Apple TV updated with Bluetooth keyboard support, iTunes Match improvements

Apple TV updated with Bluetooth keyboard support, iTunes Match improvements

In addition to releasing iOS 6.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch today, Apple has also released the software for the Apple TV. This update includes improvements to iTunes Match and Up Next, along with general iCloud support enhancements.

Apple has also add the ability to connect the Apple TV with a Bluetooth keyboard (?!), which allows users to enter text for search much faster that using the four-way remote control, and likely faster than the Remote app for iOS, once you factor in connection and navigation time.

The update is available by going to Settings, General, Update Software on your Apple TV. Once you've loaded it up, let me know how it's working for you.

Joseph Keller

Joseph Keller is a news reporter for iMore. He's also chilling out and having a sandwich.

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kch50428 says:

The update also hints at a new Apple TV 3,2 - so a new, likely minor hardware upgrade may be in out in the near future.

khurtwilliams says:

I'm almost sure I used my Apple Wireless Keyboard with my Apple TV before today's update.

Nonentity says:

This Is this new, right? You can now select multiple speakers to output to via Apple TV:

definitelyian says:

Does anyone know if this ups the number of photos displayed in the screen saver beyond 500?

entwined82 says:

Is the ability to set jiggle mode so you can re-sort icons new? I was jailbroken and on an old ios build so if its been there I missed it probably.

Update went fine, can't wait till Sunday so I can get XBMC back though :)

chicagomatt says:

FYI, it seems this update killed the Remote app on the iPad. Either that, or the iOS 6.1 update did it, but since the app still works fine on the iPhone, I suspect Apple TV is the culprit.

Apple's Discussion boards show others with the same problem.

ssombra says:

Hi, I recently bought an Apple TV 3 and, although I know there is no jailbreak available and no signs of one coming sometime soon, I keep the hope. With that in mind, is it wise to update it to the latest iOS?
What would you recommend.