AT&T announces Q4 2012 results, sold 10.2 million smartphones, 8.6 million of which were iPhones

AT&T announces Q4 2012 results, sold 10.2 million smartphones, 8.6 million of which were iPhones

AT&T has announced their Q4 2012 financial results, and out of a record 10.2 million smartphones sold, a record 8.6 million were iPhones. AT&T chairman and CEO, Randall Stephenson said:

We had an excellent 2012. We grew revenues, increased adjusted earnings per share by 8.5 percent and generated cash from operations at record levels. We used this cash to invest aggressively in the future of our business and returned $23 billion to shareowners through dividends and share repurchases.

Looking ahead, our key growth platforms — mobile data, U-verse and strategic business services — all have good momentum with a lot of headroom. We’re off to a strong start executing Project VIP, our plan to expand our high-growth platforms to millions more customers, and our 4G LTE network deployment is ahead of schedule, delivering outstanding performance.

Wireless highlights include:

  • Wireless revenues up 5.7 percent versus the year-ago quarter; wireless service revenues up 4.2 percent 780,000 wireless postpaid net adds, largest increase in three years; 1.1 million increase in total net wireless subscribers
  • Record smartphone sales of 10.2 million, the most ever sold by any U.S. carrier; postpaid smartphone customer base now 47.1 million, up 2.5 million from third-quarter 2012
  • Smartphones 89 percent of postpaid phone sales
  • Postpaid wireless subscriber ARPU (average monthly revenues per subscriber) up 1.9 percent to $64.98

So 4/5, almost 9/10 smartphones activated by AT&T were iPhones. Almost 3/5 smartphones activated by Verizon were iPhones. Almost 50 million iPhones were sold by Apple.

Still doomed.

Source: AT&T

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AT&T announces Q4 2012 results, sold 10.2 million smartphones, 8.6 million of which were iPhones



What's your problem with Rene? Do you even both reading his articles. I've read several articles where he bashes Apple when they do things wrong. But outselling other smartphone? Seriously? Do you think that's wrong.

Ok, maybe I'll do it for Rene. Shame on Apple. They are shameless for outselling the competition. They should have only sold enough iPhones to make the profits they needed and stopped selling. They are such bullies.

Are you happy now?

This baffles me they sell that many Iproducts and people still have negatinve things to say about apple. Androids aren't selling that many phone as you can tell by the numbers and I think it's only gonna get worse for them.

Rene is comparing activations with sales as if they were one and the same (although he is not the only one, all the apple-centric sites made the same error) . Here's a hint; can you name any other retailer besides AT&T where the one can buy a smartphone and activate it on the AT&T network? Still think activations and sales are the same?