Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now for a chance to win it from iMore!

Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now to win it from iMore!

If Santa somehow slipped up and didn't give you the iPhone, iPod, or iPad of your dreams this year, if he got lost using maps, if he was smart enough to realize you really did need those educational gifts, clothes, or vegetables instead, or if you did indeed get what you wanted, but would love the chance to give an iOS device to someone else who could really use one, iMore's giving you a second chance!

(Technically one (1) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners next week. Ho. Ho. Ho!

Enter NOW!

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Reader comments

Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now for a chance to win it from iMore!



Santa forgot me too lol. I have iPhone but want a iPad to but just can't afford it. Hopefully I can win it here this time. Thanks imore. I love this site!!

I would like to get an Ipad 4 to replace my Android tablet. that way I become all Apple and get rid of Android totally

I would love an Ipad mini. I have always wondered how it feels like to have a tablet. Ipad mini seems like a good start.


I would like a black iPad mini because I believe it is an incredibly immersive device that helps people connect and communicate.

I'd like an iPhone. I currently have the dumb phone with iPod touch (older generation) combination and I'd love to upgrade to the new iPhone.

I have type 1 diabetes and would like to get an iPad mini to help track my glucose readings. I have done some research and there are amazing apps to do so. However, my medical supplies are expensive enough so this would be sweet if I could get one from you guys!
-happy holidays!

The original iPad never quite caught on with me as a true portable device. An iPad mini with LTE would be much more likely to tag along with me everywhere, finally fulfilling the promise of computing nearly everywhere.

I'd like to buy an iPad mini for my sister. She has Down Syndrome and she really enjoyed the device in the store. Thanks. Happy holidays to everyone who reads this!

I want an ipad. I am an architecture student and want one to carry while I'm traveling in Europe next semester so I don't have to lug a laptop around.

I want an iPad mini since it is so light and skinny and packs in a lot of features. Would like to win this for my brother and sister. They've been fighting on using apple devices so this one would be nice.

I wish, I wish for an iPhone 5! It would make keeping in touch with my relatives so much easier through Facetime. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you at the iMore team!

Although I would love an ipad mini my trusty iphone 4 is starting to have periods of being poorly. We've been through a lot together my iP4 and I but I think one day soon it will be no more. As Santa didn't bring me an iP5 I as I didn't have enough gold to pay for it I would love a new iphone (4S, or 5) for when my iP4 finally stops working on me.

Hi iMore. The iOS device that I was hoping for Christmas is the iPad 4. My wife "stole" my iPad so I need to replace that lost. Thanks for the opportunity.

Merry Christmas to everyone!
I'm going to ask for an iPad Mini, because if I ask for a 27-inch iMac I would be too greedy and the Grinch could come after me...

Would love to get a 16gb white and silver iPad mini from Santa as a belated Christmas gift! Mommy could only get one for my sis, leaving me to be jealous lol

starting sixth form soon and need something portable that i can use to browse the vast expanses of the internet while on the go (and to keep me entertained during those annoying free periods :p)
if I won the certificate would go towards either an ipad or ipad mini (torn between the two at the moment)

Six months ago I got impatient for iphone 5 and bought a Droid. I HATE IT! Let me come back to iOS with my own iPhone 5 PLEASE.

Would love to win to put towards a the iPhone 5. My 4S is having issues which resetting and reformatting it from scratch is not really clearing them up.

I really want an Ipad 4 because i'm a graphic designing student so i want to sketch and take notes and it is has lot more use full apps and games than any device..

iPhone 5, of course! Because my iPhone 4S took a "permanent" dive into the lake when I dropped it as I took out my ring to propose to my GF just week.

Still waiting for an answer from her though. Oh well. :(

I would like a Sprint LTE iPad 4th generation for the family. We take a lot of road trips and that would be my entertainment. Also, I would like to use it for school. I go to a political science academy thats filled with people that use their iPads in class as an aid. Thanks, and merry Christmas, iMore!

iPhone 5, of course! Because my iPhone 4S took a "permanent" dive into the lake when I dropped it as I took out the ring from my trouser pocket to propose to my GF just week.

Still waiting for an answer from her though. Oh well. :(

I'd love to put it towards a new iPad because 15 months ago, my son was born and my wife somehow transferred ownership of my iPad to him.

i want the new ipad because it would sure help me when i start school soon that and my wife couldnt afford to buy me any gifts for christmas or my birthday which is the day after

I would love to have an iPad mini for school (student) . I need it every day, only problem is that I don't have it yet :(
imore keep on doing great work and great news like u do now! ;)

The only thing I wanted all year was the ipad mini. I didn't get one. I would love nothing more than to get one! Please find it in your heart to pass one my way. There is not a whole lot I can do with this bag of coal.

Hey i want an iphone 5 white 32gb reson

i im too much poor so cant aford it and i love apple and your website so plzzz give me a iphone 5

Thank you very much for your contest and keep me aware from apple News thanks Alot

Ooh! I would love to be able to get an iPhone 5, so i can pass on my 4S to my wife (who still has a crappy dumbphone that i hate). Thanks iMore!!!

My soon to be wife just got a job offer as a teacher and the new iPad would be perfect for her to start her new career. :)

I'd love to have an iPad! My wife has a Mini, but I'd like to have a full size version... I'm sure my sons would like it too... :)

iPad mini!! Cause I just want it.

or an iPhone 5, cause I can't upgrade yet!!! But my wife has one, which is making me quite jealous....

I'm still dreaming of an iPad Mini. My iPhone 4S does everything I need except displaying non-mobile web sites (think web comics and The New York Times), PDF documents, and a Unix terminal screen in a readable way. I'm somewhat tempted by lower-cost Android tablets, like Kindles... but the Mini wouldn't be a compromise. But it costs about $80 more than my sweet spot...

i would love the iPhone 5, with its new crisp design and A6 proccesor, it beats any other phone out there, i want to replace my moms, sad flip-phone and give her a new sleek iPhone 5, to give back to her for all shes done

I want an iPad Mini in order to FaceTime Santa and my grandad! And I've been a really really really good boy this year

I would love the opportunity to receive and iPad Mini for college! Organizing my schedule, Ordering Electronic Textbooks, and acquiring numerous apps for education in the app store would be amazing. The amount of ease this product gives me would be a great addition to my everyday learning at Drexel.

I would like a white iPhone 5 32gb please. Im a truck driver who has a 4S that did not survive the 12ft drop test out my truck!

I would love an iPad 2 so I can get my technology-phobic mom to finally take advantage of the great things Apple has to offer. I wanna welcome her to the 21st century and this would be an amazing way to do it. Thank you!

i would love to get black iPad mini beacause i dont have one i would be usfull for collage and nice gadget to have :)

iPad mini because Santa mistakenly brought me a throw blanket! I think Santa hit too much egg nog!

I'd love an iPad mini! It would make a great portable device for reading and entertainment while on campus. Thanks for such a great year iMore! Keep up the good work!

I would love an iPad mini to give to my mother. She has been asking me to get her one even before it was announced. Thanks, guys!

I would like an iPad mini because even though I was lucky enough to snag one (the hard to get 16gb), my wife made me return it as soon as I got home cause we can't afford it... she's right.

Would love an ipad mini. Budget is tight and I'm about to be on the road for six weeks. The mini would be a great addition.

Definitely an iPhone 5. I used my stupid android phone to take video of my daughter getting Justin Bieber tickets for Christmas. The video is nowhere to be found on my phone! Awesome moment never to be recreated. Apple products just work they say. I should have listened.

I'd love a chance to get an iPhone 5 because my hubby goes away a lot as he's in the Royal Air Force and it would be excellent for us to talk for free with pictures, videos and facetime. Especially so he can see our baby son more while he's away as he misses a lot.

I'm the Apple aficionado, and yet I'm almost the only one in my family that doesn't have an iPad. I would love to have an iPad mini to read e-books, check e-mail, surf the Internet, discover new apps, and help others learn more about using their iPads and other Apple products. I would use the iPad mini to continue evangelizing Apple products, including giving demos to our Mac User Group.

I would like any device really for me and my family to enjoy through these hard times unfortunately on the holidays. I know my family would greatly appreciate it and I greatly appreciate this opportunity no matter it's outcome.

Many thanks!

I would love and IPad any size, any color, doesn't matter. My laptop broke last week and all I have is my phone now. And an IPad would be great!

I've been working so hard trying to save up for an iPhone 5 and so many things have been coming up I haven't been able to. I'd love a chance to own an iPhone 5.

I would love an iPad mini (white) so I can give it to my mom for her birthday. She loves reading books and magazines so I feel like the iPad mini would be just great for her. Thanks!

An iPhone 5 would complete the the full Apple transformation in my house. I have converted my house to all Apple, except my wife's phone. She has the last non-Apple product in my house. If I don't get the phone then...

Merry Christmas to all! Wouldn't the ultimate icing on the cake from one of my most-visited websites be a gift certificate for a brand new spankin' iPhone 5!
Go iMore and company!
Merry Christmas!

I'd like an iPad mini to use in my classroom. I'd mirror the display with my MacBook using AirPlay. That way I can stop using the clunky Smartboard software. Thanks!

Ipad mini would be awesome for my wife because her laptop crapped out and has been using my laptop in the interim. Thanks iMore!

I'd love to have an iPad mini! It's right inbetween my phone and laptop as I can be in bed and enjoy some reading or movie, I'd love to have a tablet experience also! :)

An ipad Mini for my Son (9) because he made me so proud. He gave the school bully (also 9) his last Christmas card. Because he would not get any from the other kids. "But he can't help it he's a bully, his parents aren't sweet to him. So it's not his fault." He couldn't make me more proud, so he deserves his own little iPad.

I like to have an iPad mini because of its perfect size and its ease of use. My son got one and he is very proud of it.

i-pad 4 please. have been trying to buy one for sometime now. just have not been able to save enough to

Was hoping to pick up a iPad Mini for my young goddaughter as a surprise, but local stores were cleaned out of stock. Apple Store, Best Buy, hhgregg, even TARGET was out! Would be incredible if I won one to give for her birthday coming up soon! I'll even say some nice things about iOS (BB/Droid user here)....at least until BB10 comes out. ;)

Make a little girl happy, iMore. Do it. For happiness.

I'd love an iPad mini cause I'm starting medicine School soon and it would be useful to carry my books and take notes.

I would like an IPad Mini for my girlfriend! She wanted on for Christmas but I didn't have the money for one! It would be really cool to get to buy her one and just surprise her :)

I'll buy any idevice preferably an iphone, because I've never held any, infact never had any idevice in my life

Been a loyal reader since day 1!, would love a new ipad because my ipad 2 has more screen bleeding than a horror movie (bad pun sorry), happy holidays to the whole mobile nation team and thanks for giving us all a great reading resource for all things tech!

would love to have the retina display iPad having a baby in 3 months honestly can't afford to get one but its free I'm not picky u can surprise me I would be happy with anyone of them hope u have a merry Christmas and a safe happy new year -PB

I would like an iPad Mini because it's the perfect size to mount on my wheelchair. Merry Christmas everybody!

I want to get a good look at the iphone 5. Is it worth all the hype? And is the longer shape really an ergonomic improvement?

I would love to have an iPad with retina display. As an insurance agent it would help me keep my business mobile, without the bulk of carrying around many different tools. Our company has many tools designed specifically for the iPad, and this would be a great addition to my business.

Imore is the new Santa.. At least for one lucky person. I have to have the iPhone 5. It's the gadget of the year and even though its not a huge huge upgrade from my 4s...I still want it!

I want an iPad Mini so I can give my brother my iPad 3. He wants to develop for iOS but doesn't have an iPad to run tests with because it is too expensive for him. I got mine as a gift and I want to give him mine if I get the mini so he doesn't feel bad for taking it.

Merry Christmas :)

Eh...any iPod will do, iPod touch, iPod nano, any generation, I really don't mind. Just need an iPod to listen to my music the way I used to, before my little brother broke my iPod touch 2nd Gen

An iPad mini would be wonderful! I would finally be free from reading iBooks on my smaller iPhone screen.

I'd like an IPhone 5 because my better half really wants my IPhone 4 and I just can't see myself without this gem of a Phone in my life

I would love a new iPad Mini because Santa flew right by my house and iMore is great. I think they have a direct link to Santa through iPhone 5.
Thank you

would love to have the retina iPad having a baby in 3 months honestly I can't afford one I'm not picky u can surprise me with any model I would appreciate anyone of them hope u and your family have a merry Christmas and a safe new year -SB

I would love an ipad mini cause my ipad is broken please pick me!!! Thank You iMore you Guys are the best

I would like the black ipad mini. It's the perfect compliment to my mac and will make the ideal tablet with its size and weight.

I would love to transform my office to be a mobile office. These days I find myself traveling, even if local, and needing to share or present a program or introduce new offerings. The iPad mini or the iPad would be helpful and make he road feel more like the office.

I would like to win the ipad mini, it will help me a lot with my school year, my pc is broken and my i won't get one a long time, i'll really appreciate if i could win, thanks

An iPad mini would be a God-send for running my small business as well as being able to Face Time with friends & family especially with these glorious holidays upon us....Merry Christmas & Happy New 2013 Year!!!

I would very much like an update on my trusty, yet incredibly worn iPhone 3Gs, for which my iPhone 4s/5 toting family continually make of me. Merry Christmas all!

If I had to chose it would be the iPad mini. More than powerful enough in a great size. As of now being out of work would be great to read resume books on.:-)

It has been a dream for a long time to get an iPad for my father, because where I live it's very expensive and i'm only a student so it is not possible. I would love to get him an iPad mini, because i know he would love it!

I would like an iPhone 5! I asked for one for Christmas and sadly I didn't get one. So by entering this contest I hope to win one. Merry Christmas everyone!

I would really like to get an iPad mini LTE. I travel a lot and the tethering and size would be awesome to have!

Merry Christmas!

Would love the get the iphone 5, because it is the ultimate killer which is always ready to hand!
iMore make it happen for me!!!