Check out Givit Video Highlighter and enter to win a brand new iPad mini!

Check out Givit Video Highlighter and enter to win a brand new iPad mini!

Leave a comment for your chance to win a brand new iPad mini from Givit!

Givit Video Highlighter is an app that lets you take all the videos you shoot on your iPhone or have stored in Dropbox or SkyDrive, stitch them together, add transitions, effects, and music, and easily share the finished movie with the people you care about. In other words, Givit Video Highlighter lets you take great moments and turn them into great movies. And now they've released version 1.4.0., which comes complete with Twitter and Twitter card support, a simpler, better trimming interface, fade out effects, and a new plus button to add even more clips and color breaks while editing.

If you're already a Givit user, grab the update in the App Store. If you're not, grab the free app now and give it a try:

What's more, the awesome folks are VMIX Media are so happy with the update, they want to celebrate by giving a lucky iMore reader the chance to win a brand new iPad mini of their very own.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling VMIX which Givit Video Highlighter feature, past or present, is your absolute favorite. That's it!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 397 comments. Add yours.

dgreening says:

The feature I like is how easy it is to use and create a video.

valdan says:

I definitely use Dropbox to store my iOS videos. This has helped me create sample commercials quickly and effectively with my online storage!

Stoopidemu says:

I love that in syncs to my drop box so I don't have to store all the movies I working on on my iPhone!!

ripcity00 says:

Love the ease of use, integration with storage options and editing/splicing features!

tom.weiss2 says:

I'm a huge fan of the effects - great product, thank you.

abaggy says:

The ease at which you can select clips and stitch them together.

MobiJew says:

Love the dropbox sync and the ability to mesh videos together :)

tnations says:

I like being able to customize what events are assigned to the volume buttons.

Christ0f says:

No Length Restrictions: with Givit, I can share highlighted video reels of any length or size! Thanks, Givit and iMore!

Franasia says:

I like the music and transitions effects the most. Thank you.

konaman01 says:

Love the dropbox sync its a must.

clearrants says:

Dropbox integration definitely. Makes everything a lot easier esp since I have all my videos synced to Dropbox anyway!

Coach Albino says:

Slooooooooowwwwww mmmooooooooo is an effect I use the most! Thanks for the chance guys.

ZkiZZoiD says:

Simply the Best.. Slow mo is great. Thanks Givit!

pthompson913 says:

I love that it syncs with Dropbox!

TheQuicho says:

I like that it syncs with Dropbox!

beri says:

I love how the ease of sharing and syncing to dropbox!

Snowman81 says:

For me I'd have to say the transitions, that's what really seems cool to me and can make your vids really come together.

sandman369 says:

I love the ability to interlace multiple apps seamlessly!

BillJude56 says:

5 GB of their own cloud storage for free is nice.

ali.9 says:

The ability to easily take different videos and stitch them together is what I love :)

Jared Weichert says:

I like the transitions embedded into the app!

rstogy says:

I like being able to use unlimited number of clips.

jnichols_ttu says:

I like the Twitter support.

Fit24 says:

I like the ability to sync Dropbox!

dalbertson says:

I like how the effects are applied automatically so you can view them before saving the video.

ericakadinger says:

I like that there is now more free Xmas music! Perfect for the holiday videos I send my family.

Cantico says:

Great new app I can try!!!

macuzr says:

The dropbox sync is great.

javierb_55 says:

Very cool, trying my luck to win.

singhkvarun says:

effects and dropbox integration. Can I get a iPAD now:)

choppedscallop says:

Yeah, the dropbox integration is definitely a nice feature!

Santiagohen says:

I like the integration with cloud services like Dropbox.

Fred Sanders says:

The dropbox syncing is great!

dsmile says:

I love being able to stitch videos together.

McDaniel731 says:

I Definately like the Dropbox feature. I keep a lot of my videos in Dropbox. This app makes it easier to stitch videos if my kids so I can share them with other family members. Thanks for your hardwork in making this app.

areyes says:

Dropbox is nice, but really like the double takes and slow-mo

BigRhet says:

Easy to create video!!!

rchartier says:

Dropbox sync is the best!

Premium1 says:

Integration with storage services make this a must have app!

Vanti says:

I really like the transitions and the ability to slow down some of the frames to make it look slow-mo. It add's that certain pizaz to the everyday moments of life...

renegad3 says:

Givit r0x! Use it often, hopefully they hook me up with a mini!

f4c3m4n says:

Definitely slow-mo :) anything is funny in slow-mo... ANYTHING :D

tinysalmon says:

I like the transitions and effects.

samartin44 says:

The dropbox integration is such a great feature.

33497746 says:

Dropbox integration, easy to use and great UI. Done!

darrylmendo says:

Dropbox integration is clutch!

DeeMat says:

Dropbox sync is definitely my favorite feature.

jdwong says:

the drop box sync will be a fave

alokeprasad says:

Like how I can clip and join videos so easily.

tmmpcc says:

My absolute favorite feature of this app is the motion effects, and even more specifically,
slow -motion. What fun it is to make my little videos look so professional. Good job! Thanks for all your hard work in creating this!

StephenDavis says:

I like that you can edit and stitch the best parts of a video, so easily, then upload to different accounts. Please let me win an iPad. I will take real good care of it.

XangeloX says:

dropbox sync and highlighting, then stitching clips together.

dougdog says:

Love the effects. I also appreciate been able to upload videos straight to dropbox

djayme7 says:

definitely sloooow moooootion

emjayess says:

Definitely fade ouuuuutttttttt...........

cruzmisle22 says:

It would have to be audio fade out!

donutrev says:

The best feature to me is the beautiful interface. It not only looks good but makes it easy to use.

icecrystal23 says:

I like being able to share videos privately!

JeremieJones12 says:

The feature I like about this app is being able to experiment and edit videos together for free. This app could spark a future filmmaker or director.

clu10 says:

The feature I like most is how seamlessly it syncs with Dropbox. It allows me to free up space on my phone instead of storing videos on there. Great app!

tperlmutter says:

Sharing features, especially the ability to share video by email.

jp2stepr says:

No question, Dropbox integration. Good job.

KJowers says:

I love the effects the most!

Farmdreads says:

I love the Dropbox feature. It will save me tons of space on my iphone.

SinGaK1D says:

By far the easiest and snappiest app to use for videos.

Pk12 says:

It makes it easyer to create a video

parvezjj says:

how easy it is to put different clips together and sew them in with simple mechanisms

Bcloutier says:

Dropbox sync is definitely my favorite feature! :)

Mean110 says:

I like the idea of highlighting the content you want rather than shooting a whole bunch then cutting out what you don't want. This is MUCH faster.

rbarrera8915 says:

Just downloaded Video Highlighter. Thanks Givit!

mytime545 says:

Slow Motion Effects is my favorite it.

KekoaLani says:

Aloha, I love how easy to use this app is and how I can sync it with my Dropbox. Mahalo for the chance to win an iPad Mini, too! Mele Kalikimaka! Winning would give me a very Hau’oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year) after losing my job as a teacher due to the economic downturn!

twbbas says:

The Dropbox integration is the best because I have all my photos and videos automatically upload there.

affine says:

Dropbox is great, love the simplicity for changing speeds and adding music to videos!!!

jtemple33 says:

Live highlighting is pretty cool, just got it and experimenting now!

reevester says:

The best one is pulling my videos from Dropbox and stitching them together. I mean c'mon. how cool is that???!!!

dlarocca says:

i LOVE that it syncs with dropbox because I only have a 16 GB iPhone

Gabriel Denis says:

I like the layout with editing and clipping or stitching videos together. Can't wait for the winner to be announce. Thanks again for the Chance to win.

ceejaynweke says:

The transitions are amazing! And to think that you can add music to evoke a certain emotion using the video is just priceless! Love it, Givit!

4ndzt says:

VMIX! Givit Video Highlight features that I like is "No Length Restrictions" and "Free". Thanks!

Ernieican says:

Great for our summer holidays here in Australia - looking forward to catching some great surf clips - Video Highlighter is so simple to use -

fribbit13 says:

Live Highlighting lets me easily find the funniest moments in my videos, combining them to turn my ordinary life into a hilarious blooper reel!

harsh_padia says:

The intuitive and user friendly interface.

sabarig says:

dropbox sync is flawless!!. great app.

jplusn says:

The Dropbox sync is my fav!

CharlieHorse says:

I like the splicing/editing.

Zapflashgone says:

The fades have it, hands down...

timscottbennett says:

I like the effects -they're all excellent!

voodoo_ca says:

Dropbox sync - great feature!

tjhassan says:

I just love the fact that it exists.

NoahLoving says:

Dropbox support is critical to this app, really makes it useful

Finzor says:

I absolutely love the Dropbox sync feature, as well as the Twitter support. Love it!

glenners says:

drop box of course. enjoy

RWWackostu says:

The drop box sync is what hooked me!

gustovsjustin says:

Dropbox integration does it for me! As well as the primary function of stiching videos together!

fournwoof says:

I love the effects. Bye bye Instagram!

gagan1491 says:

For me, the best feature is that there is no limit on the number of highlights that i can apply..

dmdevore says:

I like the way you push play to start ruff cutting your highlight. It helps you to start creating something really quickly. Often the hardest step to creating is starting. Givit gets you going. I also like the way is gives you a step by step workflow. Its pretty intuitive. Well done.

Dionte says:

I like being able to stitch two videos together.

escapedrift says:

definitely dropbox feature.

ettobi says:

Great features. Drop box is big plus.

jcb18 says:

The Live Hightlighting feature is great! One can now know where critical moments of video are and stop scanning to look for them.

MacBipes says:

I would love to win the iPad Mini!

sbaba says:

Dropbox sync is very useful.

Ratane says:

For me, its social sharing. Love the effects too!

zuned says:

Definitely enjoy the Dropbox feature the most, makes it very easy to share with my family.

zetacool says:

I love how I can stich videos together that is just awesome!

darksmile says:

Dropbox sync is the one I like most.

Sascha Kam says:

Making a highlight reel is even easier now in the new version. Loving the changes to trimming clips and music fading!

trailracer618 says:

I've been looking for an app like this! Stiching! Transitions! Slo-mo!

swhaley1231 says:

The Dropbox synching is my absolute favorite! Keep up the great work!!

iMike44 says:

I like the slo mo and transition effects. Thanks!

spalten says:

I love how I can tie it to dropbox. What a great app!

Lucascorny says:

well I can see the potential with twitter integration. But I'm not gonna lie, I probably never gonna use it..


great app very fast smooth transition and I appreciate the
Dropbox integration.


being able to sync with Dropbox is pretty awesome

aegraham says:

Nice, looks like a cool app for the aspiring video producer in all of us!

BrianTufo says:

The dropbox sync for sure!

cvl105 says:

I love that this is adding twitter support!

kvand says:

I love that it syncs with dropbox.

nthn says:

I love the ability to pull videos from anywhere and put them together. It gives me much more freedom in how I capture and construct movies. Thanks!

cortamambo says:

Great app.
Nice interface, It works fast and is simple.

sunhou says:

Dropbox integration is nice.

draiken says:

The effects and DropBox SYNC

Charlf says:

Thats great no more lame bits in my vids, also looks a lot easier than iMovie

ehutchins says:

Dropbox and adjustable music fade are great!

pstmd says:

Dropbox sync makes it easy to move videos off the phone

Nuttz565 says:

Best video app on iOs. Thanks for the free update, you rock!

prewanabe says:

I love that I can access my dropbox videos.

alia_1 says:

dropbox access is my favourite one no more running low on space

jjolley says:

I like the dropbox sync the most!

ridgele says:

addition of dropbox is great!

Nurseguy76 says:

DROPBOX!!!!!! PICK ME!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

manneo says:

integration with dropbox.

Tommy says:

I favorite feature is the dropbox integration along with the ease of stitching videos together.

mled203 says:

User friendliness. It is a big plus for me, just so easy and intuitive.

BeyondtheTech says:

It's all about the interface, and this one has a good one.

Tmansmusic says:

The music and transition effects have me sold!

smthkat789 says:

Its easier to trim video and music clips is my favorite feature of Givit

jobosumm says:

i like the transition effects and slow mo :) very easy to use. favorite new app!

angermeans says:

I personally love the Dropbox integration and the video transitions are a lot of fun. Great application and you can't go wrong with free!

Sam192011 says:

Dropbox sync the best! and Effects are great!

iDonev says:

It's definitely the SkyDrive integration (I'm multiplatform like that)

James Tanagras says:

I definitely love the new twitter support!!!

stelios7 says:

dropbox sync, love the ipad mini

Glen Saldivar says:

It's so easy. Angels can do it.

pauley79 says:

I would have to Dropbox is a plus for me

pank says:

Dropbox sync, ease of use, and kick butt interface = Win. Really nice...!

huntersworld says:

I like the feature to stitch videos together. Really awesome...

archie222222 says:

That is cool...Givit Video Highlighter...I love to get my hands on it already...I want to test it...Thanks everyone!!!

Talker says:

2 Features: Fade Out -Pro Look- and Dropbox syncing.

Marksherwin Ovalles says:

Love the tips and how easy the highlight feature allows me to share videos! Boom! Givit!

zanderman101#WP says:

I love being able to have multiple videos at once. Simply beautiful.

iNitvizn says:

Dropbox support is a beautiful thing!

intuicity says:

I like the Live Highlighting feature...that's awesome and so pleasant.

iKNS says:

slo mo rocks and so does dropbox sync.

jobu3434 says:

Here's to some good luck these holidays

dan_es_4 says:

Dropbox sync is really awesome. My free space is getting smaller by the minute...

Jejoro says:

Just added thisnto my apps...! The more comments I read the more I'm looking forward to learning all there is to learn about this, seems like this app is gonna have all the features I need & more...!

Howsi says:

Maybe if I had an iOs device I would have tried it, mini plz

Yunlu says:

music and transitions effects

archie222222 says:

My absolute favorite feature is the Dropbox Sync...It would help me a lot because of its online sharing capabilities...

girish bhari says:

very good app .but i wan a phone which supports it.

Jonathan Hoffmann says:

It would have to be the dropbox integration.

storm7108 says:

The most useful feature has got to be the dropbox sync! Enjoyed the transitions as well though.

allthingspixel says:

I love having the ability to slow down and speed up videos.

playbook_007 says:

the dropbox sync is the best

phreddyl says:

i like the dropbox sync and the free price tag

hobojo says:

I like the UI & the ease of use

tigerNamedtony07 says:

I love how it stores my videos in dropbox and not take up space on my Ipad 2

MiguelCh says:

Hey guys! I use Givit Video Highlighter quite often to make funny vids with my friends and I just love the effects! They're awesome. Plus, the 5GB free space is just sweet! Love the app!

GaMMeLHaNsy says:

The Slow Motion effect or the Highlighting effect are very funny. And the App is free which is a great +

iquinn says:

I would love to have a free iPad mini. I don't have one yet so I know I could use it. LOL

SuperBad007 says:

i like the effects and dropbox sync very much

Jays1fan says:

dropbox feature is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win an Ipad Mini. !

Droid Stew says:

The effects and dropbox sync are the features I like best.

siddo_d says:

I love the ability to store my content in the cloud, so I can access and share it from anywhere and the twitter cards feature means everyone can enjoy it too!

sbuxchris says:

Another great implementation of Dropbox syncing.

Aceeman says:

I'm really a huge fan of how the app syncs with my Dropbox account. That's what really makes it a killer app for me.

ifellasleep says:

nice contest thanks imore, and GIVIT

jlyriq says:

I love how you can capture as you record!!! and syncing :-)

Kage#AC says:

That app sounds pretty swank.

NexusFan7 says:

I like how easy it has become to make videos.

Zachary Stevens says:

thank you for being free!! :D

VinWin5 says:

I love stitching videos together! I hope I win!

Metro1088 says:

I love how easy it is to synch to dropbox. :)

caropinzon says:

I love being able to stop and start recording while taking the video. That way I don't miss a thing but control what I record to make editing easier afterwards! Thanks VMIX

leenlopez says:

I like it syncs with dropbox! That's very very useful.

rom says:

I love the effects you can do on the video, in addition to how easy it is to add different videos and stitching it together. Dropbox support is a huge advantage, too.

StinkySocky says:

I love how it reminds people to record in landscape!

Highrisedrifter says:

Dropbox integration is a great idea.

bh83 says:

I love how easy it is to use! So intuitive.


Love the simplicity in using it! Dropbox is a huge plus for me, my entire family has Dropbox accounts, and I'm teaching them to use Givit to share family memories! Has to be my favourite feature!

blackdalvin says:

Ill get Givit Video as soon as I get my Iphone 5. good stuff !!

aaronbrown22 says:

Love the Dropbox integration.

MrDJL says:

Dropbox synchronization definitely is my favorite feature. Thanks!

CooperS84 says:

I love the easy dropbox sync! comes in very handy!

karot666 says:

I love feature that enable me to combine all picture to become a video! Great stuff!

Kaitlyn Hilliard says:

I kaitlyn hilliard would love to have a ipad mini ,well for my brother we been wanting one but i think he needs it more then me even thought he is a year older then me and I love my brother so i think he deserves it more ...SHHHHHH it is a secret

jngmin00 says:

I love dropbox syncing but I hope givit developers add more stuff and update. :)

PhoenixApple says:

I love the way you can add effects to it and it makes awesome videos or mini videos with it

pidjay says:

Easy highlights and dropbox integration :]

jepjr2381 says:

Dropbox sync is the best.... one iPad mini please

khalid7412002 says:

I love the dropbox sync aspect

jeric71 says:

Definitely the DropBox syncing! So Easy!

comiranda says:

I think its awesome that you are able to store with dropbox! Helps with storage issues! :D

Dramer77 says:

The ease at which you can select clips and stitch them together..........

DarcMobile says:

I only tried this app on my friend's iPad. I really like the Dropbox sync. If I got the iPad Mini, this is the first app I will download

wencyv says:

i love it!!! hope this time i'll win the ipad mini

Judson50 says:

I would love this for Christmas!

gvndeb60 says:

Dropbox sync and add music!

Destiney Rowe says:

Al my mom wanted for christmas is an I pad Mini. I felt bad because Im still to young to work an i wanted this to say thank u for all she has done for m. And its hard for me because I'm the only girl and the younget out of all 6.

werty81 says:

Love the dropbox sync and the ability to stitch together videos