Foxconn to expand American manufacturing operations

Foxconn to expand American manufacturing operations

Foxconn is planning an expansion of its American operations. Foxconn is known for manufacturing Apple products, along with those from companies such as Samsung and HTC, and this news comes after Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that one of Apple’s Mac lines will be manufactured in the United States starting next year, with Apple investing $100 million in that operation. It is not known at this time if Foxconn will partner with Apple for this Mac line. As Bloomberg reports, the challenges facing Foxconn in this expansion are primarily about skill level and experience:

“Supply chain is one of the big challenges for U.S. expansion,” Woo said. “In addition, any manufacturing we take back to the U.S. needs to leverage high-value engineering talent there in comparison to the low-cost labor of China.”

Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou, who founded the maker of iPhones, iPads, PlayStations and televisions in Taipei 38 years ago, wants to bring U.S. engineers to Asia to train them in manufacturing before deploying them back home, he said at a forum last month.

Foxconn already has a presence in the United States, with factories in Texas and California that manufacture partially-assebled products. But expansion into the United States comes as the electronics manufacturer is increasingly under fire for its labor practices in China, and more and more of the mainstream has become aware of just where their gadgets come from. Though both the processors and glass for iPhones are produced in the United States, many have called for Apple to manufacture the phones themselves here as well. With Foxconn expanding their U.S. manufacturing, the day when iPhones say “Made in the United States of America” might be closer than we think.

Source: Bloomberg

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Foxconn to expand American manufacturing operations


Oh yay... manufacturing is going to come over to the U.S. -- get over-run by union thugs, and cause the already steep prices of Apple to get even steeper! I hope to god that Apple hires more robots than people or blocks the development of unions (which I believe they have done at their stores). It's one thing to hire good, solid, American workers -- it's another to hire a bunch of people who feel entitled to everything... especially from a company as wealthy as Apple. Of course, if all the illegals that inhabit most factory jobs today get the jobs -- the production might as well not happen here anyway. Hiring illegals is no better than hiring foreign labor when it comes to supplying jobs to unemployed AMERICANS / LEGAL workers.

See what happens...

It's called being a realist. Something a lot of people apparently hate to perceive these days because they believe in achieving some collective utopia where everything is full of cupcakes and kisses and everyone "gets a fair chance".

Why would I (or any rational individual) be a supporter of a civilization where nobody is better than another, or a society where excellence and individuality is discouraged? That's what people are asking for.

I don't know why people have such a hard time with what I said. It's how this nation works in the factory world. But whatever - let's just ask Hostess how their day is going. Oh wait...

Oh, imagine that: Fox News sent a correspondent to troll right here at lil' ol' iMore to bless us with some corporate, union-busting propaganda...with a dash of racism thrown in at no extra charge!

Chill out, Soggy--your side is winning the Labor vs. Management battle, so I don't know why you're so touchy.

Labor Unions: the people that brought you workers' rights, higher wages (albeit they've been going down since the 60s), the weekend, the 40 hr. workweek, overtime pay, and a much greater likelihood that you'll return home from work in the same condition as when you left that morning...among a plethora of other social benefits...

Right - because any opposing view means "Fox News". I mean, wow!! I even got the ever-so-shocking race card thrown at me "at no additional charge" when no race was ever brought up. Careful - let's try not to let your colors show at "lil ol' imore".

This is the problem with Americans these days, as long as they save a dime they would rather gut their infrastructure and labor capital by exporting the jobs overseas.
I would gladly pay a little more for an apple product if I knew that the product was manufactured in the USA - many accuaries have been shown that if Apple charged $80 more for a iphone and bring the jobs to the USA, that Apple would still turn a very good profit. True 'american workers who feel entitled to everything' is what you represent, by wanting a product for cheaper even if it means your standard of living drops because you cant get a good labor producing job. The standard of living increase that these jobs would provide is well worth the extra cost of the product, especially if those workers are making good money and recycling their wages in the local economy, that will make sure the local economy is bolstered which will cyclically affect everyone in the USA.

I am sure you dont know anything about Foxxconn and those Chinese people's standard of living at that facility, which is a true testiment of how ignorant you truely are.

Increase Tariffs and producers could afford to hire Americans and not illegals.