Apple rumored to be working on an iPad mini with a higher resolution display and a significantly lighter new iPad

Apple rumored to be working on an iPad mini with a higher resolution display and a significantly lighter new iPadOf course Apple is already working on a new iPad mini with a higher resolution screen, and a full-sized iPad that will be thinner. Apple is always working on better, next generation versions of their devices. However, if you want to scratch "reportedly said so by sources in the supply-chain" off your rumor list, now you can. At least, according to Digitimes:

The sources have yet to specify whether the device will use Apple's Retina Display technology to enhanced resolution, but market observers said it is highly likely based on the development of past Apple products such as the iPhone and 9.7-inch iPad series.

Meanwhile, the sources also said that Apple will restructure the lighting of the next-generation 9.7-inch iPad from two LED light bars to one in order to decrease the device's overall weight.

The iPad mini is the only current-generation iOS device without a Retina display. The full-sized iPad is thicker and heavier precisely because it has a Retina display and the LED and battery that come with it. Making the iPad mini with Retina but without making it a monster, and making the full-sized iPad thinner and lighter so it's no longer such a monster are obvious, logical next steps.

And Apple is always working on just that. The only real questions are: how do they get there and when. Reducing the amount of LED is part of the how. We're still waiting on the when.

The iPad line used to be updated once a year in the spring. Both the iPad 4 and the new iPad mini, however, were released just last fall. It'll be interesting to see how quickly Apple can get these next-generation models ready, and whether they return to a yearly release schedule, or keep up a faster pace.

It's a tough call. To fast and Apple will be accused of "obsoleting" and "screwing over" past generation customers. To slow and Apple will be accused of "falling behind" the competition and "no longer innovating". Which is worse?

Source: Digitimes

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Apple rumored to be working on an iPad mini with a higher resolution display and a significantly lighter new iPad


The newer and better iPad Mini is actually ready to go but Apple is waiting for more suckers to buy the current version for Christmas before magically making the new one available in the new year.

I bought the iPad Mini with LTE and I have to say its the perfect size,I have had the iPad 1 and 3 and also the Nexus 7" And it was the Nexus that convinced me that I needed the Mini I personally didn't like the Android OS,So I was extremely happy that Apple decided to make a smaller version,So far It does everything I own a mobile computer service and being able to carry a small device instead of a laptop has been fantastic,And with Square Mobile payment plan I can now get payed right on the spot,I actually was able to get a 1 800 number for my iPad which costs only $1.47 a month and all calls cost 0.0125 cents a minute and I'm on the Canadian Bell flex plan which starts at $5.00 a month,So now I have an iPad that can make and take phone calls over wifi and over my LTE data plan which is way cheaper than my current cell phone rate.All I need now is a good Bluetooth head set and I will probably get rid of my cell all together.As far as not having retina it doesn't bother me in the slightest,I am finding that I use it more than my Macbook and my iPhone,The new iPad Mini is to me the device I have always wanted.

Definitely wait if you have the patience. If you don't care about Retina, get it now. I personally am waiting until the 2nd Generation comes out and then the 1st Gens will be cheap.

Apple should only come out with a retina display mini next year ppl are still catching up on regular sized iPads with the double release this year.

Ruh Roh... Blackberry and twigs are going to be hitting the web soon. Until their precious makes another flop that is. Tell me kemj... what does it feel like to be part of a collective that couldn't be any more insignificant than even old Brew-based flip phones?

Maybe for you. For me, my BlackBerry can't be topped for what I use it for. No, I don't use it to play Angry Birds or Instagram my coffee. The iPhone doesn't even have standard USB connections, no HDMI output, no DLNA support, and no NFC. Always stuck in an Apple world for everything you have to do must suck royally.

Other breaking new: The earth is round and expect the sunset to occur in the west this evening!

DOH! What do you expect Apple to be working on. lower resolution and heaver iPads?

Yeah how is this news?... and guess what the next iPhone is going to have a faster processor!

They will always sell their products, but I think consumer trend is to buy every other generation product. My 4S contract will not go out until August 2013, so I might as well wait for iPhone 6. When they stop supporting the new iPad with updates, then I will think about getting another. They did sell a ton of iPad Mimi's, but the lack of retina display was a drawback for many, so they will wait. As far as a thinner iPad, what is under the hood will mean a lot. If it is just thinner, will not really be enough. To me, instead of developing new products, make the things we really need work flawless. I want Siri out of beta, and working perfect. I need iCloud to sync without a hitch. I need street view in maps. They may seem minor, and you don't have a petty new product to buy, but making your services work is just as important.

People need to realize a couple things. The ipad mini is great the way it is. You can't just put a retina display on a device and that's it. CPU would need to be upgraded and also ram to keep up with the display technology. That will raise the cost of the device, not to mention the cost of the higher resolution display. The ipad is still not cheap now, but its cheaper than the retina ipad. Apple won't do it if it doesn't satisfy the price point, you don't destroy the kindle, nexus 7 and nook tab with a $500 ipad mini and guess what if next year they don't get it to the price point they need , there still won't be a retina ipad mini

I still don't understand why people feel screwed over by apple when new products are announced or released. My iPad 4 will still work just fine, and I still will have gotten a ton of productivity and enjoyment out of it even if they release an upgraded version tomorrow. Unless the only reason you invest your hundreds or thousands of dollars into their products is to enjoy 12 full months of having the newest toy, no one got screwed when they bumped the upgrade cycle this year.

At least you can usually sell your device for a solid chunk of the cost of the new device if you do need to upgrade.

I think those that feel "screwed over" are just the kiddies that can't stand not having the latest gizmos. I have an iPad 3 that I got around launch and I felt no anger and zero remorse over my purchase when the iPad "4" was announced. Hell, I actually forget it exists until someone mentions it in a post.

What's dumb about feeling "screwed over" is that we are dealing with technology. Only an idiot would expect to have the latest gadget when they walk out the door or open up the new package from FedEx. Technology products are outdated before they hit the shelves.

Anyone who buys a 1st gen iPad Mini is just asking to get disappointed when Apple come out with a Retina version next year. And an A5 chip? What?! If my phone has a better CPU/GPU than a tablet, there is no reason for me to buy it.

The elephant in the room is this. If the Mini goes retina (assuming double the current resolution) then what does this do to the bigger ipad line? It destroys it.

A 329 retina mini with a better PPI screen? Why in the world would anyone get a lesser quality more expensive bigger ipad?

The whole point of a the Mini is to be a low cost entry ipad. Its focus is thin and light. High res screens aren't part of that equation. It's wishful thinking to assume a retina ipad Mini is coming anytime soon.

Ha!! Exactly. I can't wait until they release the iPad Biggie. I hear it has an amazing 256 color display. ;)

Ha!! Exactly. I can't wait until they release the iPad Biggie. I hear it has an amazing 256 color display. ;)