Apple airs new iPhone 5 commercial, Dream

Apple has aired a new ad for the iPhone 5, this time focused on the Do Not Disturb feature that lets you turn off Notification Center alerts for set periods of time.

Just turn on Do Not Disturb and your iPhone 5 knows not to ring, unless it's a call you really want.

Apple has aired many feature-specific ads the past. The best of which lately was the panorama photography ad, Cheese. This one, Dream, featuring the Williams sisters of tennis fame playing ping pong, doesn't seem as good as that. It's not terrible, mind you, just not particularly witty, engaging, or emotionally resonant.

And sadly, it airs on the same day Do Not Disturb has failed for many people, due to the year incrementing to 2013.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple airs new iPhone 5 commercial, Dream


The DND feature still does what it was designed to do when used manually - it's the scheduled turning it on and off that has issues right now... still unfortunate timing for the ad though. :)

By "tennis players" you mean the Williams sisters, right? :P

But yeah scheduled DND killed me today; really inopportune timing of this ad.

I can see it now. In 40 years, the iPhone 25S will have iDream, a dream-implant feature:

"Siri, I'd like to dream about playing ping pong against Serena Williams II and Venus Williams II. And winning. And don't ever tell my wife. And don't disturb me until the dream is over."

What a terrible ad, Apple must have fired the guy who used to approve its ads. Is that really Apple's best idea of a dream not to be disturbed?

Anyway, I've got the DND bug on my iPhone 4/iOS 6.0.1, let's wait for the official excuse, if we ever get one.

I like that ad even tho apple doesn't need to pay expensive celebrities to be in any of their ads, instead give us more memory.