Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

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Reader comments

Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!



I would be more than happy to accept an iPad 4 please and as always thank you iMore and staff for holding such wonderful contests.

It would be awesome to get a new iPad 4. I got an original iPad from my boss as a gift about 2 years ago and my 3 1/2 year old and my 1 1/2 year old have taken my iPad from me and claimed it as there own. It would be great to have a newer and faster iPad 4 for me and the wife to enjoy.

I would probably use it toward an unlocked iphone 5 to be a world phone or even though I have an ipad I'd love an ipad mini more portable and better for not jotting with my stylus I'd imagine

Dear Santa 'iMore' Clause, I would like an iPhone 5 please and I have been a good boy all year round. Merry Christmas!!

best stocking stuffer yet would be a iphone 5 along with cable consolidation. Keep up the good stuff Imore

I finally got to see an iPad mini first hand. That is by far one of the coolest things Apple has done in a couple years. I want an iPad mini very badly.

I'd love to have the money to put towards an iPad 4. I'm a user who is always on the go, and it would be a great addition. Thanks!

I would love an iPhone 5! Right now I have a 3GS and my battery lasts about 2 seconds. I would like it because I could take advantage of lots of new features like Panorama, as well as the A6 processor which has to be 20 times faster than what I have now! Happy Holidays everyone!

I'd like to win a new iPad mini or iPad because I am a music teacher and love to use the technology in my classes. This technology has changed how so many people teach! I wish all my kids could have one.

I would love to have an iPad 4 because I do not have one and I would really love to have an Apple tablet. :)

I'd like to win an apple iphone because my family and I are separated so far apart. I live in Dallas ,my uncle is off over seas): (i grew up with him we are really close) ,my grandmother lives in washington,my parents are in Montana and I love the iphone for having things like FaceTime(: and yeah I know theres skype but they run so slow and always have dificulties!!! I'd like to be able to talk to my family as much as possible without any trouble due to slow connection,freezing up,etc..With the Iphone I would have fast connection with little no no errors(: .I really hope I win..I miss my family dearly

Actually, I would use a $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate towards a MacBook Air for my wife, so I don't have to support her iBook G4 anymore.

I would love the new ipad please.... My wife & children would love this for Christmas. Would greatly appreciate it. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I'd love an iPhone 5 as I'm currently rocking an ancient Nokia dumbphone and a 4g iPod touch which, when combined, do make something resembling a smartphone (I've tried taping them together, but it ain't pretty) so I'm not entirely stuck in the dark ages but it'd be nice to be able to text, browse, call and Facetime all on the same device - and to only have one device to remember when I leave the house in the morning.
So please iMore, give this broke student's overloaded pockets a break and send me a svelte new iPhone to wow my smartphone-wielding friends with and end this infernal daily device-juggling

A broke smartphone-less student

4th gen iPAD would be great. Love my playbook for the size but there are so many times that a bigger screen is needed and the wife won't loan me hers

I want an Iphone 5, reason why?
In time with the season a small rhyme:

The 3GS is getting tired, therefore a 5 i desire,
an Iphone to match the GS I've had, that never made me sad.

its either ipad mini64 gb or ipad 4 64 gb --- being that im on a private school salary those items are but only a dream away! Thanks!

Probably an iPad Mini. I don't have tablet from any OS as I stil l don't really have a need for one. I'll probably use it to read news articles and look up certain things while lying down in bed or use it while I half watch tv.

Or maybe in iPhone 5 as a gift to someone. Well, if I'm the winner, I'll decide if that time comes.

A black iPad mini, please. I travel a lot, and the tiny size would allow me to carry more of my personal life with me on business trips.

I like the iPad Mini. I just think it's the coolest tablet on the planet right now. And it's cute!

I'd like an iPad mini LTE please! :-) So that I can make my iPad (3rd gen) can be my home computer... After playing with the iPad mini for a while, my iPad just doesn't feel portable anymore.

my very first apple product was the power mac g4. It runs really slow so it just sits in a corner of my bedroom. I'm having a hard time parting with it. I have the 2nd generation ipod touch which I love. My gf got me my first iPhone (iPhone 5) last month and I LOVE IT!!! I just love APPLE products. I've always wanted a MacBook Pro but I haven't had extra money to get one. So, with that all being said I would love to own an iPad or iPad Mini. Being able to have the luxury of being on the go with one in hand at all times, who could ask for more? AND enjoy relaxing in bed reading all the great news on iMore!! :) That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Merry Xmas!!

If it were to be an iPhone, definitely the iPhone 5.
If it were to be an iPod, the iPod Classic (because who doesn't need more space?).
If it were to be an iPad, the latest and greatest Retina iPad.

I'd love a new iPad Mini. I tend to do most of my novel reading in bed at night or if lucky in the morning. The standard sized iPad is a bit too cumbersome for that purpose. The mini seems ideal. Retina? The resolution seems fine to me.

Well, I'll like to get all 3 of them!LOL! But no seriously, I'll take which ever one I get! Thanks for your great Giveaway! And I'll lke to get one of them or al 3 because I only have the old iPod and I really can't afford any other new Apple product.

My children rule the computer , my wife has her laptop ,I would love to have the iPad Mini for Christmas

I would like the Ipad mini for my wife. She is currently unable to work and we are raising the grandson. What a perfect way to teach him. Come on, pick me please.

I would love the ipad mini it would go great with the rest of my apple collection... Thankyou and Merry Christmas

IPhone 5

Mine was stolen, never recovered
I was able to brick it with find my iPhone and had everything backed up.

no insurance, so I feel really lost with out it, can't depend on Santa for a replacement.

Happy Holidays

I would love an iPad with retina display. I could share with my daughter. She's asking Santa Claus for one, its just out of Santa's budget I believe.

I want an iPhone for all the apps! I have never owned a cell phone before and had no use for one until the iPhone. I have wireline phones at home and work and saw no benefit to being tethered to a virtual phone cord 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The transformative power of iPhone apps became apparent to me as a blind person when I got lost this summer in a suburb north of Chicago. I live in the city and don’t know suburban streets, despite the Braille notes I took from the turn-by-turn directions I obtained through a mapping website. When I asked people on the street for directions, they pulled out an iPhone and used a mapping app to tell me the answer. One guy even used the iPhone to know where he was. He had no interest reading street signs or house numbers. That’s so last century it seemed. I had heard the iPhone was accessible to the blind with a talking interface. When I learned that this audio interface could not only offer mapping data but guide me step by step down a street to directly in front of the door of the address I was visiting, I thought the iPhone was nothing short of amazing. After learning about this powerful tool from friends, I realized I had to have one to give a big boost to my independence.

I knew nothing about the iPhone, but soon learned it was rather expensive, costing more than most desktop or notebook computers. I read an article on Life Hacker about the iPhone and the Straight Talk phone service. I e-mailed the author about finding a used iPhone. He offered me his demonstration model for a reasonable price. However, it was an iPhone 4. Thanks to iMore, I quickly learned the major differences in iPhone models. Siri is highly compelling. It will enable me to be even more independent than what I thought possible just with the maps. I declined his generous offer and decided to wait to compare the 4s to the upcoming iPhone 5. Renee’s excellent podcast review convinced me that the speed of the new chip was worth waiting for the 5. Now that it is for sale unlocked, I can’t wait to begin putting it to work in furthering my independence. I want the iPhone 5 to take me to places I could not go to on my own.


iPad mini please....I'm constantly on the road and I'm not sure if I will get to see my wife or son for Christmas..the iPad mini is light and ultra portable...that way my arms won't get too tired from the prolonged FaceTime chats this holiday!!!

hi id like to enter to win an iPad id prefer the full sized ipad please. Id like one because i bought a galaxy tab for my first semester and majority of the applications and systems at my school incorporate better with the iOS ecosystem. Also lugging around my macbook all the time is starting to wear on my back. Thanks for the opportunity.

iPad Mini...currently I always travel using iPad which a bit bigger. iPad Mini would helps me a lot! Thanks iMore!

Would love to win either an iPad Mini or an iPhone for my wife to use on her trips as a Flight Attendant for Alaska Air. We don't have money available for significant gifts this year, and her first iPhone took a suicide dive into our toilet a matter of weeks after she got it!

Would love a iPhone 5..
Perfect sized phone for normal hands.. Quality hardware, huge ecosystem, easy usable interface and stability..

I would like to win a iPhone 5. I have had the newest and latest iPhone every time it comes out. Up until this year that I had unfortunate events that have hurt my financial state and I can't no longer afford to get one on my own. I love apple and its products and only have an iPhone 4, but I would love to have the powerful iPhone 5. Thank you for the opportunity imore.com

Dear Santa,
My nine year old would like the iPad mini so that I, her father, can have my iPad back when she is with me (as you may recall since you are Santa, I am single dad). She would like it so she can watch Netflix, and other video associated apps (Disney, ABC-she loves Wipeout, and, of course, YouTube). Once she, or we, win the iPad Mini, I can have my iPad back when she is with me.

Merry Christmas to the iMore Crew! Thank you for always updating us with the latest information! All this college student wants for Christmas is an iPad Mini. If not, no worries.. you guys are still awesome!!

I want the black iphone 5 please , It will be my best smartphone ever . I really need it when i am outside ( and inside my workplace )

iPad Mini (white/silver). I've read many postings, and there are people who need a christmas for a child or loved one, much worse than I do.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays iMore and friends.

I would Very much like a shiny new iPhone 5! This 3Gs of mine is wearing a hole in my pocket that, as a starving college student, money is certainly not!

This would make a terrific gift....for me! Prolly like the iPad mini as it would be much handier due to its size for work.

Dear Santa, for Christmas, I'd like an iPad Mini, so I can end the silly office rivalry with my colleague. He keeps showing off his Nexus 7.

I would live the ipad mini lte to complete the collection and it would be great for my on the go needs

I would like an iPhone 5 please. Although, the opportunity to have any iOS device would please me. I've always wanted an iPhone, I just currently can't afford to buy it. Thanks ; )

I would love an iPhone 5 in White since my mom got her Samsung Galaxy Note 2 while i have the 4S and she kept on telling me that her phone was wayyyyy better than mine (which is totally not true cause, DUH - iOS rocks!) So i'd like to brag about this if I win an iPhone 5 and tell her that mine's wayyyyyyy better than her. Haha!

I would LOVE to win an iPad mini or an iPad. My 8 yr old son was just diagnosed with ADD. I didn't know there was a problem until he started having issues at school and his grades started dropping. He is a very intelligent little boy, but he has a hard time focusing and concentrating on anything that isn't of specific interest to him. Homework has been a real problem. The times that he completed all the homework that was required was done so hastily, that it wasn't legible and he didn't get credit for it. He got in trouble when he didn't do it, and when he really put forth an effort, he still didn't get a passing grade. His teacher and I recently discovered that by letting him do his homework on his iPod, not only did he complete his homework correctly and on time - he was actually excited to do it! He has a 2nd generation iPod and it doesn't support the Spelling City app that his school uses. With an upgrade to an iPad or iPad mini, he could rock again in school!

I would love to have a new (refurbished, whatever..) iPad mini. I think they are so sleek! Thanks for the contest.

iPhone 5.
I have amplitube on my iPad and iRig. I am verry happy with it and I want to try it on stage with iPhone 5!

I want the new 4th gen iPad because my mom an I can only afford Internet, so I'd be a great source of entertainment especially if we could hook it up to our TV.

I'd like to win a new iphone please! I wanna get one for my mom, hers is so bad. Its a really bad flip phone that doesn't remember contacts. :/

I would LOVE an iPad 4!!! I unfortunately do not have a tablet. Keep up the great work guys and girls!!!

Another great giveaway. I would really like an iPhone 5 but any of the gifts would be great. Thanks again for the opportunity.

Ooooo - Santa, I'd like to have a full-sized iPad (in white) - pretty please!

:::::waiting by the tree:::::::::

I would choose an iPhone 5 or the iPad 4. No, I think I would definitely choose the iPad 4 or should I choose the iPhone 5? The iPad 4 is better. No the iPhone 5. I think I will wait for the iPad 5 or the iPhone 4? Hmm.
I will choose the iPad 4.

What would be the best Christmas present for me is an iphone 5 or an iPad! I want it and im looking forward to this! I love Apple products as i still have iMac,macbook,Mac mini and an old iphone 3gs.:-)

I've been thinking of buying an iPad for a while now as i commute quite a lot and my laptop is way too bulky for work on the go and the new ipad seems a blend of the perfect portability, power and battery life! Thanks for the great contest!

Actually, not for me. I want to give my mom an iPad for Christmas. I just taught her how to text and Facebook. Now I want we to have an iPad so that she can also use as a translator. :)

i would love to have a brand new iPhone5. beacuse with the new iPhone5 i can get my shot even better and also with the panorama shot (moreover this is christmas season). thank you, iMore and Merry Christmas!

All I want for Christmas is an iPad Mini. Price point is great just can't justify spending that $$ on myself during the holidays.

I would like win the iPhone 5 please, My upgrade is not do till the middle of next year and my wife wont let me buy it out right. Anyone who has been married for a long time will understand. Haha.

I'd like to have iPhone 5 because I thought that It's the best smartphone in the world. Luxury, Smart, CooL, and so marvellouS. With iPhone 5, everything we can do it !! :D