The importance of app icons

The importance of app icons

Renowned icon and app designer Louie Mantia -- who's been a guest on our design show, Iterate, not once but twice -- has shared his thoughts on app icons and their importance in an article on

[While] you can focus on marketing needs, that is a one-time scenario for each person. Any individual will only buy your app once. One time. It’s important to recognize that optimizing for this one situation may hinder the needs of your everyday user.

I believe good app icons are most valuable for your customers, your everyday users, not first-time shoppers.

Mantia shows a lot of examples, and even some brilliantly redesign suggestions for industry titans. Check it out.


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The importance of app icons


When there are 10 apps for every task you want to perform, it isn't unreasonable to pick the one that looks the best and has the nicest app icon. I am not going to lie that when I search the app store I am often drawn to the apps with the best looking icons first. But sometimes the very best apps end up having the ugliest icons. Hahaha

A perfect example of this for me would be what happened to one of my most favorite apps, Zite (a personalized news reader). On the last release they changed their icon to a dorky, cartoon owl and I really cringe every time I look at it. And if I am being honest, I would even have to say that since the change I really do not even use the app as much as I did before.