Apple sales in India estimated to be up 400% in 3 months

Apple sales in India estimated to be up 400% in 3 months

Apple's sales in India are reportedly up 400% in 3 months according to IDC estimates. India is one of those emerging markets, alongside Russia and Brazil, that Apple is keeping a very close eye on. While China has been grabbing a lot of the headlines, conference call time, iOS 6 feature list, and even a new operating segment of late, India may not be that far behind. Akanksha Prasad & Indu Nandakumar, writing for The Times of India report:

"Apple is doing what it did in China three or four years ago. They studied the market, learned consumer needs and suddenly went aggressive," said Jayanth Kolla, founder and partner at Convergence Catalyst, a telecom research firm. "From having about 30 people here six months ago, Apple India is now about 150-people strong."

The iPhone 5 is a premium phone with a premium price tag, however. And while an iPhone 4 is free on-contract in the U.S., it's still $450 off-contract, which makes buying it outright a tough proposition in emerging markets. Rumors of a less expensive iPhone aside, Apple it sounds like Apple is using an installment-based payment system to make the current iPhone lineup more accessible.

As Apple continues its efforts in China, and ramps up India and other regions, it'll be interesting to see how their strategy evolves and grows.

Apple reported their Q1 2013 earnings late last month. Anyone in India have perspective on the potential iPhone and iPad market?

Source: The Times of India via Fortune

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Reader comments

Apple sales in India estimated to be up 400% in 3 months


Considering that we are paying more than people in the US for our iPhones, it kinda sucks when Siri tells me it can't do stuff for me coz of my region. At least give us the same functionality, Apple!

On a side note, I was at the airport the other day and every second person I saw had an iPhone 5.

Most of the apple phones that are being used in India are imported from USA itself as is the case of any high end smartphone for that matter. As you would get way cheaper there than in India(I know the contract system in USA). I think before Iphone 4S(may be Iphone 4) most of the Iphones(verizon and sprint) doesn't have sim slot so many people used to get them from the people who were able to import from USA, register it with Indian CDMA operators(you need to know some one from respective operator in order to do so) & program it to work with that operator. There is nothing like that with Iphone 5 as it comes with sim slot even fully unlocked for any GSM operator in verizon case. It helped immensely to grow the Iphone market. If it continues to be the case it will surely increase the Apple market in India, the imported phones from USA continues to beat out the directly purchased Apple products(from Apple Inida) in numbers.

Apple is very popular in India, mainly the big cities. The problem is availability, past iPhones have launched almost 6-7 months after US release and they've been tied with specific carriers. That model doesn't work in India. Apple changed that with the iPhone 5, it launched here a few months after the US launch in one of the international rollouts, available in a lot more locations and was also available with a no carrier option. Funny thing is even though people knew it'll was coming in a few months time, it was selling like hotcakes on the grey market for about $2000.

Emerging markets are important, but statistics unacompanied by numbers are not. In fact, they are useless. For all we know Apple could have sold 6 iPhones 3 months ago and 24 iPhones now, a not newsworthy 400% increase.

Of course those are not the numbers, but percentages are a relative number, and used like this they are meaningless.

like Clarence said I didnt know that any body able to earn $7467 in one month on the computer. did you read this web link

Hi iMore,

This is Mahesh from India.

I agree with your article that the sales of iDevices will soon boost in India as more and more people are going after smartphones like iPhone and the Apple has gotten good brand recognition in India. When an user's asked to choose a tablet, he'd prefer to have iPad over any other tablet, not because it's got good features, but because it's got good material.

Any average user who goes to buy a smartphone/tablet in India, he first sees the quality of the device and then comes the features.

This is my personal opinion.


iPad is already growing very strong in India, and thanks to iPad Mini it is growing more stronger, and also price is very competitive for tablet, there are cheap options, but for tablet people are ready to pay good, as they are using for an alternative to laptops. But they have to cut down the price for iPhone, people are not ready to spend that much for phones, the price at which iPhone 4 come, as in India, also one can have lumia 820 on that price range. And i dont want to go in detail with android phones.
For India to be more successful, you have to come in to price range of 200-250$ price range. Else you have to come with contract model, this is what reliance did, which has revolutionise the mobile market in India.
But I was dam, excited about iTunes store, through which i can buy songs much cheaper than US, approx 10 times less.
I am sure Apple is going to strike soon in India, but to be successful they have to make things right, right price, local content, proper Siri integration, i.e the services, and I believe they have already started the things for service end, they have to get the price right.
I hope they do it in 2013, because this seems to be the right time, else others will eat up since nokia is planning to come with 250$ win8 device, and soon blackberry which still has very good repo in india.