Celebrate the Holidays with A Charlie Brown Christmas for iPhone and iPad

Celebrate the Holidays with A Charlie Brown Christmas for iPhone and iPad

A Charlie Brown Christmas -- one of the most classic Christmas stories -- is available for the iPhone and iPad as an interactive story. Just like It's The Great Pumpkin, A Charlie Brown Christmas is extremely well made, fun, and engaging for kids and adults alike. You must help Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang as they try to find the true meaning of Christmas.

Included with the flip style book book with awesome animations and graphics, A Charlie Brown Christmas also lets you play Schroeder's piano, finger paint with the gang, and go carolling with the Peanuts choir. You also get to participate in the Spectacular Super-Colossal Neighborhood Christmas Lights and Display Contest and unlock decorations for your very own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

The book is narrated by Peter Robbins, the original voice of Charlie Brown, and includes original dialogue from the 1965 classic and remastered illustrations, animation, and music optimized for the iPhone and iPad.

If you are a fan of this awesome classic, and especially if you have kids, you need to download A Charlie Brown Christmas for iPhone and iPad. Seriously, you have to! It's awesome.

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Celebrate the Holidays with A Charlie Brown Christmas for iPhone and iPad


Getting this banned might as well go along with torching the Mona Lisa. It's art, regardless of the subject and remember many years ago turning the channel on the TV (an actual knob) and getting the rabbit ears just right to watch this along with all the other classics from the early years of prime time television. No video on demand, or giant screens...

I remember when having a 19" TV was considered "big"...

Time sure flies!

Because of a short, several minute long segment, where Linus responds to the question " Doesn't anyone know the meaning of Christmas?". He mentions the birth of our Lord. It's become a big enough issue that a church in Little Rock, Akansas has canceled a planned presentation of a play adaptation of the show.