Save $40 on AnoStyle anodized color treatments for iPhone 5 and iPad mini

Save $40 on AnoStyle anodized color treatments for iPhone 5 and iPad mini

Been lusting after an AnoStyle anodized color treatment for your iPhone 5 or iPad mini? Well, you're in luck. Our own Ally Kazmucha, one of the awesome folks behind the awesome AnoStyle process, has whipped up a special promo code just for our equally awesome iMore readers.

Hurry on over and save $40 now on either an iPhone 5 or iPad mini AnoStyle with coupon code IMORENINJAS125.

If you're not familiar with AnoStyle, it uses a similar process to Apple's slate process, but it's even stronger, can help mask existing nicks and scratches, and can be done in way, way more colors.

This isn't a case. It isn't a paint job. It's your iPhone or iPad given new chromatic life. (I'm getting them to experiment on my iPhone 5, and I'll show you the results sometime during Macworld|iWorld next week!)

Order now: AnoStyle

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Save $40 on AnoStyle anodized color treatments for iPhone 5 and iPad mini


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Nice idea. But $210 after the promo for a color change isn't ideal especially since I lose my warranty with it.

That Lamborghini charges what they do for an Aventador isn't ideal either, since I can't afford it, but it's the reality of the market. We all wish to get paid more and charged less, but those things can't exist in the same universe.

For the work they do, AnoStyle's price is pretty good. (I can't even imagine how much work it is, never mind how much the equipment costs, to anodize an iPhone with consistency and precision).

Is the promo still good, if it is, I will order today? Is turn around time still two weeks? I'm in California.

saw one in green...its worth the money

sadly my job hazards require a dust proof case so I wouldn't really be able to enjoy the Bling

For $249.00?? yeah no thanks! add to the fact that in order to enjoy it, you would have to have, your iphone 5 exposed to the elements. That's crazy talk. The colors are awesome, but this is only practical or logical if Apple provided the colors from the go. Spend 600 on a phone to then pay 250 to change it's color?? That's one of those "Only in America!"