Element Case unleashes the Ronin for iPhone 5, and you can win one for free!

Enter now to win a $200 Ronin case from Element-Case!

Element Case makes some of the highest end, most exclusive, most luxurious iPhone and iPad accessories on the planet, and that's never been more true than with the Ronin for iPhone 5.

The Ronin FE blends CNC machined, aircraft-grade aluminum with ethically-sourced, renewable Ziricote wood offering a warm, lustrous finish and a soft, genuine leather backing for unrivaled style and protection unlike anything else in an iPhone case.

The Ronin features a wood and aluminum-blend frame completely encasing the iPhone 5’s perimeter with in-line volume, mute-switch and power button controls. Its slim-yet-stylish curves fully engulf iPhone 5 in a comfortable, smooth and luxurious package offering full protection and stand-out style no other aftermarket accessory can offer. Inspired by the clean lines of the “Katana,” or Samurai Sword, the Ronin bears its namesake for the legendary Japanese Samurai warriors with no allegiance to a lord or master -- thus the Ronin 5 lives in a category all its own.

I know they're drawing on Asian culture for inspiration, but to me the Ronin also looks like something straight out of the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. It the kind of case Elrond or Galadriel would have born into battle and used to smite many a ruin upon the mountainsides.

But here's the best news of all... You can win one of your very own! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling Element Case you want one! We'll pick one of you at random, announce the winner in our usual post next week, and Element Case will send you your prize.

And if you just can't wait that long run, don't walk, over to Element Case and order yours now!

Source: Element Case

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Reader comments

Element Case unleashes the Ronin for iPhone 5, and you can win one for free!



WOW this case is just beautiful,
The most beautiful case i ever saw for the iPhone 5, the combination of the aluminum and the wood is just awsome!
I already broke once my iPhone 5 screen,
But 199 USD is a bit too expensive for me for a case after i paid this much for a new screen..
Would love to have one like this to keep my iPhone 5 safe!

Thanks iMore and Element Case for your awsome cases and for this great giveaway :)

I just got my dad an iPhone 5 yesterday and he would be deliriously happy if I got him this case. Hook it up, iMore!

This is the most beautiful case I have seen yet! I would love to get one of these for my brother's iPhone 5! Would make a perfect Christmas present!

Damn it Element. I just bought an iPhone 5 case and love it. This one is calling me though. I'm such a sucker.

I would love one - please pick me! I'm a huge klutz, but have managed to keep all my iPhones in good shape! Please help me keep that up. :)

I love Element Case! I've wanted one for all my iPhone but haven't gotten one yet. I'd love this one! This is a case that I would want on my iPhone 5!

I'd love one and heres's why. I think the iPhone is beautiful and most cases are ugly. That is why I never run my phone with a case. However I've found that the iphone5 is very sensitive and, unlike all my other iPhones, this one is all scratched up, chipped, dented, I even shattered some of the glass on the back, something I've never done before. Still, I haven't bought a case because all the cases I've seen are terrible. This case is the only case I've ever looked at and thought it was as beautiful, if not moreso, as the iPhone itself.

I would love to have one of these from you to protect my phone as you make a great phone look even better.

Right on - reminds me of something out of the Hobbit! I really like the machined aluminum and wood combo. Please pick me

Classy, refined, and strong....Oh this isn't a personals website? Well those also apply to this case so my words aren't a complete loss.

Looks good, mine's been naked till now. This case may be the one to convince me to clothe my 5's magnificent body.

Good day Element Case, I would love to have a Ronin case for my iPhone 5 please. This case is the best that I've seen so far for my phone without making it bulkier. Thank you in advance for my Ronin case for my iPhone 5.


I bought one of their earlier iPhone 4 cases on Georgia's review and loved it. It wasn't compatible with my backup battery so I ended up leaving it behind on long trips, but I was proud to show it off at other times.

I hate the idea of rocking a case on my beautiful iPhone 5, but this is too damn sexy to resist. Pick me, pick me!

Woah!! I've never seen such a nice case! I have just purchased my first Iphone and would love to be able to protect it and show it off with the Element Ronin iPhone 5 case!

This is one of the nicest cases I have seen, it would look unbelievable on my iPhone 4. I am an attorney and it would look sharp in court. I'd know I wold get all kind of comments.

now that i oen 2 iPhone 5's i have been on the hunt for a decent case. nothing really suits me up to this point. Man would I like to try one of these babies. Talk about super nice

I would totally drop the money to buy this case, but I would really like to win it and maybe then I could get the Back Ops version. I liked the Vapor 4 a lot despite issues that were due to the phone, and not the Element's fault. The price now is way higher for the premium but I can see where the quality difference would be with the new iPhone 5 cases for the price.

Help me help element case get the word out that they make the best cases for iPhones. Show some Midwest love. Is Iowa ready for a case like this? I'd love to have a Ronin case so I can answer confidently that I got it from Elementcase.com!!

iMore and Element Case, I would love to get my chance at this amazing case. I am currently unemployed and there is no room in the budget for something like this, but from the moment I saw this amazing case I knew it was only a dream to own something so extravagant. I would love to have this case! Thanks

Wow.... it looks great, I would love one, but pretty sure with that price, it'll never happen for me, unless....

This is THE best looking cover I've ever seen. It perfectly compliments the engineering feats of the iPhone 5 and is one of the only covers out there that actually makes the iPhone look BETTER.

Of course I want one! Everyone with an iPhone 5 should get one!

Never won anything on crackberry with my 9900 . Now I got the iPhone 5 a prize on my first post would be the icing on the cake. Really enjoying the iPhone experience BTW

Would definitely love a Ronin ! Big fan of element case and this may be my first element case.


This is the Feng Shui of iPhone cases- a perfect blend of wood and metal.

Element Case: Congratulations, you have made a uniquely beautiful product. I would be delighted to receive one. Thanks.