iPhone 5 gets compared to upcoming BlackBerry 10 L-Series phone

The upcoming BlackBerry L-Series phone and its next-genertaion BlackBerry 10 operating system got caught on video this weekend, and of course that means it was shown off next to the iPhone 5. The video comes by way of Tinhte, who have a history of getting access to pre-release and prototype hardware.

BlackBerry 10 remains a really interesting looking take on a modern mobile computing OS, gesture-centric like the PlayBook OS that preceded it, but molded to better suit the size and needs of a phone. And as to that phone, it's blacked out similar to the iPhone 5 (something BlackBerry's been doing for ages), and angles closer to the Porsche Design BlackBerry Bold.

Overall, it looks hot. Whether it's hot enough, however, to reverse BlackBerry's current misfortunes and beat back Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 to re-solidify them as the number three player in the space remains to be seen. BlackBerry has money, but they don't have much more time. Here's hoping the nail the landing.

BlackBerry should be formally announced the device at the end of the month, and CrackBerry.com will, as always, be all over it.

Source: Tinhte via CrackBerry

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iPhone 5 gets compared to upcoming BlackBerry 10 L-Series phone


The camera seemed to boot up a bit on the slow side. All seemed good until he peeled off the back cover. If that's a selling point then how good is the battery life going to be?

The article title is misleading. The iPhone is only in the video for 15 seconds, and used to make a phone call to the BB10 phone.

I only skipped through the video after the first minute and a half or so, but my impression was the same.

I suspect that the person who crafted the headline/title didn't understand much else from the video, so s/he clung to the most imore-relative element.

It would have bee to understand the video. I just don't see how they think they can jump into the game this late and catch up. They might make #3 but that's it as Windows Phone 8 is no better than Windows Phone 7

I don't understand how most are so quick to put down BlackBerry. Some act like they invented the Iphone and if anything beats it the world is gonna end. Try and realise you're only a consumer aka.. a statistic as far as Apple is concerned and if a better product comes along you have nothing to lose.. but benefit by moving on. The new BB OS is looking really good and if it gets the job done... I'm 100% behind it.

RIM is getting kicked down the Palm Staircase of Doom (tm).
Exactly the same end-of-life trajectory: too little, too late.

It takes much more than just hardware (trivial) plus an OS (medium-hard) to compete in the smartphone world now. It takes a robust content + services infrastructure (ultra-hard) to even survive. Just ask HP about Palm + webOS.

It takes many years to design, build, test, and iterate that content + services infrastructure. And RIM doesn't have many years. I'd guess that 2013 is their last year of survival as an independent corporation.

[Update: RIMM removed from NASDAQ-100 today.]

The problem with Blackberry (RIM) has always been quality control. I owned five Blackberrys, and with the exception of the first, a Curve 8330, every other one had major deficiencies in terms of very basic functions. On the other hand, my Droids and, ultimately, my iPhone were faultless. I would never own another RIM product for this reason.

I just reserved one from Rogers. I bought the iPhone 5 outright it's going to be up on Kijiji the day of BlackBerry 10 launch. I can't wait to get my BB10 phone. Fresh new OS, gesture based UI, real-time multi-tasking, and more. I can't wait. BBM back up and running. BTW BBM is alot better than this iMessage crap. BBM is an actual social network.

I was unsure about what RIM was doing at first but as I have seen more about BB10 over the past few months I am now more convinced.
The new BlackBerrys will have full multitasking, a combined inbox, live icons, the ability to completely separate work and personal functions and full on screen gestures.
I think that in 2013, with it's static icons and physical Home button, the iPhone will be starting to look like yesterday's phone.

As a Canadian, I'd love to see RIM succeed in some efforts, but I just don't see it here. I'm still not seeing a wow factor.

It's not just with mobile computing and RIM though, I haven't seen anything really wow me in a while.

well i feel iOS is now startin to old look.. windows n blackberry have gone through some rough time n now comin up wid new OS.. but will it match to iOS n android? will to be have to seen in the future. but at the moment sellin points of any cell phones r.. Good OS, Large number of app collection, camera, looks, external memory, etc.. i have seen BB10 video's on utube.. till now i m impressed wid it.. the only thing it will lack is apps.

the best ever product review. Didn't understand a single word but that's how the BlackBerry products are, useless.

Had a tough time understanding that dude with the thick accent.

Anyhow, I am sure BB 10 will sell by the tens of tens.

Dollar short, many days late clowns over at RIM.

As of the close of markets today, AAPL shares have fallen 26% in the past 3 months, in the same period RIMM shares have risen 92%. I think that investors may disagree.

OK Yorkie......you put your money in RIM, and I will keep mine with Apple. We'll see how things shake out.

BTW. That growth you point to in RIM stock, if you purchased it a year ago you are effed. Last three years.....down 79%. And with all of the "hype" ( I use that word loosely ) they are still down YTD.

How is that iPad killer the Playbook working for you? Yep, I thought so.

Being a Canadian company, I'll take the puck bag I use for hockey with my kids over stock that will soon be worthless.

My PlayBook is doing fine. My only gripe is that the browser could be better, but it will be getting a new browser, along with the BB10 upgrade in 2013. This new browser has already been proven to be faster than Apple's.
The PlayBook has full multi-tasking, I've actually seen someone on the iMore forum defending the reasons why the iPad can only cope with one task at a time. I can open and close apps with just a flick of the finger on the screen, there is no outdated home button. It links directly to my BB phone for emails, contacts, appointments etc. and it can be fully controlled from my phone via Bluetooth. Can you do that with an iPhone?
I don't think that you will be left out of any of these technologies, as I am convinced that Apple WILL adopt some in the future.

Why do you add videos on your blogs that aren't in English? I think all of us don't know what he is talking about.

Meh. The phone looks like any Android phone and the icons/ui are just plain ugly. It looks like RIM is trying to "borrow" UI and gestures from Apple and Google and mangle them into something SLIGHTLY different. I don't think it will sell to anyone who isn't already drinking the RIM Kool-aid.

Why would anyone switch to BB from the iPhone or any decent Android phone? What does it offer that they don't? Nothing.

Except maybe crappier (and far less) apps and frequent battery pulls. Oh wait....those aren't selling points...

The most useful part of this video came at 3:53 showing you how to remove the battery, because if you have ever owned a BlackBerry before you know that is at least a daily task.

Here is the translation that I made:

Hello friends,
here we have a blackberry L-series running blackberry 10 operating system. This looks like the final prototype and does not look like the Dev version of the device like the Dev-A or Dev-B.
0:25 Here we have the Dev-B (shows Dev-B Phone); you can see the dev-B is in a different shell for blackberry to hide the final product detail.
0:35 This L- Series looks a lot better because the 4 corners are rounded and these 4 corners… theres a reason I cannot say why we taped it.
0:56 The back feels rubberized and feels good. Not too slippery
1:07 Here is the logo of the blackberry, this is the camera and Flash with.. not sure if it is 5MP or 8MP or something like that. Here on the left are ports for Micro HDMI and Micro USB. Here at the bottom is an indent for opening the back. Here are two volume buttons, and the center button is for pause/play music. The top is a sleep button, Camera mic and a 3.5mm jack.
1:38 Compared to the the prototype, it has all the same buttons and ports as the Dev-B.
1:55 The L-series is thinner due to not being put in a different shell. This might not be how the phone will look in the end, but it does look like it will be close and the phones seems to very nice and sturdy and can very well be the final product. 2:25 The front does have a camera for video chatting on the 4.3 inch screen. It is running blackberry 10 which is still beta. It does come unlock, not looked like other phones. This is showing the data and signal. It can also be used with 3G data and also wifi. You can also other network also that blackberry would not support before such as Blackberry hup (? did not understood that part).
3:12 Using blackberry 10 seems like is not limited to anything like other beta or other prototypes.
3:39 Lets try the camera. It seems to be very good and high definition.
The back is rubberized and in the back has a NFC chip which can send NFC info.
4:08 This is the LS1 battery which is like the Dev beta products. Now we are going to try and call with this L-series. you can see you can call normally. "hello hello, 1234" Okay thats all, thank you friends.