AT&T announces record Q4 smartphone sales, if history is any indicator, iPhone 5 says they're welcome

AT&T announces record Q4 smartphone sales, if history is any indicator, iPhone 5 says they're welcome

While AT&T won't be announcing their Q4 2012 financial results until January 24, they just couldn't help but slip out a teaser regarding record smartphone sales in the quarter. How record? 10 million devices, up from 9.4 million in Q4 2011. That includes iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, but based on previous quarters, that's likely to skew hugely towards Apple and the iPhone 5 launch. Ralph de la Vega, president and chief executive officer for AT&T Mobility, said:

We had another incredible quarter of smartphone sales as the mobile Internet continues to drive strong growth in wireless. These are the industry’s most valuable postpaid subscribers with average revenues twice that of non-smartphone subscribers. During the quarter, we averaged more than 110,000 smartphone sales a day as customers flocked to our leading portfolio of the latest Android, Apple and Windows devices. Combine that with the nation’s largest 4G network and lightning-fast LTE network that now reaches more than 170 million people and you’ll understand why customers continue to choose AT&T in record numbers.

Last year 7.6 million of those 9.4 million activations were iPhones. That's 80%. This year, the iPhone 5 launched during Q4. AT&T mentions Android before Apple in their statement (maybe alphabetically?), but it'll be interesting to see how the ratio shakes out this year.

What's your bet? Will Apple's share of AT&T activations be up or down?

Source: AT&T

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Beezzy says:

It was all alphabetically when they announced their mobile OS platforms. I didn't think anything of it.

iSRS says:

While I agree? I did find myself saying "l, m, N, o, P" in my head to make sure...


modernliving3 says:

Meanwhile they're gouging their iPhone customers with data charges and throttling unlimited data plans.
Def ruins the iPhone experience when that huge AT&T bill comes every month.