Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now for a chance to win it from iMore!

Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now to win it from iMore!

If Santa somehow slipped up and didn't give you the iPhone, iPod, or iPad of your dreams this year, if he got lost using maps, if he was smart enough to realize you really did need those educational gifts, clothes, or vegetables instead, or if you did indeed get what you wanted, but would love the chance to give an iOS device to someone else who could really use one, iMore's giving you a second chance!

(Technically one (1) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners next week. Ho. Ho. Ho!

Enter NOW!

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Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now for a chance to win it from iMore!



Everyone says iPad mini, but I can hold out on that! Me personally, I could go for an iPod Touch. Love the design and I need a storage upgrade. I need all my music!

I'd like to have an iPad mini because it would be great for reading books for college. Obviously it's also a perfect device for surfing the web while listening to music ;)

Merry Christmas everyone!

I was wishing and hoping for a Verizon iPad Mini. No such luck...even though I was VERY good this year. I'm a huge iMore fan (back from TiPB days) and an even bigger Apple fan. I read like crazy, and I need an update from my old Kindle. Plus, this would be a me-only device, something I would not use for work. Looking to give an iPad Mini the hands that it deserves and an entertainment-only lifestyle! Thanks, iMore!

I would love to reward my daughter with an iPhone 5, because of her good grades, High Honors (Proud Papa). Plus we just told her we are moving away, and that is going to be tough on her. The iPhone might help ease some of anxiety of moving and leaving all of her friends behind.

I'd love to have an iPad mini. I gave my mother an iPad 3, and my grandmother an iPad 2 but forgot about myself in the process of the Christmas season. Hopefully if I win I will believe in Santa again and stop dressing like him

I'd love to own an iPad mini because I never owned one before nor seen one in person. I don't have car to go to the mall. I'm an international student who came from Cambodia to study here in America. This year I had no one to celebrate Christmas with. My family is almost eight thousand miles away from me.

I would like a iPad mini please. Because there have been several occasions when I'm laying on my back surfing the web with my iPad resting on my chest or held by my hands, I will eventually fall asleep only to be abruptly woken up with 1.44 lbs of force falling directly on my face!! :(
I know by getting the mini it won't hurt as bad as a iPad would! :P
Thanks. You guys rock!!

Mele Kalikimaka and Hau'ouli Makahiki Hou from our little piece of paradise in Hawaii! There is no snow here, of course but last night I saw a huge, awesome ring around the moon at midnight. I wonder if Santa had to jump his sleigh through some hoops? Seriously, though I would love to win an iPad Mini for my daughter in Oregon so I could FaceTime with her. For Christmas I got her an iPhone and she took it back saying she could Skype from her PC! What a joke! LOL! The speakers were broken so we had to talk using our phones, and the video was ridiculously poor! So I would love, love, love to win this for her and she couldn't take it back!

I would like to submit for your consideration an iPad 3. Here is why, since I have a "Dell not so swell brick" that I carry, life will become so much nicer AND my friends will stop making fun of me. Thank you!

I would really like to have a new slate iPad mini for Christmas bc I have the 1st generation iPad and my mom took it to watch lame drama. So I'm pretty much stuck w/ my 7 year old laptop for the entire holiday seasons. Would live to win and have always been a big fan of the website. Merry Christmas :)

I have the iPad 3 and my husband's got my old iPad 2. Would love an iPad mini for my baby boy! That way we'd be complete :)

Mele Kalikimaka and Hau'ouli Makahiki Hou from our little piece of paradise in Hawaii! There is no snow here, of course, but last night I saw a huge, awesome ring around the moon at midnight. I wonder if Santa had to jump his sleigh through some hoops? Seriously, though I would love to win an iPad Mini for my daughter in Oregon so I could FaceTime with her. For Christmas I got her an iPhone and she took it back saying she could Skype from her PC! What a joke! LOL! The speakers were broken so we had to talk using our phones, and the video was ridiculously poor! So I would love, love, love to win this for her and she couldn't take it back!

I would love an iPad Mini.. I'm broke so for Christmas I gave my little nephew my iPad 3.. An iPad mini would make my year for sure.

merry christmas imore, i would really love the iphone 5. the reason i would really love one is because i so want to upgrade from my first generation iphone as i cant upgrade it without winning this competition. thank you.

I would love to get an iPhone 5 since my girlfriend's cat thought it would be a good idea to nudge my iPhone 4S off of the end table, sending it crashing to the tile floor below (someone likes attention). Salt in the wound was the little bugger wouldn't let me near it to pick it up off of the floor and I know sport ferocious battle wounds on 3 digits.

I would love the iPad mini please...it would just be a help and also lots of fun for myself and the families we work with.

I would like to have an iPad mini because my girlfriend is crazy about my other iPad and I do like to have this mini sized iPad so bad. :D

Since I have an hour train commute on a busier line, I have to down-size what I bring to work. An iPad mini would be perfect! Thanks!!

I would really like an iPad. I would love to prove to the boss that I can do my entire job from a tablet. Plus it'd be really neat to watch movies on. But not while at work, that's cheating.

I want an ipod touch 5th gen in Black color because i am very fond of listening music and playing games, but i never had any iOS device and the iOS games are the best as i had seen them on my friends iphone 4s. So, an ipod touch will be just awesome. :)

I would love to win the Gift card so that i may bundle it and be able to get an iphone 5. I would love to win it because its going to make my job a little eaiser when i begin to develop as well as having an Iphone5!

I just got rid of my garbage-xy note. I would like to have an iPad mini to be my device between an iPhone and a full-size iPad.

Merry Christmas everyone :)

I want a iPad mini cause it will complete my collection of iDevices and that's all I'm missing to be complete thanks imore.

I would like an iPad mini so I can give it to my wife as a late Christmas present. I couldn't afford it this year.

I would like a second iPad Mini with more memory. I am learning the hard way that 16G isjust not enough fro me. (The wife can have my current one.)

its more easy browse imore.com with ipad mini, and i can check imore great news from every where

Love to win so I could get the iPad mini. Would be great late gift for my son and I to share. Happy Holidays!

I would like a iPad mini because my brother thought it would be a great idea to take my iPod touch into the bathroom so he could browse reddit on the toilet. He dropped it in the toilet. Thought he could be sly by just putting it back in my room but he forgot to log out of his account. Long story short. I want a iPad mini because my iPod has urine in it (not covered by warranty).

I want an ipad or an ipad mini because I am a guitarist and a songwriter trying to start a band and a music career and garage band on the iPad would greatly benefit my future

I want an iPad mini. It's the perfect size for me because I'm an avid reader and I want to use it for my collection of ebooks and graphic novels

I would love to buy my brother-in-law an iPod touch or an iPhone. He bought one a year ago with his college graduation money, but it broke and he can't afford to buy a new one. (Even with Apple subsidizing one for it breaking)

Thanks for running such a fun giveaway!! (I saw this via Zite)

I need a new iPad to replace my wife's. She let me borrow it on my last deployment and it was stollen out of my room. I need to replace hers since she does so much for me.

I would love an iPad mini. For myself. Mostly because the significant other has absconded the original iPad for use in the bathroom for reading, of which I have renamed it the iPoop.

I would like an iPad mini because hey are amazing and it would enhance every aspect of my life. I am an educator and I see endless possibilities for the use of this device in my classroom.

I would like an IPhone 5 because all of my friends always brag that they have an IPhone and i have a $26 phone that is a piece of crap. There is only a couple of people in my family that don't have an iphone and everyone else does.

I would buy a 64Gb iPad with cellular this time so that next Christmas, if someone steals this one, I can track it.

I want a Product(RED) iPod touch! I love red and I love making donations to great causes. I already bought my girlfriend a product(RED) Smart Cover!

I want an iPad mini. I bought my wife an iPad and now I feel left out, lol. In still using a third generation touch.

Dear imore,
I would deeply appreciate the iPad mini ad I haven't been able to buy my wife a Christmas present on account of my financial situation.
Loves from India

I would love to get an iPhone for my wife since we are just moved to the US and she doesn't have any phone yet!

I have a good reason to want the iPad mini...I couldn't get one for my wife this Christmas because she had to have surgery last week...so, Christmas was subdued. I would love to get one for her.
Merry Christmas!

I want an Ipad mini , I had a Nexus 7 that had a lot of issues last of which it went dead on me , after only two months after purchase . It took Asus an hour to take my call and 30 minutes to try to convince me it was my fault . I heard Apple products are just the opposite when it comes to repair and service and if there's a problem they'll fix or correct it on the spot. I'm converting to Apple products no more android or microsoft for me .

I would be so grateful to receive an iPad Mini! It'd be sooooo much easier to travel with than my full-sized iPad!

I'd love to get an iPhone 5 for my dear mother, unfortunately I'm a broke college kid and I can't buy it myself so this is perfect for me to be able to show her how much I appreciate her even if it is a late Christmas present. Haha.

White iPad with Retina...because it's beautiful and it's about time this developer moved up! Plus I want my wife to use one. :)

Thanks for giving people this opportunity! Merry Chrismas!

I need an iPad Mini. I have an iPad for work through my company but it is locked down. Since I have to carry it around anyway, I might as well get the smallest form factor for the additional device. Thanks for the great opportunity.

The iPhone I bought for my mother last year for Christmas got stolen about a month ago. Back when she first turned it on and it activated, she called Verizon to reactivate her old phone for a day. When she called to have her iPhone reactivated, Verizon didn't reinstate the insurance or even ask her about it and she didn't think to ask. After it got stolen, she went to Verizon and they wouldn't do anything for her and told her she had to pay full price for a new phone. She's been using her old LG enV and it really upset about the whole situation. This win would help subsidize a new iPhone purchase.

I'd love to get the iPad with retina display. It would be really useful for college. All of my professors upload their powerpoints on blackboard and instead of printing them every time, it would be awesome to have an ipad so that I can open the powerpoints.
Thanks a lot for this contest and happy holidays :)

I would love an iPad mini to gift to my 17 year old son. He graduated High School a whole year early and has been doing volunteer work to help others with learning disabilities. He also started working part time to support his volunteer work. He really deserves the iPad mini to help organize his life, he using an old BlackBerry as a PDA and has not complained. He really is awesome! Thanks iMore!

I would love to win this for a white ipad mini :) it's going to be the love of my life's birthday next month and it would make for the best bday gift ever since I haven't really been able to get her something great before because of my financial situation, I also want it so that when she leaves to college next fall we can still see each other through facetime so our long distance relationship may be less difficult for us since this is the girl I plan to marry someday <3 thank you regress of who wins this :)

I want an iPad because I am a college student who is entering my very last semester as a business marketing major. Having an iPad would not only be a great and mobile device to use in class...but it would also be a great presentation tool to use in business school. It would also be a great tool to use in my internship coming up as a financial advisor.

I'd love to get an iPad Mini to round out my iOS collection. I think that I'd take the mini even more places than the iPad.

I would LOVE to get my hands on a 64GB iPhone 5! I've been setting aside 75 bucks every two weeks for a while now. I currently own an Android device and I want to make the switch to iOS but I just haven't been able able to get the rest of the money. I'm interested in app development for the iOS platform too. Maybe I'll have an app featured on iMore someday :]

I would love to get an ipad for my wife. She's wanted one for along time. I would love to see the smile on her face when I give her the ipad.

I would say iPad mini!
Because it'll fit perfectly into one of the side pockets on my cargo shorts :)

I'd love an iPad mini to use in school. I'm taking urban planning in New Orleans, and it would be a really helpful tool to use when doing on the ground research in the field for my classes!

Thank you for the opportunity. As a person with disabilities, I can honestly say that the iPhone and the iPad have helped me a lot on my recovery after suffering a massive stroke. I wish I could get the iPad Mini for it would be easier for me to carry around and be in touch.
Thank you again and Happy Holidays.

I'd love an iPad mini please so I could actually get payback on my sister who won one and then stuck it in my stocking and said sorry that's actually myne an then laughed in my face :(

I would like an iPad 4 for my daughter. Why? She's a junior in high school and her school is beginning an iPad initiative wherein every student will be required to have an iPad. It would be great to win one for her so that cost is covered and she will be in step with the rest if her class.

This has been one of the hardest years of my life. From a daughter born with ovarian cysts to a weird situation with the legal system that had made me question my belief in our systems of protection and justice; my one getaway has been my iOS devices. I have wanted to purchase an iPad Mini for my wife but due to increasing medical and legal bills have been unable. I would l

I'd like an iPad Mini because I could give it to my niece and nephew because they don't have either a computer or tablet and they always love it when they get to play with my iPad or iPhone during the few times I get to see them every year. I hope I win because it would go for a great cause!

Scrolling through the heaps and heaps of comments is a bit disheartening but I would love a new full sized iPad so I can stop carrying this old giant 3940 pound Toshiba Laptop around campus for classes. My back is dying!

I would love an ipad mini so I could use it as my new digital sketchbook to take around and cafe sketch. Thanks!

My grandson is autistic and I would love to get a iPad or a mini for him
And I would love to have iPhone 5 for siri

I would love to win so that I can get my family a 4th gen iPad 64GB to replace our aging laptops. Would fit our use case perfectly! Thanks iMore!!!

I want an iPad mini I do a lot of school work and world love to use it so I don't have to arty around all the heavy books

i want an ipod 5g pink or black please!! i'v entered sooo much competitions trying to win it, my last ipod was a pink 8gb ipod nano!! i gave it to my mum recently, it's in great condition, i loved it very much and now i see the ipod touch 5g and i'm in love but i cant afford it. (College student) please make my christmas!

I'd love to get an iPhone 5!
Somehow, my wife took it as a Xmas gift that my previous iPhone 4 should be hers and that I should buy a new one. Which I did. Then came my mother. Well you might have already figured out the rest. The only reprise is: she's way scarier that my wife..
So I guess no more money-spending is going to happen this year towards Apple products!
Good luck to all you guys out there! Wish I win!!

I really need the iPad mini......I could only afford 1 this year so I gave it to my wife for Xmas and she loves it!!! Please pick me!!!! Merry Christmas Imore team.....

I would like to buy an iPad mini for my Mum... she's only new to technology and currently uses a handed down, really old samsung tablet and I would be so happy if she jumped on the apple bandwagon and realised how much more easier apple products are...btw Merry Christmas from Australia....

I would like to buy an iPad mini for my wife to use as we are going to start homeschooling our kids in the coming months and a mini would be a great device to use for teaching and organizing.