Check out Givit Video Highlighter and enter to win a brand new iPad mini!

Check out Givit Video Highlighter and enter to win a brand new iPad mini!

Leave a comment for your chance to win a brand new iPad mini from Givit!

Givit Video Highlighter is an app that lets you take all the videos you shoot on your iPhone or have stored in Dropbox or SkyDrive, stitch them together, add transitions, effects, and music, and easily share the finished movie with the people you care about. In other words, Givit Video Highlighter lets you take great moments and turn them into great movies. And now they've released version 1.4.0., which comes complete with Twitter and Twitter card support, a simpler, better trimming interface, fade out effects, and a new plus button to add even more clips and color breaks while editing.

If you're already a Givit user, grab the update in the App Store. If you're not, grab the free app now and give it a try:

What's more, the awesome folks are VMIX Media are so happy with the update, they want to celebrate by giving a lucky iMore reader the chance to win a brand new iPad mini of their very own.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling VMIX which Givit Video Highlighter feature, past or present, is your absolute favorite. That's it!

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Reader comments

Check out Givit Video Highlighter and enter to win a brand new iPad mini!



I definitely use Dropbox to store my iOS videos. This has helped me create sample commercials quickly and effectively with my online storage!

No Length Restrictions: with Givit, I can share highlighted video reels of any length or size! Thanks, Givit and iMore!

Dropbox integration definitely. Makes everything a lot easier esp since I have all my videos synced to Dropbox anyway!

For me I'd have to say the transitions, that's what really seems cool to me and can make your vids really come together.

I Definately like the Dropbox feature. I keep a lot of my videos in Dropbox. This app makes it easier to stitch videos if my kids so I can share them with other family members. Thanks for your hardwork in making this app.

I really like the transitions and the ability to slow down some of the frames to make it look slow-mo. It add's that certain pizaz to the everyday moments of life...

My absolute favorite feature of this app is the motion effects, and even more specifically,
slow -motion. What fun it is to make my little videos look so professional. Good job! Thanks for all your hard work in creating this!

I like that you can edit and stitch the best parts of a video, so easily, then upload to different accounts. Please let me win an iPad. I will take real good care of it.

The feature I like about this app is being able to experiment and edit videos together for free. This app could spark a future filmmaker or director.

The feature I like most is how seamlessly it syncs with Dropbox. It allows me to free up space on my phone instead of storing videos on there. Great app!

I like the idea of highlighting the content you want rather than shooting a whole bunch then cutting out what you don't want. This is MUCH faster.

Aloha, I love how easy to use this app is and how I can sync it with my Dropbox. Mahalo for the chance to win an iPad Mini, too! Mele Kalikimaka! Winning would give me a very Hau’oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year) after losing my job as a teacher due to the economic downturn!

The Dropbox integration is the best because I have all my photos and videos automatically upload there.

The best one is pulling my videos from Dropbox and stitching them together. I mean c'mon. how cool is that???!!!

I like the layout with editing and clipping or stitching videos together. Can't wait for the winner to be announce. Thanks again for the Chance to win.

The transitions are amazing! And to think that you can add music to evoke a certain emotion using the video is just priceless! Love it, Givit!

VMIX! Givit Video Highlight features that I like is "No Length Restrictions" and "Free". Thanks!

Great for our summer holidays here in Australia - looking forward to catching some great surf clips - Video Highlighter is so simple to use -

Live Highlighting lets me easily find the funniest moments in my videos, combining them to turn my ordinary life into a hilarious blooper reel!

I like the way you push play to start ruff cutting your highlight. It helps you to start creating something really quickly. Often the hardest step to creating is starting. Givit gets you going. I also like the way is gives you a step by step workflow. Its pretty intuitive. Well done.

The Live Hightlighting feature is great! One can now know where critical moments of video are and stop scanning to look for them.

Making a highlight reel is even easier now in the new version. Loving the changes to trimming clips and music fading!

I love the ability to pull videos from anywhere and put them together. It gives me much more freedom in how I capture and construct movies. Thanks!

I favorite feature is the dropbox integration along with the ease of stitching videos together.

I personally love the Dropbox integration and the video transitions are a lot of fun. Great application and you can't go wrong with free!

Just added thisnto my apps...! The more comments I read the more I'm looking forward to learning all there is to learn about this, seems like this app is gonna have all the features I need & more...!

Hey guys! I use Givit Video Highlighter quite often to make funny vids with my friends and I just love the effects! They're awesome. Plus, the 5GB free space is just sweet! Love the app!

I love the ability to store my content in the cloud, so I can access and share it from anywhere and the twitter cards feature means everyone can enjoy it too!

I'm really a huge fan of how the app syncs with my Dropbox account. That's what really makes it a killer app for me.

I love being able to stop and start recording while taking the video. That way I don't miss a thing but control what I record to make editing easier afterwards! Thanks VMIX

I love the effects you can do on the video, in addition to how easy it is to add different videos and stitching it together. Dropbox support is a huge advantage, too.

Love the simplicity in using it! Dropbox is a huge plus for me, my entire family has Dropbox accounts, and I'm teaching them to use Givit to share family memories! Has to be my favourite feature!

I kaitlyn hilliard would love to have a ipad mini ,well for my brother we been wanting one but i think he needs it more then me even thought he is a year older then me and I love my brother so i think he deserves it more ...SHHHHHH it is a secret

I only tried this app on my friend's iPad. I really like the Dropbox sync. If I got the iPad Mini, this is the first app I will download

Al my mom wanted for christmas is an I pad Mini. I felt bad because Im still to young to work an i wanted this to say thank u for all she has done for m. And its hard for me because I'm the only girl and the younget out of all 6.