Enter now to win a $200 Ronin case from Element-Case!

Element Case unleashes the Ronin for iPhone 5, and you can win one for free!

Element Case makes some of the highest end, most exclusive, most luxurious iPhone and iPad accessories on the planet, and that's never been more true than with the Ronin for iPhone 5.

The Ronin FE blends CNC machined, aircraft-grade aluminum with ethically-sourced, renewable Ziricote wood offering a warm, lustrous finish and a soft, genuine leather backing for unrivaled style and protection unlike anything else in an iPhone case.

The Ronin features a wood and aluminum-blend frame completely encasing the iPhone 5’s perimeter with in-line volume, mute-switch and power button controls. Its slim-yet-stylish curves fully engulf iPhone 5 in a comfortable, smooth and luxurious package offering full protection and stand-out style no other aftermarket accessory can offer. Inspired by the clean lines of the “Katana,” or Samurai Sword, the Ronin bears its namesake for the legendary Japanese Samurai warriors with no allegiance to a lord or master -- thus the Ronin 5 lives in a category all its own.

I know they're drawing on Asian culture for inspiration, but to me the Ronin also looks like something straight out of the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. It the kind of case Elrond or Galadriel would have born into battle and used to smite many a ruin upon the mountainsides.

But here's the best news of all... You can win one of your very own! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling Element Case you want one! We'll pick one of you at random, announce the winner in our usual post next week, and Element Case will send you your prize.

And if you just can't wait that long run, don't walk, over to Element Case and order yours now!

Source: Element Case

Rene Ritchie

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Joe White says:

This case is absolutely beautiful, I'd love to snag one for my iPhone 5. I had an element case for my 4S and loved it.

Byron Ross says:

This case is GOD like, I will pay 199.99 for this

Ozy says:

Yes. It is Legend. It is Epic. It is Near to GOD.

SDTRMG says:

I'd like towin be cool

ShadowReaperX33 says:

I would greatly appreciate a case. Thank you!

tjlambert says:

Beautiful... This is the first case I've seen that looks good with metal that doesn't cover up the antennas on the back. Very purdy!! I Want Bad.

andrew202 says:

I want this for my iPhone 5. And I am first so I should win>

Darkchild1 says:

I want one...or two..or three.

jobu3434 says:

I would love this case

joenorton24 says:

I want them all! But I'll settle for one :)

msilva001 says:

I would really like one

nshine says:

Count me in! These cases look amazing.

kennylukman says:

I would really love to get one! Beautiful case indeed.

Premium1 says:

I'd love one, they look amazing

DMNDHN says:

What a masterpiece! I'd love one.

rchartier says:

I always buy cheap cases, I want a nice one for once! Pick me. Thanks for all the awesome giveaways.

paulbo says:

OOH, OOh Pick me. Pick Me

jeffmilton says:

I think it looks steam punk. I firmly believe if you put this case on, your iphone will be powered with steam.

chicagomatt says:

Dear Element Case:

I would love one of these, please!


ozt1ks says:

I'd looooove this case.

jasonact says:

Wow. That is one really slick case. I'm not sure I could bring myself to buy one (I'm not that cool), but if I WON one, that would be awesome!

zvandiver@gmail.com says:

Who would NOT want this case? It's too beautiful for words

TrivonT says:

I've always wanted an Element Case and have lusted after them for some time now. I was planning on purchasing one for myself and the wife this Christmas.

jmalloch says:

Very nice looking case. Would live to have one.

jsntrenkler says:

Element I want one, pretty please with sugar on top :-)

kwp217 says:

I would love one! Is it too late to be good Santa?

310mike says:

I would love one Element people! :)

sprocket2107 says:

would love to win one for my girlfriend. she would love this

kyoung711 says:

WOW the best Element case yet I want one!

2BTs4Me says:

That is the most gorgeous case I've seen! I really really really want one! My iPhone would be honored to wear it! :-)

Cowboykevin says:

I want one Element folks!

lion610 says:

It would be amazing if I could be on the receiving end of this giveaway.

D.Anderson says:

Finally!!! A well designed case, for a well designed phone. Thank you!

blake_woody says:

Element cases are awesome! I've never owned one before but I have looked into them and they are pricey but beautiful. Would make a great addition to my new Portenzo ipad mini book case :)

Tallulah Belle says:

I would love to have one:)

elducker says:

Love this case! Santa, if you're reading this please bring me one!!!

j_benj says:

Good lord that's a gorgeous case.. I'd love to buy one but I can't justify the purchase with xmas right around the corner. maybe someday they'll go on sale for a little less :)

Bill_Johnson says:

I'd LOVE one! Thanks for the chance to win one!

myerscb says:

I would love this case!

jhpx123 says:

Very nice. A little Pricey. But very nice.

Linda1892 says:

Stunning case; my iPhone 5 is just about to be removed from its box and this case would dress it beautifully!
I want one!

spacehog says:

sick case! doubtful ill get it so a promo code to buy one would be awesome..

wcowings says:

This is the most spectacular case for iPhone 5 on the market. I would love to own one and would actually keep it on my phone, unlike other cases I have owned in the past.

mepting#IM says:

Nice. Thanks for the chance. Fingers crossed.

chris.lenderman says:

I recently received my Pad & Quill Little Pocket Book and it's been great...but I'd gladly gift it to the iMore community if I had one of these classy Ronin cases. Looks absolutely gorgeous!

jvernwald says:

Yes please! it's a nice mix of materials..

Evan Dean says:

I'd love one of the cases. I think that wood is such a great compliment to the clean look of apple products!

knightowl23 says:

I'm a fan of the case and a fan of the site! I love contests!

Eric Cannedy says:

This is beautiful - I want one!

marcundm says:

Thats a fine Case. Just cant wait to equip my iPhone with it and Feel it in my Hand

Shocky46 says:

I want one.
Would use it instead of the otterbox defender.

dvasquez1475 says:

The one case I have been searching for! Like its very very very......(outer voice)what did they tell me to say here?......which should've been inner voice...crap!

Dadditude says:

I am usually not one for putting a case on my iPhone, but this thing is so beautiful that I would GLADLY make an exception!

Quiney08 says:

This case is gorgeous! I would absolutely love to win one!!!

nashlib says:

Absolute gems. Want one.

Jerry5k says:

Thanks for the chance. Merry Christmas.

Mark_l says:

Finally a case stylish enough for iPhone 5, love it.

MihirAlve says:

I'd definitely take one for free

mmmpow3r says:

Love their cases. I'd run in the wild naked for one! Lol

louis_caston says:

OUTSTANDING. I definitely want one.

ilongbored says:

This case is awesome! I'd take one. Count me in! Would this make me a Ronin Warrior?

drsaluck says:

Looks classy. I would like one.

Daryl178 says:

I hope I can win this sick case!

toneynola says:

would love one for my first iphone

sbronko31 says:

Looks sleek and not too flashy. I would be honored....

99formula says:

Definitely would take one!

bbreckling says:

You people are great


piranhadonna says:

I would love one please!!!!!

kevinpratama says:

Simple, clean, elegant, and the pure beauty of arts. Choose me for this art

chengsz says:

I like my iphone naked. But case makes me want to put a case on it!

zinckey-o says:

Beautiful case, I'd love to show that off!!

ARM2k5#IM says:

Oh please! Oh please! Oh please! ;-D I NEED this beautiful piece of artwork in my life! What a great way to show off a masterpiece!

Jim Lund says:

Looks great. Thanks for the opportunity.

guitarman85 says:

This amazing case would look beautiful on my iPhone 5!

jadesimian says:

This case looks awesome! I'd love one!

alluvan says:

I would be so grateful to receive this beauty

MaicolGO says:

I want the leather one, but will take what I get if I win.

nataliekiro says:

HELLO Ronin... I love it and I want one too ;)

Stevej100 says:

WOW I would love to get one of those !

curve247 says:

I want one for my iPhone 5!

ardew says:

i would love the ronin please.

mungera says:

One case to rule them all!! I'd battle the evil Sauron of Mordor for it!

ntakayama says:

Looks very slick. Thanks in advance. ;)

Beezzy says:

I hope I win! This case looks awesome!

pNoyz3Ro says:

I WANT ONE!! Looks awesome!!

Thegoat8664 says:

That case is so clean, I would love one

bevin1 says:

Yes Pleas!!!! That look amazing!

rsd22 says:

Awesome. I just got my very first iPhone last week and have been thinking about putting a case on it. LOVE the look of this case! Fingers crossed :-)

Greg Warren says:

This is one of the best-designed, most beautiful iPhone cases I've ever laid eyes on. I'd love to own one!

Shawn Hunt says:

iPhone 5 is on the way, this would be a beautiful addition. Please and thank you.

Irelandjnr says:

Please by-golly pick me. I want on of these Ronin's for iPhone 5, by Element Case.

njlovold says:

These cases are gorgeous. Element Case, I want one bad! I hope I win!

bdhortin says:

I would love this case for my iPhone 5!

jimpalmer3 says:

Add my name to the pot! I'd love to wrap my new iPhone 5 in this!!

MAGNUS says:

Me gusta, I waunt that!

bradstoll says:

I want one! Looks awesome!

Rocky La Rochelle says:

Wow, this is one classy case. And yes, I want one!

Ginbill says:

Looks really nice. I would love to win one.

MacsRule says:

My iPhone 5 has seen the case and is in love. Please could you unite the two!

Tylorjd says:

I want one! Please....

mikells43 says:

i would love to have it.

hartill says:

Hey, it looks great. I'd love one.

jakeless.123 says:

These cases look so cool!! I want one please!

sgillila777 says:

Hello Element, I've spend a great deal of time mentally picturing it and I've come to the conclusion that my phone would benefit greatly from this case.

milesreach says:

I want one because it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen....tear

Damon Keith says:

Element Case really makes such gorgeous hardware. The wood element adds an amazing warmth and sophistication to an already great design. Ronin all the way! Yes please!

double3 says:

Amazing case. I'd love to win one!

shaleenshrestha says:

That is one of the most badass cases I have seen...Give me!!

card0124 says:

Coolest iPhone 5 case I have seen yet! I would love to get my phone into one of these cases!

jbudke says:

Please Please, Yes Please, My Precious, My Precious #Ronin

konaman01 says:

Ronin, the Samurai without an Emperor. Beautiful case. I too serve no Emperor, so with all consideration, I'd love one.

kendo says:

That is one impressive case. I would love to win one.

Can Saracoglu says:

Looks very classy, I'd love to have one!

sweckman says:

Christmas came early;) Nice one!

Jeff Kirvin#IM says:

I definitely want one of these.

brhume says:

I'd like to win this case. Congrats for your works... !

rubenoso says:

This case looks amazing.

baloghjz says:

I would love to win this beautiful case!

RCruz7 says:

Most beautiful case I've ever seen! I'd love it

slippieslik says:

Me me me me... I want one!

MiXoLoGiSt says:

Would be awesome to win that bad mamma jamma!

Bjones718 says:

That is a beautiful case, I would love to have it. :-)

andsoitgoes says:

Oh I WANT. I would literally sell my kidney for one of these sobs.

I couldn't afford to own one, I broke the bank on my devices to begin with, but to have one? Hot damn.

Olrac22 says:

Eh I don't want one....JK this looks great, I want one.

lbendezu says:

Looks awesome. I'd like one

pman219 says:

This case looks great !
I'd love to win one.

canarycny says:

man that is a elegant case

ChadMobley says:

I've always wanted one you the Element Cases!

miltp says:

WOW! Really great product. I'd love to win!!!

Enzo83 says:

Hey Element Case, send that baby over to me so I can exploit it to a new level! ;-)

faseyofar says:

OH that would look so very nice.

baconbits says:

Who wouldn't want one these? Dang I know I do.

Mando Nieves says:

I got sector 5, I like it but now I'm in love

RMcCall95 says:

I am a big fan of Element Case. Have recommended several friends to Element. I think I deserve a Ronin, by way of 'Thanks'. Would look absolutely striking on my iPhone 5!

Shaun Murphy says:

I'd love the new Ronin. I have the Sector 5 FE and love it!

TheArkitecht says:

Looks super cool, I would like one!!

RaulPalacios says:

Excelente yo quiero uno para estrenar mi nuevo iPhone 5 y protegerlo

vayda says:

It looks awesome! I want one.

sbonkov says:

There is a problem with the link to the article above
"ENTER NOW: Win a $200 Ronin Case for your iPhone 5!"
link leads to: admin.imore.com/element-case-unleashes-ronin-iphone-5-and-you-can-win-one-free/

NSkou1 says:

Hey Element Case, hook it up. I'd love to win this!! And I'll brag about it to everyone I know.

Chris Herold says:

I want one! This case would be awesome to use with my iPhone 5!

Bosswatts says:

Please let me win this. :)

Yellowfddriver says:

I've had a few element cases and I really enjoyed them. This one looks like something that's completely different and amazingly special. I'd love to have one, Element!

rosmakloma says:

Yes, please, and thank you!

kenkenken says:

The Ronin for iphone5 looks amazing. I'd love one.
I had one of the japan cases from Element on my iphone 4s and loved it.
Would be great to upgrade with my new phone.

wlk2008 says:

Me meee i want one too....

Chris Merryman says:

This is the most beautiful iphone 5 case ever and I would be honored to sport it. Thanks.

Lynx says:

Definitely a slick case and it has the price tag to match! I would to win this for sure :)

ErickP says:

Good lookin' case. Would love one.

tannera54 says:

<=== This guy right here

mktz says:

I would really like this case

rpritch says:

I think i NEED this now!

exel2000 says:

OMG it' looks awesome! would lave that bad boy!

Acoats says:

Way cool case. A must have for me, a must send for you!

dphillippi says:

Time to get dressed up! I would love one. Thanks

SheikShaka says:

One for me!! desperately need it!

sim5728 says:

Wow great competition, hope I win.

Jfruits1 says:

One for me!!!!!!!!


whnn says:

Count me in for a chance to win an Element case, thanks.

sarder says:

I was just looking at this on their site, would be awesome to win one. I see Lunatik is close to rolling out the taktik 5 too, their website recently updated.

Kevin Lau says:

I would love to win one!

bkgohardNY says:

This case looks awesome!!! Let me have it!! I would love to win an element case!!

Sebastian Mendieta says:

I would so much love to have one por favor!

Miguel Bueno says:

Wow! Those cases are amazing! Only one winner! And I would like to win! Thanks iMore

erikvande says:

Would love this case as an Xmas prezzy!

Erik Peterson says:

Best looking phone case I've seen yet! I would love to win one to wrap around my iphone 5.

Guissetteo says:

I would this case! Tired of my otter box case I bought from you guys!


jleetj says:

I want one!...Pretty please...

Gabriel Denis says:

Love the high class look and it would match my high class iPhone 5. Please pick me!!!! Best of luck to everyone else.

icyArthur says:

It looks awesome, get me one!

Ronno971 says:

That really is a good looking case. I'd like to have one.

MLuv001 says:

Nice I'd take one please.