Letterpress 1.2 brings shared replays, improved dictionary, and more

Letterpress, the popular word game that won runner-up in Apple's 2012 iPhone Game of the Year category, has been updated with the ability to share replays of your completed games to Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Messages, or simply copy the link to share wherever you want.

When I first heard about the new replay feature, my initial reaction was "meh", but now that I've seen it, I think it's kind of cool. It simply displays the game with a "slide to play" element that let's you progress through the game one turn at a time. The words that are played are also displayed at the bottom. The only thing missing is the score of the game after each turn. I really hope that gets added in a future update. To see the example of a replay, click here to watch a game I just finished. You can view replays on your iPhone, iPad, or computer.

Some of the other changes included in this Letterpress update include a bunch of little tweaks, an improved dictionary, better handling of orientation changes on the iPad, and a clarification of what "prefix" means in the rules. atebits also reminds players that "Christmas" is a proper noun and thus not a valid Letterpress word. He also threatens to monetize our eyeballs in the release notes (jokingly of course!).

Some features I'd like to see in the future include in-game chat and the ability to save a small list of words that I may want to play in a future turn. iMore's Editor-in-chief, Rene, disagrees with me on the latter, however, and says it would be cheating! So, I want to know your opinion on the matter. Is the ability to store words in-brain a key component to Letterpress, or do you think being allowed to save a few words would improve the game?

What do you think about the update? Planning to use the replay feature to show of your skills? What other features would you like to see added to Letterpress?

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Leanna Lofte

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Letterpress 1.2 brings shared replays, improved dictionary, and more


I would love to be able to cbst in game. Ti be able to say things like "yes i did just use the word Qintars to win"
As far as saving words goes, i do it now in notes. Why not integrate it into the game itself?