Evasi0n jailbreak tool updated to version 1.2, contains bug fixes and disables OTA updates

Evasi0n jailbreak tool updated to version 1.2, contains bug fixes and disable OTA updatesThe evasi0n jailbreak tool has now been updated twice since its initial release on Wednesday. The latest version which sees it hit the 1.2 release mark contains some reasonably important enhancements. If you have been holding off jailbreaking and decide to do it today or in the near future, make sure you get the latest version.

Since release, the evad3rs team have fixed various issues with the jailbreak some of which include long reboot issues, timezone problems and the strangest one of all, the weather app appearing on iPads. A lot of people had been experiencing that last issue when jailbreaking your iPad all of a sudden the Apple stock weather app appears on your home screen.

Another important feature of the latest 1.2 release is the option of disabling OTA (Over The Air) software updates. This will prevent you from accidentally updating your iOS software when a new version gets released which would subsequently lose your jailbreak.

If you have already jailbroken your iOS 6.0 or 6.1 device with earlier versions of the Evasi0n jailbreak, there’s really no need to do it again. Each of these updates are available through Cydia as an update on your device. The Evasi0n jailbreak has certainly proved popular; we heard a few days ago that Cydia had received visits from over 7 million devices since the evasi0n jailbreak release.

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Evasi0n jailbreak tool updated to version 1.2, contains bug fixes and disables OTA updates


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No offense intended, and maybe I'm wrong, but didn't this update come out like two or three days ago?

Yep, I'm certain. 1.2 came out on the 7th I believe. In the fast paced world of technology, this article is 3 days late.

Just to make sure before I take the plunge, is this an untethered jailbreak? And how long will the process take? I just recently got my iPhone 5 and I wanna make the most of it.

I Jailbroke last night, and so far I have liked the apps I've gotten. Come on Apple give us the goods and greats in iOS 7. Really don't want phone to be JBn, but how could you not have these features? All is well here. (Knock on wood). V1.2.

Well ever since I got the iPhone 5 the need to JB is no longer present. Tools that I had on my 4S enabled facetime over 3G and attachments from email. All these I got now with iOS 6.1 on my iphone 5. So I'm good. Too many JB tweaks cause system instability.

i did the jailbreak this past week! didn't see much about it that i could do via another app or in the current iOS version! so i restored it back to the way it was no problems! if i wanted to customize my phone like that i would have got android! i like iPhone the way apple has it nd if they change it in the future with ios7 then i will love it just as much!

Perhaps you haven't looked around and enough. Here is a short list of things I personally like. None of the things these apps do can be done via the base OS or via App Store apps.

MapsOpener (Open map links in Google Maps rather than the default Maps app)
NCSettings (Toggles in the notifications center)
NES (NES emulator)
Nitrous (Enable the Nirto Java Script engine in all apps. Makes Chrome perform as fast as Safari)
NowNow (Lets you hold the sleep button for a second to pop up Google Voice Search. So Home for Siri and Sleep for Google)
Open in Chrome (causes web links to open in Chrome rather than Safari)
SpringFlash (Flashlight by hitting Vol+/- at the same time. Even when the phone is locked)
SwipeSelection (Lets you slide your finger across the keyboard to move the cursor)
TetherMe (Enable Hotspot regardless of carrier)
XBMC (I could go on and on about all the stuff you can do with XBMC but basically it is a media player that will literally play anything)
Zephyr (Gestures for closing app, pulling up the app switcher and changing tasks)

These are just a few but there are many more. And no it doesn't make your phone unstable. Sure some apps will. But not the quality apps.