Apple releases iOS 6.1.1 beta to developers

Apple releases iOS 6.1.1 beta to developers

Apple has released a beta for iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and iPod touch to developers. The beta is available at Make sure to download the correct version for your device(s).

Seeing an x.1.1 beta does seem a little out-of-the-ordinary, especially when there aren't any show-stopper level bugs gaining wide spread attention in the just-released iOS 6.1 but according to numerous supports, Maps in Japan are getting a lot of attention and that could require some testing before release.

Any developer playing around with the evasi0n jailbreak, who wants to continue playing around with it, should, of course, avoid any software updates, beta or otherwise, for now.


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Reader comments

Apple releases iOS 6.1.1 beta to developers


That should be a server-side thing. I have seen Maps improve considerably in my university area without any upgrades to iOS.

Yes, maps are likely a server-side thing - mostly... reading an iOS version variable can be used to control what a server serves...

Serving different versions of maps to users of an older version of iOS? Why would they even keep older versions?

I'm pretty sure based on the sim card in the phone and network it's plugged into should be enough to restrict access.

Exactly. Apple always does this once a jailbreak is released. I'm actually surprised it hasn't been pushed out to the masses. They normally skip developer beta for jailbreak patches.