Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now to win it from iMore!

Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now for a chance to win it from iMore!

If Santa somehow slipped up and didn't give you the iPhone, iPod, or iPad of your dreams this year, if he got lost using maps, if he was smart enough to realize you really did need those educational gifts, clothes, or vegetables instead, or if you did indeed get what you wanted, but would love the chance to give an iOS device to someone else who could really use one, iMore's giving you a second chance!

(Technically one (1) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners next week. Ho. Ho. Ho!

Enter NOW!

Rene Ritchie

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jweis_1 says:

I want an iPad Mini because my wife took my iPad.

kona2010 says:

Same here, except my son took mine. He suffers from autism so its hard to say NO to him.

crackcookie says:

Just say no to him like any other child.....anyway, what if the idevice of your dreams, has yet to release yet, like an iphone 5S or ipad 4....can we get that?

jungdroid says:

But ipad 4 is already out i.e. 4th gen.

IamHahn says:

I bought my wife an iPad mini for Christmas...I'm jealous. I want one to!

emjayess says:

Thanks for the opportunity, iMore! Would love an iPad mini! I could use with clients as I travel around the city all day--very easy to carry!

And thanks for all the great posts and reviews this year! Keep up the good work!

tinadannysmith says:

Would love to win an Ipad mini to give to my wife for her birthday!

Mrdevali says:

I would like to get my grandma the iPad mini. She is currently in a rest home several hundred miles away and she would love "FaceTime" chat :-) merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you at iMore.

numb3rmonkey says:

I want the iPad mini. I dreamt about it and now it may come true. Merry Christmas!

2k3sgm says:

Black iPad mini, because i don't have one.

Marc Baier says:

I'd like to win an iPad mini because my kids are always using my regular iPad : )

215gtownkid says:


scottyhifi says:

I'd like an iPad mini for my commute. The small form factor would make it easy to use on the train.

esfoad says:

Well I have an iPhone 5 but I always thought the iPad was too close in size to my laptop so an iPad Mini would be the perfect device for me!

antheauxny says:

I'd use it to get a 32GB iPad 3 in white. :-) Hope I win! I think a BB10 phone + an iPad would be a KILLER combo!

jon_sss says:

I would love to get a 32gb iPad in white! That would be awesome. I never had an iPad, but i always wanted one.

Trusttee says:

Look, Santa obviously made a mistake this year because there was no iPad Mini under the tree. I wonder when Santa does make up days? Well, while I'm finding that out - I would very much like an opportunity from iMore - so count me in...(I refuse to believe I was on the naughty list this year!)

willtothewong says:

My dad would really like an iPad mini for his xmas present and bday since both are a week apart. The mini is the perfect size, not too big, not too small.

tryfe says:

I want the iPad Mini so my 5yo daughter could learn the art of sharing with me.....its about time she did...n stuff :D

F34R says:

Would love to get the iPad 4, wifi only. I've been trying to get one for 8 months since my accident. Dr's and medical bills have been a priority over that time. :(

bilalqwarriach says:

No one from Pakistan has ever won from iMore. I think its time we change that!

infiniti says:

A black ipad mini 64GB with project red smart cover please.

mkttai says:

I want a iPad mini for my wife.

pyramid38 says:

A new iPad for my children to assist with school learning would be great. Thank you

dayat_id says:

I want to have the iphone 5 because I want to enjoy its advanced technology, because I heard the iphone 5 is the most advanced smartphone this year, and because in my eyes, the iPhone 5 is very fancy smartphone. if I had lot of money I would buy it, but unfortunately I do not have it

badboysidh says:

is this give way only for US.. or is it open world wide?? i would really love to get the iphone 5.

TurboTiger says:

Please throw my hat into the ring.

Good Luck

lucky4meman says:

I would like the iPad Mini because I was on the naughty list so Santa didn't bring me one!

nashax says:

I want the Ipad mini because I have big pockets but not big enough for the ipad!

Muzaffar94 says:

I was wondering if i could win the Ipad Mini, because it is the best Tablet in the world!!!! Love apple!!

Dustin Maki says:

I want the iPad or iPad Mini, I normally don't receive anything for christmas so it would make me really happy to finally get something!

spaceman says:

Merry Christmas! And iPad mini would be great!

S_AlphaBoss says:

iPhone 5! It is for those who wants accuracy and effectiveness in his lifecycle! I want it!

parkerhammer says:

An iPad mini because I'm mini, too.

jerelchacko says:

An iPad Mini would be the best gift for my sweetheart. :)

Merry Christmas!

XangeloX says:

I want a new iPhone 5, 64gb, because my 3g is too slow and too old like Santa.

j0hn00 says:

Would love an iPad Mini to use for work.

lax1085 says:

ipad mini for my mother

spooneb says:

I love my iPad Mini but I will love my inevitable Retina iPad Mini even more!

bossmanjunior says:

I want an iPad mini because i just checked one out at the Apple store and absolutely love the way it feels

konaman01 says:

I want an iPhone 5. Need to switch from Sprint to Verizon so I can have 4g. New carrier-new contract, might as well save some $$ and get a iPone 5 for Christmas.

BlaqkAudio says:

I'd love an iPhone 5 for LTE access (Verizon 3G is pretty slow for streaming video). However, saving for an iPad mini 2 sounds pretty enticing as well.

DrumsetDan13 says:

I would like an iPad mini because I could easily take notes from it in college!!

Kpwarwick says:

I would really like the iPhone five but that's my dream phone and I didn't get one for Christmas thank you

drache713 says:

I would love an I phone 5 because I was dumb and switched to android and now I miss it :(

bigjayLLC says:

Really would like to have an iPad to give to my Mom... she loves using mine and would be great if she had her own that she can use all the time

Tom Chancy says:

An iPad mini would rock because it does!!!!!!!!

BlvckSovp says:

I'd like an iPad mini but I'd really like it if you picked someone on here who actually NEEDED it and not just wanted it. Happy holidays everyone!

bradleyjheath says:

I want to get an iPad fourth gen. College and just in general and awesome device.

lriggins2 says:

I would love to get an iPhone (ashamedly, I'm currently on android).

matthewmspace says:

I'd love a black 64 GB wifi iPad Mini.

MobilePlazaJamaica says:

Always wanted an iPad but thought it was too big. The iPad Mini is the perfect size.

clreed87 says:

A new iPad mini because the retina iPad was updated after just 6 months.

MaicolGO says:

Happy Holidays to all, I would love an iPad 4 (64GB, 4G), not asking for allot am I

tweetiebird89 says:

I would love an ipad because it would be useful for school. :)

kusalanupama says:

i would love to have an iPad 3rd gen, because i can't carry my lap everywhere and want to use the iPad as my daily driver.

lambda28 says:

iPad mini to download Rosetta Stone for studying Italian or French :)

Merry Christmas!

Singels says:

I would like an iPad for my mother so she stops grabbing mine al the time ;)

Jason Whittington says:

I want an iPad Mini. I gave my original iPad away and haven't had the money to replace it yet.

SHannoudi says:

I want iphone 5 as my iphone 4 started to give me troubles specially with the home button

Agaethon says:

I would love to use this to get my wife an iPad mini.

Dannypozz says:

I would like an iPad mini, since my 3 year old has confiscated my iPad to play Subway Surfer every minute of the day!

Zue Zuniga says:

I would love an iPad Mini.. Or IPad.. I don't have a tablet of any kind.. It would make may addiction to iOS to a whole other level:).. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

KenAsibal18 says:

I want an iPhone 5. Period.

glassiter06 says:

I love all Apple products. Keep up the excellent work

cstote says:

I would really love the iPad with Retina display to replace my first-gen iPad. Happy holidays everyone!

Jsignature says:

I want an ipad mini because it perfect for school it more like reading a book and better than my 1st gen ipad.

Kybucs says:

I'll use it for purchasing a out of contract iPhone 5 because I can't upgrade till May.

Alictory says:

I want an ipad mini, simply because it's the best in the market.

MLuv001 says:

Would love a iPad to FaceTime with grandma

SvoeSvoe says:

I would love an Iphone, because I live in Ukraine and buy it is not possible. Happy Holidays to all!

Florian Reisinger says:

Hmm, I would like an iPhone, simply because I didn't have a smartphone at all...

Tommy Talim says:

I want iPad mini for my brother as a present!
Glad if i can win one.. :)

Charly Ham says:

The iPad Mini would be a very nice present to replace my piece of coal.

sohaf says:

I want an all new shiny iPad
Cause my kids just love to play angry birds

Goncalo Almeida says:

I want an iPad because... Well because I don't have one =D and it would be really awesome to have!
And I behaved this year (mostly.. I think..) =))

sandman369 says:

I'd love an iPad mini. Have the iPhone 5 and iPad 3. Would love a more portable tablet!

gSCVreg says:

The iPad mini would bean incredible gift to myself .

Snowman81 says:

I want an iPad 4th Gen, because I love the idea of having a retina screen.

stefanthehuman says:

Hey! Any iphone :D
Please and thanks! Mainly because my last iphone was dropped from a ten story apartment.
Happy Holidays!!

radewa says:

My dream iOS: iPhone 5 16 GB ! i would love to win because i never have iOS Phone, i just have an iPad, iPhone 5 could be perfect smartphone for me to do all things ! Hey iMore and Rene, Merry Christmas ! Greeting love from me in Indonesia :)

jonaizen says:

I would love an ipad mini. I recently bought the ipad 4, but would love something more portable.

Oliver Howald says:

I want an iPad Mini, because I have already an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and so it's the only thing whis is missing

dougtheneard says:

An iPad 4 would be a great asset for business, school, and pleasure (of course).

mirboy12 says:

ipad 4th gen. .....just got to go with the best

lrnano says:

I hope I win IPad Mini white please.

KenAsibal18 says:

I want an iPhone 5. Because everything I want on a mobile phone is already on iPhone 5 .. Its faster cpu and gpu, simple, user FRIENDLY, and I LOVE the Ecosystem, of the the device, its the BEST Smartphone for me :)

richietj77 says:

Thanks for this opportunity!

It's going to be an 64GB (RED) iPod Touch. It's a double, the anniversary gift and the chance to give back and help. Was out of budget this year, but you're giving me a second chance here.

BeyondtheTech says:

I could use an iPad 4 to complement my iPad mini. Good luck!

qshio says:

iPad mini because I am weak of wrist in the most non-gender or sexual orientation way possible.

louis_caston says:

Would love the New iPad to replace my 1st Gen iPad!

weez333 says:

I would like an iPad 4 because my daughter has overtaken my original iPad. Thanks.

south50 says:

I would love to buy an iPad 4 (wifi only). All my friends got one this Christmas for college. All I got was a legal pad and a pen...Thanks Santa!

Andrew Helfet says:

Yea it's a bumpy ride from the north pole and my iPad mini must have skipped off. So this would make up for it!

futurecode says:

I would love a New iPad or an iPad mini but it has to be a White iPhone 5. Just know I would get the most out of that.

Carlos Rodriguez1 says:

Black iPhone 5, I have all iPhone except iPhone 5...

Reed Norris says:

I really WANT & NEED another iPad!!! I've owned the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd gen iPads, and always sold my previous model to upgrade to the newest ones. I recently left my iPad 3 on the trunk of my car, so I'm totally LOST w/o !!

Imamekanic says:

I would get the ipad mini for my wife so I can have my ipad 4 back! Merry Christmas to all!!!!

DawnGP143 says:

I'd like an iPad Mini so I could round out my collection :-)

Gfmiller13 says:

I'd love to have an iPhone 5. I got one for my wife for Christmas but my upgrade isn't eligible yet. So If iMore could help that'd be great.

spalten says:

There was no iPad mini under the tree this year so if I was lucky enough to win that is what I would pick!

daceone says:

My 8 year old son is jealous that his friends got iPad Minis. And, now he trying to convince me to get him one because he said it would be the kid version of my iPad. Needless to say I'll be getting him an iPad mini for his birthday, but would love to win one for him!

JacobTheLegendary says:

A 5th gen iPod touch. Because the graphics on the 4th gen just don't cut it

hashtaghell says:

I'd like an iPad since I'm trying to fully convert from android. I would love to experience iOS full on. Good luck everyone.

steve_3160 says:

I would like the iPad Mini because I'm a big Fan in Apple products and the iPad Mini is small and sleek.

lazaruz says:

Ipad mini so my wife can enjoy my ipad ;)

dacmcbibs says:

4th gen ipad so that my friends and family can make fun of me for having an apple device (currently a big android user ;) )

louwie says:

White iPad Mini. please thanks :)

Merry Christmas Everyone. :)

ironman2443 says:

Would really love the iPad mini or an iPad. Bought the mini for my wife and she loves it!!!!!!

Ryan Kollar says:

I want an Ipod Mini because I am a teacher and I had an Ipad 2 stolen from me a year ago around this time. It was such a great tool for the classroom

pedzad says:

I want the iPad mini in black/slate because it will help me a lot in my school work and also I am a fan of checking websites out!

Chargersjr37 says:

Love to win ipad mini, be my first tablet..good luck everyone

rtteachr says:

An iPad mini with LTE. Why. Why Not?

deanmai says:

iPad 4. Because I just bought one two weeks ago and it (and only it) was stolen from my checked-in suitcase at JFK.

Jimbobson says:

Since I have no iOS devices, an ipad mini! I love tablets but have small hands and sadly, there isn't an app for that..
Merry Christmas!

emanwis#CB says:

I'd like an iPad mini because the wife and kids are always using my iPad 2.

SpikieSpike says:

I would love a black iPad Mini, it would help me a ton in college. Merry Christmas to everyone!

citron1 says:

Mini me please. My wife's been taking my ipad!

Webcrsn says:

iPhone 5 because it gets all the features like Siri and Passbook.

songbird says:

I'd love to win a black iPad mini to use when i'm out & about

Thank you iMore and Happy Holidays!!

balenax says:

well i could use an iphone to replace my aging blackberry i finally feel free to get rid of :)

tcecil says:

I want an ipad mini for my son so I can have my ipad back. He can use the mini since he as young eyes.

David Lim Zhong Wei says:

Thanks for the opportunity! I have never received an iOS device for Christmas before. I would like an iPad with retina display because I am still using my original 2010 iPad and it isn't holding well.

ali.9 says:

iPad 4 is what I want, Santa iMore!

Yommer84 says:

I would love an Ipad for a late xmas gift !!

tourada1 says:

iPad mini to use while deployed!

bodmasny says:

Awesome iMore, keep up the good work

kjyc says:

An ipad mini for on the go!

Ross lubinski says:

I'd love to win the iPad mini for school
and gaming :)

bnpdp says:

IPad mini....because 350 is just enough with taxes.

dgravo says:

An iPad Mini so my kids can use it! Merry Xmas everyone!

Ducimus says:

The latest IPad would make me cheer!

hankster1988 says:

Very gracious offer from you guys! Really appreciate you looking out for those of us who did not get on the nice list!

The Hankster

snubletunge says:

I really want an iPhone 5 since I still use my 3GS, despite it turns off when it rains or is cold outside.
I bough an Lumia 800 to replace it about a year ago, but after a short while thouch stopped working, (repaired) then the screen loosened and the buttons got loose (repaired) now it stopped charging - they wont fix it becous it is a "userfault" - but I have totaly gotten to use it for about a month - the rest of the time my 3GS has been my bacup for better and worse. Thats why I want an iPhone 5

Wren Hendershot says:

Ipad for my mom. She's not able to get around like she used to.

CanesStill1 says:

I'd love an iPad mini black in color.

Tyler Poling says:

I need an iPad mini to complete my iOS trifecta and save all of humanity.

Mohamed Salah says:

I'd like to have an iPhone because my phone is very old since 2003

JustinSmith81 says:

Please pick me! My kids just destroyed my OG iPad and I desperately need an iPad Mini!

marjofraz says:

I would love the newest generation iPad!

ezday42 says:

I would love an iPhone 5 My iPhone 4s is getting long in the Tooth and its time to replace her.

Ayuthiab says:

I would love a mac mini because I am starting to develop apps&games for ios, and I need Mac OSX to do so!

Go1denChi1d says:

I'd very much like an iPod touch to use in my classroom. It would work splendidly for my lessons and music transitions.

jebulls says:

I would love to win a retina iPad! Would be very handy for business trips! Sometimes just need something in between the iphone and the mac book pro!!

leannza1 says:

I'd like an iPhone 5. I'm still rocking a 4. I'll be moving to a bigger city next month and would like to take advantage of LTE!

slips85 says:

I want an iPad Mini because I didn't get anything for Christmas.

Solarick says:

iPad Mini, couldn't find a 16GB locally.

Ziltoid says:

Unfortunately I was unable to get an iPad mini. Too many purchases for others. I would love to have an iPad mini to share with the whole family and take advantage of a larger screen that my iphone. Merry Xmas everyone!

hvng2 says:

iOS6 is more reliable and can perform more complicated tasks

giantthumb says:

I would like an iPhone 5 or an iPad 4.

Keith Briosos says:

I want an iPad mini to give my mom as she always wanted one but never could...

jhpx123 says:

I would love the ipad mini. Then I could give it to my future son-in law .

mcaudevilla says:

iPad mini; cuz, it's the bee's knees, jack!

Markaroni says:

I want to be Mini Meeeeee'd,Hit me with the little Mini Me.I would love to meet Ms.Mini!!!!!!!

rchartier says:

I want an iPad! Or another iPhone 5! Merry Christmas imore, your the best!

mjoshea148 says:

iPad mini because as much as love the bigger display of my iPad 3 - ultimately, it's the size that will make me use it more and because it looks more like a PADD from Start Trek: The Next Generation being the geek that I am.

Merry Christmas all!

bluenote says:

iPhone 5, would be my first iPhone (sad to start moving away from webOS but even the ported device they are working on will not be on Verizon).

MichaelMillerQC says:

I'd like an iPad Retina or an iPad mini. I'm currently a Library and Information Science master's student and a future professional goal of mine is to learn how to better incorporate technology into university libraries in order to better help students with their academic success.

imagineer100 says:

I would like an iPad or iPad mini for my mom because she really wants one!

Ted Stout says:

I want an iPad mini. My iPod Touch was stolen, and I gave my iPad to my girls as a birthday gift!

Xavier Awe says:

Dear Santa, I've been a really really really really good boy this year! I want an iPad Mini for Christmas. Amen. I mean... HO HO HO
PS: I don't have a chimney so just stuff it in the mail. Or go through the toilet system

mhess55 says:

I would be grateful for this new IPad Mini
Thank you!!

jaromepix says:

I want an ipad mini and beacause i enter the contest my family is cheap

budweiser45 says:

I'd love the iphone5 for my wife - she deserves it after all the turkey dinner she cooked today ( yummy)

iamtracyy says:

I would like an iPhone 5 because I don't have a phone for almost 3 months and my parents won't buy it for me while I can't afford it since I don't have money and January 7 is my birthday so it would be a great gift for me! Please let me win. I need it. I can't contact my loved ones through text because I don't have a phone.

suitjackets says:

I'd love to actually own an iPad or an iPad mini. (I’d probably want an iPhone 5 (unlocked) even more, but at $600+, even a gift card of $325 wouldn't help a ton.) I am a student who really, really enjoys design, both onscreen and hardware, and I especially love Apple’s clean, refined aesthetic. Also, I'm getting into professional music, and GarageBand on iPad is fantastic — I've tried it out. Finally, I'm just an Apple lover. So, to fully experience the true power of iOS, an A6X processor (or an A5 ;-) would really be cool!
One last thing: I gotta say, this is awfully nice of you Mobile Nations staff! You're giving a grand total of $1300 away just ’cause. (One could even say it’s a RESOLUTIONARY thing to do! :-) And I hate to grovel and beg, but, I guess those were the instructions. What you’re doing defines the holiday spirit.
Great idea, and good luck to all participants! Good tidings :-)

asept says:

I would use it towards a purchase of an iPad mini with LTE. I have a bad back and the iPad with the protective case I have is too heavy to lug around all day. Hope everyone is having a merry Christmas -- even if they didn't get the iDevice of their dreams ;-)

cruzmon29 says:

I would like a iPad mini!! I just got the iphone 5 and its uhmazing!

vickie1006 says:

I would like an iPad.I really want to replace my 1st generation nook! That would be awesome. Thanks iMore.

BrandonB says:

My new Dream device is the iPad 5, because it is going to be lighter and easier on the wrists.

papaton says:

I want an iPad really bad

Joelozoya says:

It's simple. I love apple. My wife and I each have an iPhone. I have an ipad3 but my wife and three kids keep me from my ipad. Please please please. Help our family. The mini would bring great joy

Couchpotato4life says:

Black iPad Mini to help me with my education :D haha

g_raeme says:

I would love an iPad or iPad mini to work on music tracks, and syncing it with another iPad. Also, I'd be able to show people how to use the music programs hands on vs just using one iPad.

Jon Foo says:

An iPad mini for my mom please.
Couldn't quite save enough to get it her for Christmas.

jwco19 says:

I'd like an iPad mini! I love to read and it'd be perfect for it!

xclueziv says:

I wish for an iPhone 5, or new iPhone.

I want to give it to my beautiful girlfriend, she has an old iPhone 2G, and I wish this upgrade for her.

Merry Christmas!
Ho Ho Ho!

Chairman Plow says:

I'd like a new iPad or iPad mini! My wife (who previously didn't see a need) is now hooked on the iPad, and has taken it over.

MrCornfed says:

I got squat for christmas, so gimme one!

Tony the Tiger says:

An iPhone 5 because I dunno.

iphilmore says:

An iPad would be awesome because I have neither a laptop or tablet. I plan to get one or the other after the new year but this would solve that.... :)


nchoksi says:

I would like to win new iPAD please...

gregorypjordan says:

New iPad for my wife's birthday in January

bquigly says:

Thanks! Looking forward to the iDevice I didn't get today under the tree

4ndzt says:

Hey iMore! Listen. I want Apple iPhone 5, because I'm in love with it. :)

Benz85 says:

I'd like to have an iPad 4th gen and the reason why i want an ipad is becouse i dont own a tablet whatsoever i barely have an iphone 3gs and i would much rather the ipad than an iphone 5 !
so imore be my santa this xmas :) !

karimkanj says:

I would love an ipod touch 5th gen i want something to carry out with me whenever i go it has been my dream apple product since it first came out

WLBlueSkies says:

I would love to get my wife an iPad mini to replace her iPad 1. It is trying to fade away gracefully.

BrianTC says:

I would get myself the iPad mini, be ause I don't have one.

deeptali says:

Need Ipad 3 or ipad 4 to be more efficient for our not for profit Institute. Use personal iphone 5 for office and ipad would extend the efficiency. Thanks

warrior15r says:

An iPad mini would be awesome for my 3 year old niece because she's always playing with mine when she comes over

shanestandlick says:

I would like to get an iPhone for a friend who has an android that is a piece.

Bcloutier says:

I would love an iPad mini to match the one my girlfriend is going to be opening soon! :)

ramriz says:

Actually using Smartphone it's helps me a lot. Specially contacting my Family to my homeland using Skype. Thank you! Apple for making my love ones near to me even were far apart! I hope this Christmas there will be no more loneliness away from there families, just one click of ur iphone.. My wish, hoping I can give a little gift to my love ones! heheh.. >_<

TJ Hassan says:

I returned my ipad intending to use the money to help out a friend in need. Things worked out for my friend, which is great, ...but I'm out of an ipad :(. Sure I could buy another ipad or you can give me a free one :) or better yet, donate it to a charity of my choosing :) :)

hoosieriphone says:

I guess Santa forgot me. There was no iPad under my tree :(

valdan says:

Happy Holidays!

An iPad mini would be sweeeeet (super sweet).

Xavier Awe says:

Dear Santa, I changed my wish, I've been a really really really really, good boy this year, I want a White iPad Mini for Christmas. Amen. I mean HO HO HO
PS, I don't have a chimney. You can either come out from the toilet or send it by mail

Mitch Childress says:

Love your products and would love to be a lucky winner!

NichRichardson says:

Never had an iPad, enlighten me, I dare you

affine says:

I would love an iPad 4, great upgrade from iPad 2 for retina for watching movies, performance bump and lightning port so I only need to carry one cable when I travel. That would be great, ipad mini would be great as well.

jimc79 says:

I want an iPad so I can browse the web and watch my stories from my sofa.

ogmandinomojito says:

Ipad mini would really be great so i can stop borrowing from my friend...mery christmas!!!

Justin_Del_Rey says:

Thanks imore! I would like an ipad! Everyone that I know loves them & it's a great tablet!

Hidayatussalam Shiddiqi says:

I would like to get an iPhone 5 because it is called taller, thinner, faster, lighter, brighter which thinner similar with me who called thin boy . :-)

vianar says:

Very generous of you guys. I would love a mini. Was saving toward one but had to put it into emergency fund for my wife to buy her a Mac mini when her computer died. Great computer but the iPad mini would be awesome.

ryanlegg says:

I want an iPad mini because I have wanted an iPad since they came out and still haven't found a way to afford one. Please?

rn_1604 says:

I would like an iPad mini because it's the perfect weight and size for lying on the bed and surfing the net!

clearrants says:

I want an iPad mini because, damn, who DOESN'T want an iPad mini?!

AtomicButtercup says:

I'm thinking an iPad mini would be nice.

Larry K says:

I want an iPad mini because of its smaller form factor will allow me to take it with me to work.

word2u says:

An iPad mini would be a awesome gift from you and your team. In working for a non-profit, I can see many ways that it could be used for more than just me. Thanks for the consideration! :-)

bbhybridchris says:

Merry Christmas to everyone at Mobile Nations and the communities here!! Would love an iPad mini to use at work. I work in the agriculture industry and the reg. iPad is just a bit to cumbersome to carry out in the fields with you...Mini would be perfect!! :)) Merry Christmas all!

einsoren says:

I do want an iPhone 5 because I got so many reasons.

1) First of all, an iPhone is actually and truly a masterpiece. Though I never owned any but seeing it for about 5 years on the web I could praise its rectangular curves, glossy icons, great camera, elegant reflections.

2) I never ever in my life held a smartphone. But I do own this skimpy Nokia Asha 305 (http://i.imgur.com/mRdFL.jpg) (shot using a burrowed Panasonic camera) and it's in fact, a S40, so you know my pain. Previously held a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (This one's also S40).

3) In India, all the devices are way overpriced and here we don't have contracts that you guys have. So it's very very hard to buy here. And a factory unlocked iPhone5 (recently checked) costs about Rs 62,000, will be about USD 1127. See it's way overpriced!

4) Been a iPhone enthusiast since it was introduced back then in 2007. I don't say a I'm a fanboy, but ever since it came by I stuck glued to every unveiling event. I could see statistics about millions being sold and reviews put up and it really made me upset.

5) Trying to learn photography but never had any money to hold a dSLR. Did on some point and shoot cameras and the Nokia Asha 305 (see some here --> http://www.flickr.com/photos/einsoren ). If I had an iPhone it would fulfill my dream of getting a SUPER-SMARTPHONE with an equally powerful camera. So it could actually help me get closer to achieve an art form.

Till now I don't have other reasons to own an iPhone.

Bhavesh Soren, the-wannabe-iPhone-owner!

johnowoss says:

I want the iphone5 so my wife can have a upgrade. She currently has 4s but think she would like 5 much better.

einsoren says:

Good luck getting the 5 to her!

miketko says:

Ipad mini LTE would be great since I had to get rid of my iPhone :(

JARZS says:

Iwant an iphone 5/4s because Apple is everithing for me!!!!
Thank's and make it happen for me :)

iarv68 says:

IPad mini, smaller and i fell in love with it when i saw it in the store..

AlexTKT says:

I would like a iPad Mini for my wife. It breaks my heart to see her watching her movies with her iphone 4. It's so small. iPad Mini would be a perfect size for her. Thank You.

Sun Hyung Hong says:

I want the iPad Mini! Was originally planning to buy one for myself, but bought it for my girlfriend instead so I have nothing to play with.

WestonGirot says:

I would love to win an iPad mini because I never win these iMore contest/drawing things. Happy Holidays everyone.

felixisdope says:

an ipad mini so i can save money on college books! (already paying for college out of own pocket)

IMF says:

I would love an ipad mini to use for work and school. Because I am always on the move at work, small and light is very important to me.

djncanada1 says:

Hi Everyone

I would really like an iPad Mini, I want a small tablet to use for reading..it will be put to awesome use.

kelostoy says:

I would love to win a new iOS device so my 4yr son would stop using mine when I get home from work. I have been issued his itouch as soon as I get in the door! Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Demarco Pearson says:

I want an iPhone 5 for my brother that just came home from the army. I want to show him that I really miss him! He loved my iPhone 4S, so I really want him to enjoy having his own iPhone 5. :/ please open your hearts this Christmas. Thanks for reading :)

dpotter22 says:

I would like a super-fantastic, next-generation iOS device as soon as it is available; my faith in Apple remains undiminished! ...or in the meantime a 32 gb iPad mini would be sweet!

Ginbill says:

iPad mini! So sleek and light weight. I was so jealous if my uncles

hacer619 says:

Ipad mini, never owned one

sexyluky says:

I need iPhone because It's very expensive and I love Apple products and I really want to have Apple product but all Apple products are expensive :(
So please...I want iPhone 4S or 5 :)
Merry christmas !