Google's new iOS maps rumored to pin themselves in the App Store tonight

A real render of not real Google Maps on iOS Attention blokes driving through the Australian Outback, Scott Forstall, or anyone else who needs to actually get where they're going: Google Maps may natively return to iOS as early as tonight, according to anonymous sources as cited by All Things D.

Not a whole lot to say other than it can't happen soon enough, and that it's been about a month since we heard Google's app was in late-stage testing after being ousted as a built-in feature over the summer. While Apple's foray into the wide wide world of mapping hasn't necessarily been an abject failure, neither has it been up to par with Google's product, or, for that matter, what we'd expect from Apple.

Source: All Things D

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Google's new iOS maps rumored to pin themselves in the App Store tonight


Navigon suits me fine... the native Apple Maps works equally well for me... Google is a meh for me... I may give it a go sometime. Or not.

How do you know this Google maps will be better than Apple? Anything Google has done prior to now sucked on iPhone - which is why I bought Navigon... which one can get on sale occasionally if one pays attention...

I think that with all the attention on Apple maps, that Google is going to release a top-of-the-line maps app, whenever it is released. If Google will just release one that is fairly equal to their maps on Android, it will be a great app. If they stay with the previous iPhone app, they might as well not release it. That is why I said better than Apple, just speculating.

I've seen some pretty bad directions in Apple maps, nothing I couldn't work around, but IMO Google maps is better at local searches and driving directions.

I have the 4s, and even when I had the s3 for a few days, I always end up using Waze. It's completely free, community driven, but loves to eat up your battery so make sure you have your car charger with you.

Ah! Finally my town's label will be back on top of my town! Not 100 kilometers away, in the middle of nowhere. :D