Apple launches new status page for iCloud, iMessages, Siri, and other services

Apple launches new status page for iCloud, other services

Apple has launched a new status page for it’s stores, services like iMessages and Siri ,and iCloud that is far more granular and informative than the previous version. While the old page was simply a list of status messages pertaining to iCloud, the new page contains a board with a section each for Services, Stores, and iCloud. An indicator, either a green square for ‘Normal’ or yellow triangle for ‘Issue’, gives the status of each individual service, such as iMessage, Siri, or Mail.

Apple system status board

Additionally, below the board there is a timeline that details specific issues, as well as who is affected by them. The timeline gives the exact amount of time an issue lasted, both in text and on a view reminiscent of Calendar’s day view.

Apple system status timeline

This is a much more comprehensive and status page compared to the previous version, and it shows that Apple takes communication about service issues seriously.

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Reader comments

Apple launches new status page for iCloud, iMessages, Siri, and other services


MUCH better. MUCH better. Now, if it's actually updated real time, that will be a huge improvement. Previously, it was only updated, it seemed, after an outage was over with. Not helpful, except for covering their butts. Seems they're beginning to START to get "cloud".

My question like impaler's is this: is it auto updated by a bot or is it hand updated so it lags behind when something actually goes down?