New Apple TV with smaller dimensions makes an appearance via FCC filing

New Apple TV with smaller dimensions makes an appearance via an FCC filing

A new Apple TV with model number A1469 just made an appearance in an FCC filing. The only noticeable difference that can be confirmed is the size which looks to be about 5mm smaller than the current generation Apple TV. This could be the Apple TV 3,2 that appeared in the most recent update to the Apple TV.

The FCC filing doesn't show much else other than the fact that the Wi-Fi standards are the same as the current generation Apple TV. Many were speculating that the Apple TV 3,2 could simply be an international model but if the dimensions are indeed different, that may not be the case. FCC filings usually are pretty accurate when it comes to device dimensions and we aren't sure why Apple wouldn't use the same casing to just add support internationally.

Any guesses on what Apple TV 3,2 could be or whether it's different from the A1469 model in the FCC filing?

Source: Engadget

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Reader comments

New Apple TV with smaller dimensions makes an appearance via FCC filing

7 Comments smaller. My ATV is barely staying in place while attached to an average optical cable. Any smaller and I'll have to velcro it down.

I totally agree. I already have one stuck with double sided sticky because the cable is kinda short and it pulls it off center.

Thanks... interesting. I'm more interested in being able to directly connect from an iPad to Apple TV without worrying about the network in place. The other issue is non-network related, but it would be nice to have analog out, as many places still have non-HDMI projection systems.

In other words... I want to have a device where I can just carry it and an iPad. Pull out the 'Apple TV' type device and connect it to the projector. Present from the iPad. No fuss and worry over networking. I'm sure I'm not alone. :)