Did you get a new iPhone or iPad for Christmas?

Did you get a new iPhone or iPad for Christmas?

Did you just get a new iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or iPad mini for Christmas? Which one did you get? What size? What color? What capacity? Any awesome accessories come with it? Any amazing apps already installed? If you scored some great new Apple gear this holiday season, I want to know all about it, so tell me in the comments below -- what did you get?

Details, people!


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Dar Krum says:

IPad minis for the family. One each for my wife and I, and one for my seven year old. Mommy travels a lot for work so FaceTime will be handy. We are all loving them so far.

Jay Mobile says:

Got a iPad 3 64GB wifi edition
iPhone 4S 64GB
And a 15' MacBook Pro all at BestBuy
This was a great Christmas for me thanks to my wife who knows that I am a gadget lover

hashtaghell says:

My wife and I got each other 16GB iPhones. No cases just yet. We didn't account for that while shopping for the children. Hopefully we don't scratch them up before we can afford the cases. Happy Holidays.

infant_joe says:

Got a black iPad mini 32 GB

charlienoharom says:

Santa brought my wife and I each 16GB iPad Minis and I got a new MacBook Pro 13". We're not gonna be productive for a while. Now I'm even more upset that The Daily is gone through. It was the only decent news app for iPad.

MickInWisconsin says:

16GB iPad Mini (white) for my 11yo daughter
16GB iPad Mini (black) for my wife
No Apple stuff for me this Christmas (I have what I need already).

danzpaiva says:

iPad retina 64GB wifi+cellular, black. We couldn't find a white one.

acwyau says:

iPad 16GB Wifi Black, 4th Gen. My wife surprised me with it, since I was planning on getting one on the 26th.

bilbothejust says:

iPad mini AND iPhone 5. Woo hoo.
Sold my iPad 2 to Amazon for store credit and traded my iPhone 4s at Best Buy.

mommybetts says:

I received a iPad 16GB wifi 4th Gen from my husband to compliment my white iPhone 5;)

PJMAN2952 says:

I almost have enough money for the iPad Mini 16GB. Might get one this week. Not sure. Just need 100 dollars more.

zdn1042 says:

Bought an iPod Touch 5G. My first Apple device.

mereiriz says:

This year my lovely husband gave me the new 21.5 iMac! Unfortunately, it was a sad day because a couple hours after setting it up, hubby had an accident and is now in the hospital. Haven't been able to enjoy it yet and feel kind of guilty :(

Tcgiia says:

Got a new 64gb iPod Touch 5G for myself!, Color I choose was blue......Merry Christmas everyone!!!

lifecansuckbutliveitanyway2012 says:

iphone 5 32gb in black :D really fun to use it :))

BlackBerry Guy says:

No iOS device here, but did manage to score an Apple TV :)

ipadluvr says:

Got my wife an iPad mini in black. She has arthritis, so the lighter weight and smaller form factor are an upgrade from her existing iPad 3, which goes to family. So much easier to carry around and hold.

Tristenpierce3 says:

I got a black 64 gig iPad mini! Wifi only but still available on the go with the new hotspot set up on the iPhone!

Nick Viveiros says:

iPad 4 32 GB black, a welcome upgrade from an iPad 1!

fritzdoss says:

iPad mini, white, 32gb, wifi/cell, nice blue cover, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is REALLY GOOD TODAY. Gift from the kids. Wiped and set up my gen 1 iPad for the wife.

DJ G.MAC says:

I got an Ipod Touch. 32gb in black.

Gorilla says:

I got an Ipad 2 and I love it!

Ides of Buster says:

Apple TV 3 for me. An iPad 4 (64GB/Wi-Fi/black) with a Logitech Ultra-thin Keyboard (black) for my wife. iPhone 5 (32GB/white) for my first daughter, and an iPad 4 (32GB/cellular/white) for my second daughter.

jr364574 says:

iPad mini 32GB white wifi only. Got a red smart cover but am waiting for the cygnett iPad mini red vector case so only using the smart cover in the mean time - SO PARANOID

RomBot says:

I bought myself a 2012 13" MacBook Pro, non-retina...

wcowings says:

32 GB VZW iPad Mini Black wooooooohooooo! Samsung Galaxy Note II Titanium woooooohoooooo!

rayjeremyyy says:

I've got an iPhone 4S 32GB White for Christmas!
Anyway my dad gave it to me...
I am using iWalk bumper. It's awesome and 100% scratch proof as it doesn't get direct contact with the table or any surface.

zhen_wan says:

iPhone 5 32GB (White) w/ Incipio Frequency (Black) case

Redseouls says:

My sweet husband surprised me with a black 16GB iPad 4!!!! Have not been able to put it down!

wamadden4 says:

I got a nice new iPhone 5 in white. 16GB. I got iTunes Match and Spotify so size is not an issue for me. For the people who got a 4S, why? LOL

LunarFlame17 says:

I got a black 64 GB wifi iPad mini. Actually, I've had it for a month, but it was technically a Christmas present, so I'm gonna mention it. I also must say that I hope Apple releases a 128 GB iPad next year. I've got so many games, I can't even fit them all in 64 GB.

richard_rsp says:

My wife and I both got 16gb iPhone 5's to replace our aging 4's... She got white and I picked a black one. LOVING the phones and Siri!

Only really different accessory this time was a Zagg HD Screen protector. So far, so good!
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

cheneyiee24 says:

ipad please color( white ) or iphone5 (white)

cheneyiee24 says:

ipad mini please color (white)

etrigan says:

Got some stuff:
-iPhone5 64gb
-MacBook Pro Retina 13" 256GB
-iPad4 64GB wifi+cel
-2TB Time Capsule
BestBuy got better prices than Apple at the time...

dmt316 says:

i gave my wife a 64GB white iPhone 5

cwbcpa says:

I got the iPhone 4S for my wife and 15 year old daughter. Neither one wanted the iPhone 5. It's the first iPhone for my daughter so she was very excited. She is also loving her Lifeproof case. She took it out with her to play in the snow with some kids in the neighborhood and it was nice to not worry. She got some good pictures too. As for me, I will probably get the iPhone 5 next week when I have another upgrade available. I like to have the latest, they don't care as much I guess.

chitoac#IM says:

Got black iPad 4 gen 32 gb wifi vía Amazon, it was tax free and low price 621$ on blackfriday .Apple store charge 50$ of tax (no thx). Also bought the stm grip case, so far Best case ever! Extras: 1 USB to lighting cable and the lighting to vga for school :) happy holydays

elmanu88 says:

I got a 16 Gb black iPhone 5

GStrecker says:

Hey Georgia,
I got the new iPad Mini 32 gig black wifi/AT&T cellular for Christmas. I'm considering it an upgrade from my 1st gen. iPad. I was an early adopter of the original 3G iPad and was able to swap my AT&T unlimited plan to the new device. We'll be keeping the original at home for wifi only use for the family while I start using the new lighter device for work. I got a Roocase hard case for it and a lightning to 32 pin adaptor so I can continue to use my old camera kit and other components with the new Mini. The weight differences between the to devices are very noticeable and I enjoy now having cameras in the device. Now I can read my emails while my 3-year-old grandson monopolizes the iPad 1 watching YouTube videos. Hope the iMore Team had a Merry Christmas and wishing you all a Happy New Year.

williamsbh76 says:

Got 4 new 16 gb wifi Pad minis for the wife and 3 kids. 2 in white for my daughters and black for son and wife. Everybody happy happy happy!

williamsbh76 says:

Oh and otter boxes for all!

tgros22 says:

iPad mini 64GB/LTE AT&T version black model. Ordered the Concerti case from Moshi. Restored from iCloud my iPad 3 apps and settings. Works like a champ. Battery life over 10 hrs.

saurabh chhabra says:

No,i didnt get any,i hope that imore may give me my dream iPad.

EPJS says:

I got a bunch of movies on Blu-ray, because that's all I really wanted. Though I did get the new 5th generation iPod touch for my birthday in November. Does that count?

jayman30 says:

Got a black, AT&T iPhone 5--loving it, best iPhone yet!

Vandie82 says:

I didn't get anything cool iPads for Christmas. I checked under the tree for anything that resembled an ipad box. Closest i got was a what'll heard trimmer. So today I said screw it and went down and got my a white ipad 4 white 16 gig. I am kind of regretting going only 16. I may go bAck tomorrow and get a 32. I had to have iPhone 5 when it first came out so I am good in the department. Damn I just live anything apple. Wish there was a way to share the memory between the two devices.

doitlarge says:

Got my lady friend a White 32GB LTE iPad Mini on Verizon, her first Apple mobile device ever. To my surprise I open up a Black 64GB LTE iPad Mini on Verizon. Stoked!

SerFer01 says:

Thanks to you guys, this is my second iPad mini. I received the black & slate 32GB early December, and now I just won another one, which I'm giving to my mother. It's white & silver 16GB, really nice. So now we have a Yin and Yang combo...LOL!!! These iPad minis are pretty amazing and super compact. Way easier to handle than iPad. I recommend and give them 10 thumbs up!!! Apple & iMore ROCKS!!!

Xytal says:

32GB iPad Mini, Black... though I had to take it back as it had 2 dead pixels. The Apple Store here didn't have any replacements, so they gave me a gift card and now I'm just waiting for them to get more in stock. =( At least I still have my 4S and 3rd Gen iPad!

BMX_Dre21 says:

I got a 16 GB Black Wifi iPad mini!!! Just got a Griffin Survivor case for it last night at Best Buy too, LOVIN IT LOVIN IT LOVIN IT!!!

wilmilgarcia says:

iPad mini black 64gb + LTE ! Awsomest wife ! Clear plastic snap on case, dark grey smart cover and ZAGG smudge proof screen protector. All the protection possible for my new baby!

Quiney08 says:

iPhone 5's for me and my husband. 16GB for him and 32 GB for me. And BookBook cases for both of us.

iphone22 says:

No, however, I did get some incredible socks :)

Gabe Zimbric says:

For Christmas I asked for an iPad 3, iPod 5, and an Apple TV. Unfortunately, I didn't get any of these devices. So I'm stuck with my slow 8gig iPod 4

Warren Ward says:

We've gotten the kids Apple gadgets for the last three years. Iphones and Tablets were great the first two years but they weren't that impressed last year. This year they told us they want something different for Christmas the X-Box One. I think Apple and other gadgets are getting stale and boring they wanting something different now.