iMore Contest winners: iPad mini from Givit Video Highlighter, iOS dream device, and Holiday photo contest!

If there's one thing iMore loves even more than iPhones and iPads (and iPods!), it's giving cool iPhone and iPad accessories and apps to our awesome readers. This week we have...

A brand new iPad mini from Givit Video Highlighter!


The iOS device of your dreams courtesy of iMore!


Weekly Photo Contest: Holidays!

Winner - conner the picture guy


Runner up - pegb856


Congratulations everyone! Winners will be contacted via email with information on claiming their prizes. Looking for another chance to win? We always have a contest underway for something cool, so keep your eyes on the blogs for those announcements.

Michelle Haag

A nerdy little birdy and the Doctor's next companion. While I'm waiting, I do the dirty work for Mobile Nations.

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There are 22 comments. Add yours.

emjayess says:


But Congrats all!

JSho101 says:

Holy cow. I can't believe I won! Thanks SO much iMore! My mom is stoked! Haha :)

angermeans says:

Congrats bud, I won too. Givit and imore are my best friends right now. I really wanted a mini. My wife has one and loves it.

R1cki97 says:

ahhh, well good luck, i hope i can win in the next give away

angermeans says:

Heck yeah what a surprise I won! I really wanted an iPad mini too. Thanks Givit and iMpre you all are awesome.

okstateboi07 says:

shoot…I really wanted to win something for my wife well congrats to those people

angermeans says:

Excellent pictures. You deserved to win. Congrats.

Talker says:

Congrats! Still waiting my turn ;)

Melony Bedia says:

i hope i can be one of the winners iMore :) im still hoping :) GObless :))

MsNiikkii says:

Congrats!!!! I hope I win something on iMore :)

Ken Pandian says:

Its far from perfect, but when you consider what voice functionality exists on Android or Windows, it’s heaven.

Mary Mass says:

I wish I could win the that all I pray for day and night to win this if I don't win it it's ok

Stefanpad says:

I wish I could win the ipad!!!!!!!!!