Instacast 3.0 for iPhone and iPad now available

Instacast, the very popular podcast app, has been updated (as a new app) with a completely new design and a new robust syncing mechanism. Instacast is also now a universal app for iPhone and iPad so that you can enjoy and follow your favorite podcasts with any iOS device.

Switching from Instacast 2 to 3.0 is like buying a brand new car. While everything looks quite familiar, you have a much better experience. Everything just smells fresh and feels great in your hand. And this car has been rebuilt completely with modern technologies.

The new features of Instacast 3.0 include a brand new look that removes a lot of friction by making everything accessible with fewer taps. The developers also switched out a lot of old methods with newer technologies like automatic reference counting and Core Data to make Instacast better and faster. Alongside these fancy new technologies is Instacasts new Cloud sync. Instead of using Apple's iCloud to keep your podcasts in sync, the folks at Vemedio put in a lot of work to create their own. All you need to do to use it is sign-up for a free account and all your data will be seamlessly moved to the cloud.

Instacast has been one of our favorite podcast apps for quite some time and the new Instacast 3.0 makes a great app even better. Are you a podcast subscriber who uses Instacast? If so, let us know what you think of the update!

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$4.99 - Download Now

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Reader comments

Instacast 3.0 for iPhone and iPad now available


me too. glad i'm largely fine with the free alternatives in 99% of the app categories. interestingly i Downcast is one of the few pay apps i have. happy with it.

disappointed that it is not an upgrade. if i do decide to buy, will it "upgrade" my old version and capture my current settings/podcasts?

If you sync your settings to iCloud or have exported your subscriptions to a OPML file. Be careful though, there might be an issue with restoring subscription info as nothing seems to be refreshing after a restore.

I take issue when Devs pull this type of shady garbage. I purchased what was apparently Instacast 2.0. Paid to upgrade to "Pro" to get push notifications (which never worked anyway). Purchased the iPad version to sync podcasts between my phone and tablet (which never worked anyway).

Oh, and now they want another $5 to basically repurchase what should have been a working product all along? No thanks.

I agree. I'll never touch this app for this reason alone. Add things via IAP is one thing, but to charge again for some decent, but RELATIVELY minor changes, that's not cool.

Sucks that it is not an upgrade but I get it. I'll pay the $5 since it is an app I use everyday... I just hope iCloud sync is improved.

Unfortunately there seems to be problems with subscriptions and syncing with this version. Supposedly there's already 3.01 being submitted.

I agree, though no universal SUCKS. And I'd kill to have them download my podcasts straight into Dropbox. The only feature I liked about doing it through iTunes is that I wouldn't have to deal with the loss of space. I'm always behind and they suck down a LOT of space.

i actually prefer downcast. tried instacast but it preferred Downcast. But that was when they were the same price. now i'm glad i chose Downcast. That said bet when they go to a new version they'll try to charge me too. That would suck.

The app is now universal. It also ditches iCloud sync in favor for Vemedio's own syncing solution. By now you probably have seen some of the "Janky-ness" of apps using iCloud to sync data.

I had bought Instacast 2.0 but had switched to Downcast because I wanted a universal app with iCloud sync. I was interested in checking out this newest update but after seeing as it's not an upgrade, I'll gladly stick with Downcast which has been FLAWLESS (iCloud sync included).