Facebook releases Facebook Poke for iPhone, a sexter's dream app

Yes, you read that right. Facebook has released an iPhone app dedicated to their most useless feature -- poke. Stop rolling your eyes! They've improved upon it! With Facebook Poke now you can attach a message, photo, or video to your pokes and choose how long the recipient can see it for (max of 10 seconds). And if the recipient takes a screenshot of your poke, Facebook Poke will notify you with a special icon next to the person's name. This app is just screaming "use me for sexting!" Now you can roll your eyes.

To send and receive pokes, both the sender and recipient must use the Facebook Poke app. The Facebook app will give you a notification when you have a poke waiting for you that will send you to Facebook Poke to receive it.

Since each poke has a time limit of 1, 3, 5, or 10 seconds, you must press and hold any pokes that are sent to you to ensure that you're actually ready to see the poke. Once your time is up, the message, photo, or video is disappears for good.

When sending photos, Facebook Poke includes the ability to add a banner of text or draw on it. Also, videos must be recorded in portrait orientation. If you record in landscape, it will be displayed sideways for your recipient.

I seriously don't see this purpose of Facebook Poke aside from sexting with the mandatory time limits and screenshot notifications. Personally, I'd be concerned if my teen had this app installed on their phone, but that could just be me. What do you think?

And I guess this explains why the mobile team didn't have time to add iPhone 5 support to Facebook Camera.

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

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Reader comments

Facebook releases Facebook Poke for iPhone, a sexter's dream app


I didn't mean to offend. I just really don't see how anyone over the age of 13 (Facebook's age requirement) could find only being able to view a photo or video for a few seconds as fun and cute. I can be wrong, I'm just being honest. Why not just send photos and videos over normal messaging if it's just something fun and cute? And the notification about whether or not a screenshot was taken? What's it's purpose?

And every 13 year old knows what sexting is. Again. This is Facebook's minimum age requirement. Facebook is not intended for 8 year olds.

If anything, I hope I'm enlightening parents to what is going to be a very common use of this app so they can monitor their teen's use of the app.

Please don't mistakenly think I'm saying that all or most 13 year olds are sexting as that is definitely not what I'm trying to say. But even the most innocent of kids likely know what it is. I've worked as both as a teacher and a church youth leader with this age group and they are not a naive group. They know about sex. They talk about it. Even if they've never done anything more than hug a person of the opposite gender. And because of the current world we live in, I believe parents should be having a serious talk with their 13 year olds about sexting and its dangers. Apps like this make it easier for the young innocent ones to feel "safer" about sending a pic that they otherwise would've never even considered doing. That scares me. And parents should be aware of it. I would never allow my teen to own this app.

I agree with Leanna. I also work with children. Sure, there are some children who are sheltered, but by 13 most definitely know about it.

The important thing here for parents is that after 10 seconds there IS NO HISTORY. That is scary. And it is begging to be used for "something that is deleted in 10 seconds". As a parent of 6 children, I have learned to trust, but verify. And if I can't verify, then I don't trust.

Do you live on planet earth? What type of "normal" 13 year old do you know that hasn't heard of / participates in sexting? You're old. Clearly. And have no insight on what teens do these days. It's 2012 remember. Teenagers are exploring their sexuality. It's just an article anyways. Go cool off. It's not that serious. Snapchat, which Facebook's Poke is based off of, is a sexting app. That's why Snapchat is so popular and why Facebook felt the need to make a similar app.

their going to experiment with their sexuality. there's no way around it. they explore their own bodies and whatever. chill out its just natural

I really wish Snapchat looked as (comparatively) good as that does. Unfortunately everyone's already knee-deep in snaps so I'm stuck with that.

I personally don't see anything wrong with it myself. Kids will be kids and at that age are always going to want to be with the opposite sex. Its only natural . Never had much luck when I was 13 14 15 year old boy but heck I was always trying to get the girls attention. Anyway just my opinion. I also understand the other side of the coin so to each their own I guess

Well you "normal adult" prob didn't grow up with a cell phone or computer so should they not be allowed to have those either? Get off your high horse and take a chill pill it's not that serious you are so over reacting to the whole thing.

It doesn't work... Not all of my Facebook friends are being displayed? Does anyone know how to get that info to the Dev? Thanks and have fun!

If it ends at sexting, it's still better than what I expect. My fear is that of a "junk attack" renaissance.

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