Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now for a chance to win it from iMore!

Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now to win it from iMore!

If Santa somehow slipped up and didn't give you the iPhone, iPod, or iPad of your dreams this year, if he got lost using maps, if he was smart enough to realize you really did need those educational gifts, clothes, or vegetables instead, or if you did indeed get what you wanted, but would love the chance to give an iOS device to someone else who could really use one, iMore's giving you a second chance!

(Technically one (1) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners next week. Ho. Ho. Ho!

Enter NOW!

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Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now for a chance to win it from iMore!



My mother wants a playbook because her friend got one for Christmas ... Help me keep my mother away from an inferior product. I'll give her my iPad 2 if I get the Mini.

I want an iPad mini to give to my mom because she has wanted one since they came out and she loves the fact that it's still big enough for her to see what's there, but small enough to carry around.

New Ipad please, I am tired of carrying Macbook everywhere to study. It will make life little easier.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.

I would like an ipad mini because I'd like to give it to my Dad who I'm trying to get better tech savvy in his old age.

Hello and merry Christmas to everybody
I really really wish you pick me so I can buy an iPhone , I have been saving money for too much time !!!
My cell phone is pretty old

I would love to win an iPad mini so I may give it to my mother. She's been a little down the past couple months and that outta cheer her up.

I would like to receive an iPhone 5 so I can help make this Christmas a little more surprising and special for ones I love and care for!

iPad mini for me! Been waiting for the perfect tablet for me and the mini is it! was hoping for one from Santa but those plans fell through..... Merry Xmas iMore :)

I'd love an iPhone 5 so I could upgrade my 4S. That way I would only have to carry one charger as opposed to both lightning and 30 pin for my phone and ipad mini.

I would like an iPad. Mostly because I have just about every other apple device and my set would be complete with an addition of the iPad. I have had every iPhone since the release of the original iPhone. After purchasing this device I made the conscious decision to rid myself of all PC products and make the move towards a full apple arsenal. I even traded in my Xbox because of Microsoft Bd their affiliation with PC. Thank you guys and Merry Christmas.

After spending way too much on the kids(How can you not?)there wasn't much left over for a new iPod touch.

I would really like an iPad mini, everyone that has one seems to love it more than their iPad (which I don't own either).

I would really appreciate having a iPad Mini! I had the first ipad but the screen shattered 2 years ago when i dropped it on the subway and haven't had the money since to replace it, and i'm a student so the mini would really come in handy for me!

I'd put it toward a black iPad Mini because it's the perfect size, you can't argue with a handy device like that, and I need to stop using my Nook Color as a "Tablet"

Thanks imore. Hope you all enjoyed your holidays. I can't wait to browse up and down the aisle at my nearest Apple store after winning your new contest! Keep up the good work.

I'm a single dad of 2 young children and it would be great to whip out an iPad mini so they could be entertained either at home or when we are out!

My wife is going to be in the hospital for 4 weeks straight. And all I wanted was an ipad mini to help us both pass the time but my pleas went on deaf ears. Please help us imore, you're our only hope!

I really need an iphone 4S or 5 for my internet business. I've never had a smart phone, and finances are tight. It would let me get away from the computer more often! :)

I would love to win and spend the money towards a new iPhone! Sadly, my last iPhone took a dive into a cup of water.... Santa didn't visit with an apple device either so maybe the iMore team could help me out. Thanks! Merry Christmas!

I would like a new Ipad 32 gb as there are work specific applications that my wife could use to help out the kids she works with at school

Wish I had gotten an ipad mini for Christmas, but wishing never hurt anyone. So now I am wishing to win one.

I would like an iPad 4th generation. Usually my husband has the computer, my daughter has her iPod and my sons will play in my phone and my other son will be watching the TV so I would like a device to play on. But really I think it would be nice to take with me to school and then for the kids to have games to play on.

iPad mini black. Just because iphone is too small to read ebooks or watch podcasts. Just because real size ipad is too big to make a phone call or hold in my pocket. Just because I love making stuff for iOS platform and have lots of great ideas to make my everyday life much simpler. Just because I could keep well organized every day with only one device.

And it's awesome! :)

I live a very isolated life, an iPad mini would allow me to be able to keep in touch with the rest of the world.

Thank you iMore! I've been saving for an $1100 MacBook Pro for college for the past few months, but due to an untimely car accident, I'm set back $500. Thanks for the opportunity!

I'd love to grab an iPad Mini. I need something that fits in the tank bag on my motorcycle so I can blog on the go!

A iPad 4, because i get a iPhone 4 to christmas :) and now i want to complete my little apple-world :D

After getting an Apple TV for Christmas, the iPad Mini is all I need to make our home an all-Apple house!

I'd love a new iPod touch, as my old one no longer runs most of the apps nor syncs up with my data in the cloud. Well, that and my son takes it over far too often. :)

I would like an iPad because my original iPad is starting to have issues with the app store constantly crashing and other apps too. I also noticed apps are starting to appear saying iOS 6 or above in order to download like the Zite app. It was good till it lasted. Compatability issues starting to creep up and fast.

I would love to get an iPad mini to help my Dad with his business. I tried this year and couldn't save up the cash while in school.
Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

I would love to have an iPhone 5 for my new business, my 4 is pretty busted up and is difficult to use. Either way I'm grateful to be in a position be able to go out on my own. Merry Christmas everyone!

Ipad mini please because we dont have an ipad and my three boys will be able to enjoy a great gaming device! Merry Xmas!!!

iPhone 5

A) I'm a student
B) I'm broke
C) I'm having exams continuously from 23th-28th of December.
D) Yesterday was Christmas Day...I didn't even have the time to attend the Church..had to sit n stared at my book :(
G)....I have to study now :( n wish me luck.

iMore Happy belated Merry Christmas n a happy new year :)

iPad mini because I have to spend most of January in hospital and would like to keep up with the news from imore.com while I am there. Merry Christmas everyone!

I would like an IPad Mini because it's the only portable device from Apple that I do not have. I'd like to experience an Ipad, please!

I would like a iPad mini for when the Spring semester begins so that I can catch up on my assigned readings on my breaks at work without any hassles.

I would like the iPad with retina display. it will be much easier for me to keep my recipes for school organized, and my niece could play on it while I'm babysitting her. I would really love to win the iPad

I want the iPad mini so I can actually give something to my parents for Christmas. I'm unemployed and haven't been able to get anything for anyone, I want to at least get something for my parents.

Merry Christmas everyone I would like the new iPad. Would love to see the apps in the retina version.

I would really appreciate an iPad mini 32g black :)
I have been a really good boy!
Santa just missed my house :(

Thank you very much for the opportunity to win an iOS device, iMore! I wish I could afford to buy iOS devices on my own, but am low on money. I would like to use this gift card to buy 1 of 2 iOS devices:

1. An iPad mini, for my father. He has a 1st generation iPad that has massive problems. It is often too slow, and has a bad screen.
2. An iPhone 5 for myself. My iPhone 4S, which I acquired in September of 2012, is experiencing lags, crashes, awful battery life, and many dropped calls.

Once again, thanks for the opportunity!

I would like an iPad with Retina Display to give to my sister for her birthday (Jan 1st!) because she's the best darn sister on the whole planet!

Thanks iMore!

I would like to win an iPad to give to my niece because her 4 year old son just shattered the screen today on her ipad on Christmas Day and she is really bummed out about it.
That would make her day if I could replace it for her.

It would be nice to get an iPad! I am a student with a long commute by bus and subway to school, it would really help to pass the time and get some work done, as well as I could stop lugging my dads old IBM thinkpad to class for taking notes.
Merry Christmas.

I want and iPad mini because I behaved really well through 2012: bought an iPhone, sold my (eeew) louzy Android, didn't cheat on my wife, helped those who needed (to be convinced to buy an iOS device) and for that I didn't had the dough to buy an iPad.

so I guess I really deserve it =D

I would love to get a white 32GB iPad Mini. It's small enough to carry around with enough space for photos, apps, and books.

I decided to wait for the second generation iPad mini before laying out my own cash on it....but if you fine folks decide to award me the prize, I think I'll be getting it a little earlier than expected! :)

I'd love an iPhone 5 since I really love Apple products but sadly I can't afford it, so please give it to me! Got to say I really love this giveaways you do.

Another iPad Mini for my daughters for when I'm driving- so they can be occupied and NOT be screaming their heads off distracting me.

My 6-year old daughter stole my iPad... now my patients must wait for me to reach my desktop in order to receive their lab results. HELP!!! Can haz iPad mini pleez?

I've never had a tablet or anything from Apple. I'm looking for an iPad Mini for business. Would be nice to win one!

Would like to get an factory unlocked iPhone 5 or iPad 4....hard to decide but would be happy with either.

iPad mini. I want to send it to my grandparents so I can FaceTime with them. They live in Mexico and hardly see them. I can't get them an iPhone because AT&T isn't in Mexico so the next best thing is just a wifi device like an iPad.

I would love to win an iPad 4, but I am not picky I would take an iPad 3, iPad mini, iPhone 5, or even an iPad 2. Which ever one I could win would be awesome!!!

I would like very much to win the new iPhone 5 because it would be the only way for me to have an iOS device.

I want an iPad mini because the podcast got me interested in using one after listening to Seth get all...lovey on it.

iPad mini. Simple....for Mom, of course! For all that she has done for me, selflessly, all my life. Not to mention, she's an Apple fangirl!

I want an ipad mini, because i went two times already to sams club to buy it and they were sold out.

I have to get an iPad mini, my wife stole mine after she gave hers a bath so now I'm ipadless. The new form factor is perfect, I'm really digging the smaller size.

Would love IPad mini won't lie and tell you it is for someone else because I want it so much. Call me selfish I will admit to it for one of them, and thanks for gifting.

I sold my iPad 3 to friend at work a couple months back (400), his girlfriend took a baseball bat to his, beyond repair, used the money to get my daughter a cheap hp laptop for Xmas considered saving for another cheap laptop and realized there is really nothing I couldn't do on my iPad...I miss it and would love to have another one...unless my conscience gets the better of me and I get her the iPhone 5 she's claims she needs, cause she takes a lot of pictures and her refurb stratosphere reboots random, but her contracts up in August and she prolly wouldn't appreciate it...right?...hmmm...

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I want an iPad 4 so that I don't spend another Christmas with a dead iPhone because I lost the only lighting cable I own... Cause I'd have one for the iPad, right.

Would love to have an ipad mini for my 2 year old daughter to be able to take advantage of the educational ios apps.

I love Apple products; having a mini with me at all times would enhance my connection to material(s) I need siring the day to assist me at work.

I would love to win the iPhone 5. I'm in need of a new phone and wifey and I both lost our jobs a few months ago. Christmas was still good because we made sure that our dogs have presents to rip open. Hope I win and good luck to everyone else. Happy Holidays!

I would love a new iPad with a retina display to replace my iPad 2. I read a lot of magazines and would love to see most in retina splendidness!!!

Well any iPad would be nice can never seem to save up long enough or something comes up and have to start over

I would LOVE an iPad mini...so I could take it to work, finish my screenplay, and hopefully never go back to work again! :)

I want an iPad 4 please as it would really help me with organising school work and its a lot lighter than a laptop.