You Don't Know Jack brings hilarious multiplayer trivia back to iOS

Back in the spring, classic trivia game You Don't Know Jack as launched on iOS, but somewhere along the way it teetered out and was pulled down. Well, Jack is back, free, and plugs into Facebook. Every day, players can jump into a free round of five truly bizarre questions. Their score is then pitted against other random online players, or their Facebook friends that also happen to have played the same match. Players earn coins which can be spent on limited-use power-ups to crank up score, or on unlocking hilarious new mock-advertisers. Players will also have to shell out some coins if they want to to play more than once a day, which will probably be worthwhile since they're pumping out new content all the time.

I've been a long-time fan of You Don't Know Jack, way back to its Flash-based webshow days in the mid-90s, and it's great to see the game has evolved without losing its unique, in-your-face flavor. This is a must-download - go play it and have a few laughs.

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You Don't Know Jack brings hilarious multiplayer trivia back to iOS


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I don't know about anyone else. But If i'm trying out an app for the first time and I receive a message like that not allowing me to even use the app, its not a good sign. Uninstall for now.