Element Case unleashes the Ronin for iPhone 5, and you can win one for free!

Enter now to win a $200 Ronin case from Element-Case!

Element Case makes some of the highest end, most exclusive, most luxurious iPhone and iPad accessories on the planet, and that's never been more true than with the Ronin for iPhone 5.

The Ronin FE blends CNC machined, aircraft-grade aluminum with ethically-sourced, renewable Ziricote wood offering a warm, lustrous finish and a soft, genuine leather backing for unrivaled style and protection unlike anything else in an iPhone case.

The Ronin features a wood and aluminum-blend frame completely encasing the iPhone 5’s perimeter with in-line volume, mute-switch and power button controls. Its slim-yet-stylish curves fully engulf iPhone 5 in a comfortable, smooth and luxurious package offering full protection and stand-out style no other aftermarket accessory can offer. Inspired by the clean lines of the “Katana,” or Samurai Sword, the Ronin bears its namesake for the legendary Japanese Samurai warriors with no allegiance to a lord or master -- thus the Ronin 5 lives in a category all its own.

I know they're drawing on Asian culture for inspiration, but to me the Ronin also looks like something straight out of the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. It the kind of case Elrond or Galadriel would have born into battle and used to smite many a ruin upon the mountainsides.

But here's the best news of all... You can win one of your very own! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling Element Case you want one! We'll pick one of you at random, announce the winner in our usual post next week, and Element Case will send you your prize.

And if you just can't wait that long run, don't walk, over to Element Case and order yours now!

Source: Element Case

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Reader comments

Element Case unleashes the Ronin for iPhone 5, and you can win one for free!



Well throw my ring into the hat. I have more of a chance of winning a case than ElementCase ever shipping the one that I bought and paid for.

Just tying to find a simple case that doesnt take away from the phone - this one looks cool... sign me up for the contest - thats for the prizes!

This would be the ultimate Christmas present for my iPhone 5. This would be like a smoking jacket for Hugh Hefner.

Got myself the Black Ops Sector 5 case. Would like to get this for my mum on her birthday, great case, quality. Definitely worth the price for it's elegant look.

I have the Formula 4 for my iPhone 4 and love it! Protects my iPhone so well. Now I have the iPhone 5, and refuse to get a case unless it is an Element Case!!! This case is so nice, i would very much enjoy having it!!

I fall in love with tis case the first time I sow it!! I think it's the best case I ever seen!! What I love the most is the wooden parts so I wouldn't be worry about the phone's signal. I always got an element case cince iPhone 4 came out and I think it really compliments the iPhone's look!!!
It's a long time to wait till this case comes out. I look the pictures every day many times and dream about this case!!!!!

This is the perfect case for me, but even for someone who spends a lot of money on accessories, I can't imagine spending $200 on a case. Hopefully, I'll win and I won't have to!


i want one bad............this is my first iphone i was android all the way .... till i tried the iphone 5 now i see what all the fuss was about.... please i would do almost anything for one of these to make my iphone look even better than it already does.... Phil Willson

Hey Element! I would be so stoked if you sent me one of your new Ronin cases! I am one of your biggest fans. I already have one on order, but wow it would be great to have one for my partner also. Keep up your fabulous work! Your cases are unlike anything else I have seen out there.

Never know I didn't see a winner Yet!! Element tell you what pick me and I will drop the 199.00 on a round of Xmas drinks..

Woah!! This thing looks absolutely unbelievable. The iPhone looks more like a Vertu now. I love it and I know it would go great with my brand spanking new iPhone 5.

I would love to win an iPhone 5. Ive never had one and would love to have the opportunity to use an amazing product from Apple. I love Apple!

The Ronin from Element Cases is the sexiest most stylish case I have ever seen. Element Cases I'd love to be styling and showing off this case. So if you find it in yourself to pick me I would consider it an honor and a privilege to proudly rock this master crafted piece of art!

Valuable. I want one! I regret I ordered the replica's sector 5 from Amazon. I'd paid $200 for the authentic Ronin from Element.

I bought the Ronin and I love it. It’s a crowd pleasure for sure. But I am also VERY disappointed. The "leather grain" pouch should most certainly be recalled. It's 100% fake leather and it's MADE IN CHINA...just open the case wide enough and you will see the tag on the inside. After spending so much money on a case, one would expect better, especially after qualifying such an expensive purchase with the promise made by ElementCase that "we have spared no expense" and have used "only the best materials, made in the USA, etc. etc. Ok fine. Perhaps the actual case is the real deal..but I would not expect something so cheap to such a “masterpiece”.

The thing is, I don’t think ElementCase even knows it’s face leather. I wouldn’t either had I not been in the business of luxury goods. This is exactly why ElementCase should recall these so called “leather” pouches. If you want to know if your’s is real leather or not, there are several things you can do. Take something that you know is real leather and place it beside your Ronin case “leather” pouch. While there are many tests, there are 4 very easy ones with immediate results. Get a little bit of olive oil on your finger...not much...rub it on both objects. Within 2 minutes the oil will absorb into the actual leather. If it is plastic..it will sit on top until you wipe it off. Look at the edges of your Ronin pouch beside the stitching..the edge is coated with plastic. Why? So you can’t examine the cut. Where real leather is cut...it’s not smooth...it’s rough. The third test is to get the plastic Ronin pouch close to heat...or a flame. Leather is hard to burn...and certainly does not melt. Finally...just smell it. It doesn’t take a genius to know that real leather has an earthy smell and (especially when new) is full of tanning chemicals. Your luxury plastic “leather grain” pouch for your new Ronin “Masterpiece” never had that.

if ElementCase does not immediately resolve this...it’s going to be a HUGE PR problem the company and all of it’s authorized retailers. I have two suggestions...recall all fake cases and produce a real leather case and reship them...or dish out a very big refund. Please EC...address this issue immediately.

My husband has an old one for his iphone and it rocks! I can't justify the expense so please pick me!

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I refinish oak furniture as a hobby and have for 30 years. I would absolutely love a Ronin iPhone 5 case. They are stunning!