like a new iPad. My son has taken mine over and wont let me play with it. Who knew youtube videos of Elmo and Mickey Mouse could turn a 2 year old into a bully?

skeets000 says:

A new iPad would be awesome, it would be a gift for my parents.

SmoothWitIt22 says:

I would LOVE to get two apple tvs and im sure ill find someway to spend the other $150.

hkennedy says:

Would Really Appreciate an Ipad 4 , Unfortunately Lost Mine Ipad 2 will Visiting Family in The Pennsylvania Pocono's No Trace??

four4usc says:

iPhone 5 please, Santa.

bossmanjunior says:

Me guuuuuuuusssttaaaa, can't decide between black ipad mini or white ipad 4. Hmmm, A6X FTW!

randre7 says:

i need an ipad with retina display,,,i have an old toshiba laptop and can not afford to buy anything
my wife is ill and it would make her happy for a upgrade

Woobie76 says:

New iPad, would be perfect for me :)

rudxii says:

White & Silver iPhone 5.
Because an extra row of icons is very much hyped and trendy!

jbhoule says:

iMore is the best! An iPhone 5 would make a very merry Christmas for my son! Thanks for the great contest.

pcandido says:

iPad mini for Christmas please. Thanks.:)

rmejiaborja says:

Good luck everyone! Merry X-mas!

Christ0f says:

iPad, please!!! Thanks, iMore!!!

jaffebr1 says:

Ipad Mini to give to facetime with my newborn nephew!

jbrodriguez says:

I would love to have an iPad Mini !! Thank you and Merry Christmas !!

Premium1 says:

I'd love a new ipad so I can get rid of this android tablet

ervisshehu says:

iPhone 5 because is the best phone i can have...

golfgal says:

Dear Santa,
I would SO love to find an iPhone 5 under the tree with my name on it! Ho, ho, ho!

jmac875 says:

I would love the ipad mini

SirIra says:

I would love an iPad mini

Gigiddy says:

I would love to have a iPad 4 because I do not have one.

Kybucs says:

In the spirit of Christmas....if I was to win a iPhone 5 I would surprise my wife with a wonderful gift she so dearly wants.

Daniel Gelb says:

An ipad mini - and to all a good night. Ho Ho Ho!

TBond says:

I'd love a white IPad 4 :-)

bigtrouble771 says:

I'd like an iPad Mini for my son.

Jude Coppeta says:

I'd love an iPad mini. Thanks

iFanPT says:

Would love a black iPhone 5, because I love it and all I need to Facetime with my girlfriend! ;)

DaMacGuy says:

An iPhone 5 please!


Wes Wyrick says:

A new black iPad Mini 64G would be an excellent stocking stuffer!

jtemple33 says:

What a great contest! iPad 4 would be so sweet!

xXXNotMVAMXXx says:

My wife would love an Iphone 5 for XMAS, and I would love to give her one for free!

drmarolf says:

I would take an iPad mini with 4G, an iPad 4 with 4G or an iPhone 5. I have an iPad 3 and an iPhone 4S, so any of the above would be great!

speckbe says:

I would like a iPhone 5 because of it's bigger size and better graphics!

mamiller says:

Iphone 5 would be nice to upgrade to something amazing!

forsurftoo says:

I would give an iPad mini to my Wife as an Anniversary present

eraserx says:

A brandnew iPhone5 would be great. Because it's the best built phone ever...

Barefoottek says:

I would to love see a 32gb iPad 3 under the tree. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

Brucejay says:

I'll take an iPhone 5.

charris says:

ipad 4 would be sickkkk

MrAlpha2095 says:

iPhone 5 is the iOS device of my dreams! :D

tourstagefan says:

I would love an iPad Mini. I bought one on Launch Day, but returned it the other day so I could use that money towards Christmas presents for my Godson, niece and close friends.

teepeeayy says:

IPad mini! IPad mini! I want to give one to my son for Christmas

mattoaks says:

iPad please!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

connah says:

ipad mini because easy to take placeis

Tmansmusic says:

I'd very much like an iPhone 5 under my tree!

- T

mattrock2003 says:

I would love the iPhone 5! Merry Christmas everyone!

iCat3GS says:

I've been dreaming of a white Hanukkah... With a new iPad !


Sahil Agrawal says:

i would love to win a ipad mini or a iphone coz these r 2 of the most revolutionary devices in the market n i wld love to own one of them

Naval Rishi says:

Cuz India deserves to progress :D

joshyth says:

ipad mini would be great!!!

Fokas914 says:

I would love to win:) would buy iPad mini probably :)

jasonneman says:

The new iPad Mini would be amazing. Thanks so much for providing an amazing experience for your followers. I am always very impressed with your content and topics! Happy Holidays!!!

bookimdanno says:

I figure my chances of winning a iPad Mini here are much greater that winning that dang Powerball. Thanks!

Finzor says:

I would love the iPad mini! :) It's mini, like me! :D

pamaf says:

C'mon Santa...An Iphone 5!

Drewsefer says:

iPad 4 to replace my iPad 2.

smmathew says:

I would love the new iPad 4 because my girlfriend keeps borrowing my 1st Gen so I never get to use it!

davjaxn says:

I would love an iPad mini!

thunter007 says:

I would love an iPad mini. Thanks iMore!

Hey-Zeus says:

iPad for me! My kids have taken over my existing iPad!

Mtbcrh says:

I'd love a iPad mini for my wife:)

jturant says:

ipad mini either color for parents so i can be the favorite child

justincirello says:

I would like a white iPhone 5, 64 gb. Merry Christmas!!! :-)

redhawk79 says:

I'd love to win the iPad mini because it's the perfect size and tool for the school work and fun I'd use it for! Plus, look at that sexy bezel!

rupam95 says:

Black iPhone 5 Please. I currently don't have a phone and an iPhone 5 will make me happy.

MagicShell says:

A little iPad mini will just fit under my mini tree!

Mike4391 says:

I'd like an iPad mini please :)

SiG03 says:

An iPad Mini with LTE would be awesome!

jepjr2381 says:

I'm super excited!

An iPad Mini please (bow does not need to be included) and it would be an awesome Caribbean Christmas

I've recently got my hands on an iPad 2 for a few days and i was blown away by its ease of use, range of apps and ability to meet all my portable needs. The mini being a smaller iPad will be just perfect ;)

Here we go!!!!

bigjimsax72 says:

iPad Mini for my girlfriend because I cannot afford one and she would love to use on in the PT clinic

Familien Rasmussen says:

iPad Mini would be very nice
Merry Christmas

jeffkleber says:

I would like the iPad mini 64g LTE please

DeeNice810 says:

I would love to have a ipad mini I already have a iphone 4s and the mini would make it complete.

cinnabubbles says:

I would love an iPad Mini, because I want to break out into tablets. :)

Valentinos Loucaides says:

iphone 5, upgrading from iphone 4

Cobra46 says:

I would like an iPad mini. My wife doesn't think I need one, which I don't, but I want one. She is making me feel guilty about buying one.

Tamer AlBataineh says:

Ipad, iam a radiologist and i use ipad Apps in my reporting.

Spencer Mukai says:

I wish someone gave me an iPhone 5 for Christmas! Please and Thank You.

icedcoffee10702 says:

I would love to see an Ipad under my Christmas tree!
Merry Christmas! and Happy Holidays!

datkeisson says:

Rene, I'd love an iPad mini. That would make my Christmas very special!

queoui says:

please may I have the ipad thank you

Bcloutier says:

I would love an iPad mini; I've been lusting for one but I can't justify it when I already have my iPad 3. A gift card for an iPad mini for myself and my girlfriend would be awesome!

dragon44 says:

Black 64GB iPad Mini with AT&T LTE

Team George says:

iPhone 5 please! A black one

NickyTerentino says:

I got the hots for the ipad mini

Alex Freund says:

The new iPad because I'm a slave to capitalism!

UberWhomp says:

I would love an iPhone 5 please. I want to give something to my mother for Christmas because I'm working just to pay off college dues. I don't have enough to get her a present so an iPhone would be lovely to give to her.

maikeroo says:

I've got the iPh5, iPad retina, so to complete the set would be the mini! Happy holidays!

iJimbo1 says:

I would want the iPhone 5 is there other phone out there better....

Parker_Bro says:

iPhone 5 - Merry Christmas to me!

dfbjyoo says:

iPad mini, because I've never owned a tablet before! And Apple is just too awesome! Happy Holidays!

necropol says:

I want an iPad mini because I take public transit (in LA, of all places) and would love to have a compact tablet be my go-everywhere research and writing tool.

tkurtz says:

The new iPad (4th gen.) Just because it's the newest and best!!

Nathaniel Crawford III says:

I would Love an iPad! It would be so helpful for me at work to keep everything organized!!!

opsfrog says:

I would like an iPad Mini black or white iPad 4.

dc73pd says:

4th Generation iPad 32gb black for me.... its all in the speed....

Battlecat06 says:

would love the iPad mini for the kids!

Stuart Graham says:

Would love a black iPad mini...compliment my iPad 3 :)
Happy Holidays!!

robsieb says:

iPad mini for me please.

djstarion says:

An Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-S....oh wait, wrong post. iPad 4 please :)

mrnserv says:

I would like a white iPad so I can give it to my wife for Christmas as I already have enough iOS devices. That way she can customize it just the way she wants and not have to use mine (techy) or the kid's (silly stuff) iPad. Merry Christmas!

bcrowie says:

I have long been an android fan and now I am strongly desiring a more reliable device. I want an iPad mini. Really really bad.

Merry Christmas everyone.

cowboysfan386 says:

iPad 4 is my choice because I'm returning to school and could use it for class as well as work.

samha75 says:

iPhone 5 because I'm still waiting to upgrade from my old iPhone4!

geocachepapa says:

It would be a major blessing to win an ipad mini. Thanks

muneerkazmi says:

iPhone5 or the iPad4... cause thats what I will be hoping for...

mark jones1 says:

Would like a ipad mini to give away

khalid7412002 says:

I would like to win the new ipad. I would like to be able to take it to school for finance related studies. thanks for providing me the opportunity to enter this contest. good luck to everyone

mizzourahslim says:

white iPad please, because I'm broke and would like to give it to my beautiful wife as a gift.

Gustav_4 says:

Well I currently have an iPhone 4S and I just got an iPad Mini for my birthday. So they would not be for me. My son will would like a Blue iPod Nano. My other son wants an iPhone 5. I would love a New iPad(4) for the whole family to share.

jcoolio says:

I really want an iPad mini. I want to make short films for school to show people what bullying can do to people. I also want to continue my photography on there with iPhoto. I can make slide shows on it and I could also read and play casual games. Please let me win. I really want to be able to do this.

etherealguy says:

iPhone 5 - merry merry you guys.

RECON1 says:

An iPad Mini would be awesome! I could use it as a Christmas gift for someone.

Sinneronezz says:

Ipad Please. With a Red Bow. Thank youuuuuuu

alpine says:

I would love an iPad mini with LTE. I'm a student at school away from home. It would be so great to be able to surf the web and talk with friends while traveling.

nijoma81 says:

Merry Christmas! I would love an Ipad Mini Please!

artwest50 says:

I would love the new IPad for my wife, please!

simtho says:

My dream is an iPhone5
Would be a perfect present...
Cheers ;-)

fariswheel says:

I could Use an Ipad Mini, or an Iphone 5 But i would rather a Macbook PRO which isnt on the list.

But i cant complain if i win :)


Natz_24 says:

a iPhone 5 (black) would be cool as shit, but as I know my luck I won´t win :/ :D

tckaiser says:

Rose are red
Violets are blue
I'm a little bit poor
So, I'd love a new iPad 4 !!

2bhammy says:

Happy holidays everyone

plokij10 says:

I would LOVE the ipad mini. I'm a full time student with an ancient and bulky laptop that I carry inside my backpack. Having the ipad mini will decrease my need for carry it around an instead I'll have a sleek, slim, and compact tablet :D.

RyanAdil says:

iPad with Retina display would be a nice

dylan83610 says:

i would love the new ipad to help me get through school

iTony83 says:

I'd like an iPhone 5 for my girlfriend for Christmas.

JDMR says:

I would like to win a 32gb Black iPad.

Filippo Dinolfo says:

I think I'd like to have an iPad mini. The last iOS device I've had, and still have is a first gen iPod Touch 8GB. I think it's time.

Sniv says:

I don't know if this is for international readers of - but I'll take a chance and leave a comment anyway.

I would like an iPad for christmas - or "jul" as we say in Denmark :-)

l108g says:

A Verizon iPad mini would just be splendid because it would be my very first iPad for both business and education with some entertainment of course....Thank You in advance! Happy Holidays everyone!

remedy20 says:

I would absolutely love to have an ipad mini because I would be able to load up Foreflight and use it to help me get my private pilots certificate!

flatriathlete says:

The iPad Mini would make an amazing gift! Thanks guys happy holidays!

vashti777 says:

All I want for Xmas is a new iPhone5 CDMA 64g

Thank you Santa!!!!

Thor25x says:

Any iPad mini pleaseeeee :) That would make my Christmas!

Zombified1 says:

Being 6'9" and a lover of iPhones leaves me with cramped hands/fingers so a new iPhone 5 would be great for a giant like me.

fredbread says:

iPad Mini w/cellular as a possible iPhone replacement.

TheClaudius says:

iPad mini. I think it the the best of iPad & iPhone together (a Hybrid)

CORYK333 says:

Dear iSantaMore, I would love the new iPad for Xmas. I've been sorta good this year, so hook it up!!! Thanks

stratts says:

I would absolutely love an iPhone 5. I love your site. Check it daily. Keep up the great work.

redvett says:

ipad mini

I have the ipad but would love to have a mini for work. take that pc!

Bolthiel says:

iPhone 5 would be awesome. Mine was stolen after delivery before I could even activate it. Would love to have one!

smile4them says:

I would love to win an iPad mini because its an amazing product and is best-in-class. (:

Crystal Nicholi says:

i would like a ipod touch 64 gigs 5th gen. and color pink. because im broke and cant afford one. no job. and i never had a ipod touch

brancast says:

I would love a new ipad for Christmas. Would be a great day to see new ipad under tree..

claudiodaylac says:

Me! Me! Chose me!
P.S: iPhone 5, please :)

soccerjazzlover says:

I would like the Ipad Mini please

megabyte682 says:

I would love to have an iPad mini!!

Happy Holidays!!

gholwick says:

iPad Mini, iPhone 5, or iPad, all sound good to someone without any of these iDevices. . .

ali5yusef says:

i would like to have an ipod touch or an iphone, i wanna try the new amazing ios6 and to take panorama photos of the village and the nature i'm living in

Raymond de Villa says:

I would like to get an ipad mini to replace my original Ipad. Thanks.

nbkyp6x says:

I would love the Ipad Mini!

just5mp says:

I would want an iPod Touch because then I could give it to charity! (I already have one.)

elberthung says:

I want an iPad, please! =]

Ralph Chery says:

I would like iphone 5 my iphone4 is running a slow and losing battery

Disturbed_Angel says:

Deff want a iPhone 5 because I really want in on that LTE speed

BomberBooey says:

I would love an iPad Mini so I could give it to my daughter.

takiv says:

Any Idevice would be awesome, I'm not picky.

NoleScream says:

iPad Mini, to give to my parents. :)

sunjockey says:

An iPad so I can have myself something portable to take anywhere with me, but big enough to enjoy HD content on.

sawf says:

I would love an iPad... Merry Christmas!

ivoyage says:

Dear Santa iMore,
I would love an iPad Mini wiFi+Cellular on AT&T Black!
Hope Santa gets this! iPad Mini is the way to go for size!


sabucci says:

iPad mini wrapped in a nice shinny red bow :D

swarlos says:

iPad 4 32 GB Wi-Fi please!!!

Rori Glover says:

Ipod guy is in need of a new ipod, one that has the ability to imessage via wifi connection (long story, both poor and can't afford a phone) This would be a huge blessing for him for Christmas.

digital312 says:

i'll take the iPad Mini please, because I have a iPhone 5 and the size of the mini is perfect for a tablet.

jimdjel17 says:

I like a new iPad 4 please

coxley24 says:

iPad! This would be a great Christmas gift for my wife!

Friday Mark says:

I would like a new iPad please for a very merry christmas

macuzr says:

I would love the iPad Mini. It's sleek ultra portable and made by Apple.

jgabler5025 says:

I'd like either a black iPod touch or iPad mini. I'm not picky. I just need something other than my current device.

NickFL2011 says:

iPad mini would be awesome.

mrdmc says:

Happy, merry, hopin' holidaze!

Bianca muminovic says:

I want an iPhone 5 please! Thanks!

dash71 says:

Awesome thanks! I would love to win an iPhone 5! Merry Christmas!!!

Jseck says:

iPhone 5 cause I still have the iphone 4 :|

mrcmayberry says:

I would love to win a iPhone 5. I hear that it is the smartphone of smartphones, the smart device of smart devices.

IMFSHN says:

A new iphone 5...jumping me ahead 3 iterations.

adeboest says:

Pick Me Please -- Merry Christmas to All, and to All a good app!

RyanR says:

Broke college kid needs an iphone 5!

justinleon says:

I need a 64gb iphone. I regret switching to android back in August.

iDonev says:

I'd like an iPad mini. I don't really have a use for it; I just need to satiate my addiction to technology.

italiano23 says:

I would love to get an ipad mini because my wife and daughter are always using the ipad come on baby!!!!

bahias says:

would love to win a iphone 5

Mystichrome447 says:

I would like an iPad mini. Seems to be very interesting.

afarber97 says:

i'll gladly take anything that you would be willing to give me! :D Its holiday time isnt it?

trees247 says:

Ipad and you know this mannnnnnnnnnnnn!

Couchpotato4life says:

A black iPad mini would be wonderful!!

benitoastorga says:

iPad mini - for school ebooks. its really tiring bringing my macbook pro :(

dooley3 says:

iPad please. It would make for a wonderful gift.

9erface says:

the brand new iPad...2 different cables right now is not cool!

amychris52 says:

I would so love an iPad mini! I read all the time on my iPhone, and the iPad mini would be so much easier on my eyes! I prefer white, but I would also love a black if that's what's available!

Ooh! Yes, I turned 21 on Sunday, so it would be an amazing belated birthday gift! ;)

Jetomatic says:

The iPhone 5 for my Father. It would be the perfect Christmas present for him!

Huffdaddy82 says:

I'm simple, iPad mini 16gb wifi.

ET95 says:

iPad mini in black. It would make a great christmas present for my dad.

iambeater says:

I want the new new iPad for Christmas... I just had twins and my iPad 3 is now in the possession of 2 munchkins lol...

Solarick says:

Ipad Jr would be sweet

stuntmonkey says:

ipad mini in white please

davesasuke says:

I'd like to win iPhone 5 for my girlfriend. Y? Bcuz I don't want her to use cheap HTC android phone anymore :(

edu.mad says:

Ipad Mini because it's lightweight!

andrew202 says:

I would like an iPhone 5 or iPad mini. Right now probably iPad mini because my contract doesn't end until April. I would like the iPad, but the gift card doesn't cover it which is fine. I really need my first iPad mini since it would be my first iPad. I never had a tablet before. Also it is Hanukkah next week and this will make a great present! :)

Roosnam says:

Ipad4 to go with my iphone 5

jgonzalezNYC says:

I would like an iPad Mini or an iPad 4 (with retina display). Thanks for the chance!

RIOSMH says:

I would like the new ipad cause the retina display is outstanding!

Bruce Heilbrunn says:

A white iPhone 5 for my wife! Happy Holidays!!

ShaunKL says:

I'd like an iPad mini because of how stupid light they are.

Dav00 says:

I want an iPad because it would make me most glad.

nathan76 says:

Please pick me :) I would love to win

officialvsong says:

I really really want the iPad Mini because I love Apple products! and I never had an iPad to experience the joy it brings! Thank you!

rjhopwood says:

I'd love an iPad Mini - any kind, because I've given all my 30-pin Dock connectors away!!!!

Natalie Skurat says:

I signed in with my girlfriend's Facebook account because I know she wants an iPad mini for Christmas...

brickman61 says:

I'd like the iphone 5. I've been wanting to move to a smartphone for a while now, this would make me finally do it.

zz1anderzz says:

An iPad Mini would be Awesome! :D

tuneplug says:

sign me up for the iphone!! need to update!

AdudenamedRyan says:

I'd go for an iPad please.

Jaguarr40 says:

I would be more than happy to accept an iPad 4 please and as always thank you iMore and staff for holding such wonderful contests.

oshioshi says:

my iPad 3 got stolen :(
So I would love to win an iPad mini :)