Apple reportedly readying 128GB "Ultimate" iPad 4 for launch

Apple reportedly readying 128GB

No sooner was support for 128GB NAND flash storage capacities found in iOS 6 beta 5, than reports pop up saying Apple is readying 128GB "ultimate" versions of the iPad 4 for launch. The news come by way of Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, who typically has excellent sources on imminent product releases.

We’ve gotten word from sources that Apple is preparing to release (in some fashion) a single, additional iPad model. This would be a new SKU for the current fourth-generation iPad with Retina display line. At this point, we do not have pricing information, so it is definitely difficult to pinpoint exactly what this new iPad model is.

The code names are listed as P101 Ultimate and P103 Ultimate. Gurman stresses that it's not a new iPad, or iPad 5, or anything like that, simply a new, higher capacity version of the current iPad 4, in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular, and in both white and black.

Update: Pricing looks to be $799 for Wi-Fi, $929 for Wi-Fi + cellular.

In early 2008, Apple bumped the original iPhone from 8 to 16GB, so this type of new SKU launch isn't unprecedented. While it lacks the oomph of a completely new model, given that the iPad was refreshed in both March and October of 2012, it does at least give Apple something new on the market, and at 128GB, and presumably at the pricier end of the line-up, at the top of the market.

No word yet on 128GB versions of the iPad mini, or of the iPhone 5 or iPod touch 5.

Anyone compelled enough by big storage to consider a new purchase when/if he hit stores?

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

Apple reportedly readying 128GB "Ultimate" iPad 4 for launch


Figured this was coming soon - maybe Apple will bump-up the 11" Air base configuration as well. 64GB is just so limited now-a-days...

Prediction: They will introduce iPad 4 with 128 GB at $799/$929.

iPad 5 will see the elimination of the iPad 2, with the single configuration of iPad 5 all dropping $100 from the iPad 4. So:

16 GB - $399/$529
32 GB - $499/$629
64 GB - $599/$729
128 GB - $699/$829

I am still happy with my 32 GB WiFi iPad 3. But am thinking around the iPad 6 (or 7 depending on timing) that I will go for 64 GB +Cellular (Since I am now on Verizon's Share Everything plan, having the ability to add it for $10 for a month - only the months when I really need it).

Then again, if they do have a 128 GB WiFi for $699, and the iPhone 6 does simultaneous voice & data on Verizon? I think I'd go storage over LTE and use the iPhone as a mobile hotspot, using the +Cellular price difference for the extra storage.

I'd still wait for the iPad 5, if its not getting released in Abril am updated product on the market with a shuffle isn't a bad idea.

I will actually go the other way... I have a 64gb iPad 2 right now, and I thought I would use A LOT more of it than I actually do. I bought it to be a coffee table accessory, but with the ability to store plenty of movies if/when I travel. What I've found however, is that I use next to NO space at all (barely passing the 16gb threshold) when I'm at home; and when I'm traveling, I only watch 3 or 4 (of the 15) movies that I put on my iPad.

The upside to all this, based on iSRS's prediction (and I agree with his prediction, given Apple's history), is that I would pay $200 less for a new iPad, than I did for my iPad 2. So it's a win-win for me.

i dont know y Apple doesn't give memory card slot. one of the reason y samsung n android r doin well is b'coz they give 32-64 GB external memory. Samsung n some what sony r now doing well b'coz they know ppl want extra storage space in their tablets n phone. Sooner or later Apple will have to change their strategy regarding this. I feel now Apple will have to do some catch up wid android n samsung or else they r going RIM's way.

More importantly, SD cards negate the need for consumers to pay Apple premium prices for flash memory capacity upgrades. Flash memory capacity is the only thing separating a $499 / $529 iPad from a $699 / $729 (or potential $799 / $929 ) iPad. Every other component is exactly the same. That extra two or three hundred dollars is very close to 100% pure profit for Apple.

If the iPad lines had SD card slots, no one with any sense would ever buy anything but the $499 and $529 models.

Thanks but no thanks, for a grand I can buy a full blown MacBook Pro. What a rip-off. Apple really needs to put an SD memory slot in the iPad but it will never happen.

Same here, they are getting too close to the MacBook Pro price without the bells, and whistles, the Pro has. It cannot be that hard to add a card reader, or USB to the iPad.

I'd prefer to stream movies to my iPad from the iCloud like I do with my AppleTV now. The only reason I use so much storage is to keep some movies at my beck and call.

The system already exists. It just isn't implemented on iPad.

@ iSRS re: "iPad 5 will see the elimination of the iPad 2, with the single configuration of iPad 5 all dropping $100 from the iPad 4. ..."

Good thinking. Eventually the non-Retina full-sized iPad needs to go away. The more 9.7" Retina screens Apple orders, the better the economy-of-scale, and the sooner Apple can drop pricing across the board. Also, Apple would be able to market the full-sized iPad line as "All Retina."

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